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Dragon Age: Knight Errant

General Info

Dragon Age: Knight Errant logo
AuthorNunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir
PublisherDark Horse Comics
TranslatorNot applicable
IllustratorFernando Heinz Furukawa
Issue Number5
Release Date2017-05-10
Number of Pages22
Original TitleDragon Age: Knight Errant
Comics Issue NameDragon Age: Knight Errant
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Dragon Age: Knight Errant is a charming five-part comic series that brings the enchanting world of Teda to life in exquisite detail. The focus is on the squire Vaea and her knight, Sir Aaron Hawthorne, a veteran of the fifth fission. Surrounded by the intrigue and political machinations of the Dragon Age universe, the series delves into personal quests, dramatic encounters, and the confusing struggle between good and evil. Every page vibrates with vibrant art and captivating stories that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. For a thrilling look into the heart of Dragon Age, the Knight Errant series is a must-read for any fan.


Dragon Age: Knight Errant is an intriguing story of adventure and intrigue set in the enchanting universe of Dragon Age. The story centers on Vaea, a wily elf lord who tricks as deftly as a thief, along with his knight, Sir Aron Hawthorne. They roam the interesting landscapes of Theda, carrying out their duties and occasionally cleverly initiating thefts in the mansions of the nobility.
Knight Errant perfectly captures the essence of the Dragon Age world, delves into complex political and social currents, and showcases fan-favorite factions and power struggles. Filled with thrilling heists, treacherous mysteries, and fantastic characters, this five-issue series will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Provides a balance of familiar and new elements; fans will enjoy the clever references to the games, while newcomers will enjoy the exciting standalone adventures.
The series excels at portraying the underprivileged, giving the fantasy world a strong flavor of social justice. Readers watch as our elf protagonist struggles against oppressive social norms and institutions. The story challenges the traditional dynamics of "Knight and Lord", raises questions of freedom, duty and social burdens, captivates with witty dialogue and charming art.
Dragon Age: Knight Errant is a must-read for both avid and casual fans of the franchise, promising an immersive journey that explores different aspects of this beautifully crafted world.


Dragon Age: Knight Errant follows the thrilling adventures of Vaea, a young elven lord, and her knight, Sir Aaron Hawthorne. The duo travel across the various landscapes of Theda, between large cities and crumbling ruins. On their journey, they encounter a wide variety of characters, from hardened soldiers to cunning politicians. The series explores complex themes such as the use and abuse of power, the complexities of loyalty, and the cost of personal honor. Vaea's story is one of growth and transformation as she goes from dutiful shadow of a Knight Knight to a legitimate hero. It's a thrilling story that vividly expands on the rich history of Dragon Age and complements the deeper, darker and more nuanced world of Theda.


Knight Errant was born from a complex collaboration between artists and narrative designers. It was imperative to create a coherent continuity that would fit well within the expanding Dragon Age universe. With beautifully detailed illustrations that artistically capture the essence of Theda, the comic offers a rich visual tapestry that immerses readers in a world full of brave heroes, mythical creatures and high adventure. Set against this visually stunning backdrop is an engrossing storyline that weaves together political intrigue, personal struggles and the struggles of a young knight.
The script for Knight Errant has been carefully crafted to ensure an authentic voice for each character, bringing them to life with depth, complexity and real emotional resonance. The creative team has worked diligently to balance the epic scope of the Dragon Age universe with an intimate, character-driven narrative that delivers a deeply satisfying reading experience. Each page of Knight Errant has been enhanced by careful editing and thoughtful script revisions, refined into an immersive journey that honors the beloved Dragon Age franchise and charts its unique path.


Dragon Age: Knight Errant takes us on an action-packed journey through the fascinating world of Theda in a highly immersive story. The Knight Errant series focuses exclusively on the adventures of Vaea, a cunning elven lord with a thief, and her knight, the Honorable Sir Aaron Hawthorne. Both journey through the Teds, lifting the veil to reveal the rich historical tapestry of the Teds, full of intrigue, danger and unexpected twists. In addition to showcasing the intricacies of Dragon Age's story, the series continues to paint a nuanced picture of the politically charged world that fans have come to know and love, introducing new characters and stunning locations along the way. Packed with action and suspense, every page of the Knight Errant comic series is sure to draw readers into the heart of the Dragon Age universe. A must-read for any Dragon Age fan, these comics provide an unparalleled and original insight into the complex world of Thedas.


The highly anticipated Dragon Age: Knight Errant series was officially released in 2017. May 10 Dive into the world of Thedas - a world of magic, dragons and complex political landscapes - with our intriguing protagonists Vaea and Ser Aaron. Published by Dark Horse Comics, this 5-part monthly series offers an engaging and rich story for both newcomers and avid fans of the Dragon Age universe. Vaea, the sticky-fingered Elf Squire, and her rider, the handsome and talkative Sir Aaron, explore sprawling cities and ancient ruins, battling dangerous creatures and uncovering secrets that could shake the very foundations of the kingdom. A neo-medieval fantasy setting, a fantastic story, and the exquisite artwork of the Knight Errant series deliver an unforgettable journey painstakingly written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir and illustrated by Fernando Heinz Furukawa. With each installment, readers are inevitably drawn to the grandeur, complexity, and emotional depth that are synonymous with the Dragon Age franchise.


Since its debut in 2017 comic Dragon Age: Knight Errant has been largely positive among gamers and comic book fans. Readers include the story by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir as a major strength of the strip. . This series successfully expands the lore of the Dragon Age universe in a refreshing way. Fans of the original Dragon Age video games were extremely excited about the introduction of new characters Vaea and Sir Aaron Hawthorne. Their interesting dynamic and the development of their relationship was the main thing that kept the readers engaged. Fernando Heinz Furukawa's artwork was another high point of praise as he vividly captured the essence of Teda and its various inhabitants. Game elements such as different races, clothing, and locations were accurately depicted, much to the satisfaction of fans of the series.
While Knight Errant received high praise for its faithful depiction of the Dragon Age universe, some felt that those unfamiliar with the game's history might find the comic somewhat inaccessible. Regardless, many agreed that Knight Errant is an enjoyable read for anyone interested in fantasy adventure stories.
All in all, Dragon Age: Knight Errant is a welcome addition to the franchise, perfectly blending new elements with the familiar story to create a compelling story that perfectly complements the video games.

Cultural impact

The Dragon Age: Knight Errant comics greatly influenced people's perception of the Dragon Age universe. It connects readers more deeply to the rich story and offers complex character development and elegant plot progression that doesn't shy away from the show's complex themes. The portrayal of characters like Sir Aaron Hawthorne, a gentle knight, and Vaea, an elven lord with a unique history, added depth to the dynamic world of Dragon Age. Since its release, the comic has sparked widespread debate and speculation on issues such as race, class, and religion, shedding new light on these themes. A strong focus on promoting diversity and inclusion is best known for pushing boundaries, a bold but commendable move. In addition, he encouraged the Dragon Age fandom to create fan art and write fan fiction, expanding the comic's influence beyond the pages. The cultural impact of the Knight Errant comic resonates strongly with its audience and creates an unforgettable impression on the Dragon Age community.