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Dragon Age: Magekiller

General Info

Dragon Age: Magekiller logo
AuthorGreg Rucka
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorCarmen Carnero
Issue Number5
Release Date2015-01-01
Number of Pages120
Original TitleDragon Age: Magekiller
Comics Issue NameDragon Age: Magekiller
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Dragon Age: The Magekiller Series is an exciting addition to the deep and rich Dragon Age universe. Created by respected artist Carmen Carnero and talented writer Greg Rucka, the comics artistically depict the enchanting chronicles of Mario and Tessa, fascinating characters introduced to readers for the first time. The duo embark on treacherous missions and an epic battle against dangerous and bloodthirsty wizards, earning the title of "Wizard Killers". The story perfectly intertwines with the events of the hugely popular game Dragon Age: Inquisition, expanding our understanding of the complex and expanding world of Thedas. The vivid, detailed illustrations and powerful narrative scripts chosen really bring the fictional land of Theda and its characters to life. This comic series is a must-see gem that offers immersive experiences for die-hard Dragon Age fans and newcomers alike.


Set in the vast Dragon Age universe, Magekiller is a great entry that offers a compelling story for both long-time fans and newcomers alike. The series delves into the untold stories of intrepid witch hunters Tessa and Marius as they get caught up in the tumultuous events of Teda. The intrepid duo are known for their ability to track down rogue mages to maintain order and balance.
A sudden turn of events forces them to fight in the treacherous political arena of Tevinter, a realm dominated by wizards. Their skills and resolve are tested to the limit as they face an unexpected adversary: ​​the sinister and mysterious Magister, who targets the most powerful wizards in Tevinter society. Magekiller seamlessly blends elements of dark fantasy and political intrigue, highlighted by layered characters and stunning artwork. Tessa and Mario's harrowing journey is not only about survival, but also about friendship, duty and unlikely alliances. The unfolding of their intertwined destinies provides a periphery to the Dragon Age story.
Magekiller is undeniably an engaging saga that highlights the complexity of magic, the weight of freedom, and the enduring power of loyalty and friendship in the face of unprecedented adversity. This comic series has firmly earned its place in the Dragon Age canon, and fans can't wait for more exciting adventures in Thedas.


Marius and Tessa are the main characters of Dragon Age: Magekiller, each with a unique past that guides them. Marius, a former Tevinter slave with unparalleled anti-magic skills, teams up with Tessa, an experienced bounty hunter from Nevar. they accept contracts to destroy powerful magic-wielding enemies beyond the reach of conventional forces. Their reputation brings them to the attention of the powerful Archon of the Tevinter Empire. Against their instincts, they are forced to kill him. and finds himself on a dangerous path between the political and magical intrigues of Minrathous. There, they uncover a plot by the Venatori cult to overthrow the empire, which threatens the stability of the entire world. They embark on an intense quest interwoven with political intrigue, ancient legends, and the inevitable threat of the Shatter from the famous Inquisition era. Dragon Age: Magekiller seamlessly weaves its story into the complex tapestry of the Dragon Age universe, delivering an exciting story that also greatly expands your knowledge of the world.


Dragon Age: Magekiller is a comic book series that brings the vibrant and engaging universe of Dragon Age into graphic novel format. The creation of this series is a testament to the collective efforts of the creative team. The engaging plot, masterfully woven by acclaimed writer Greg Rucka, draws readers into the story and keeps the suspense going. Carmen Carnero's artwork brings this wonderful world to life, combining detail and imagination. Colors are expertly done by Michael Atiyeh, whose palette adds atmospheric depth to the scenes. One of the highlights of the production process was the seamless integration of the comic book storyline with the established timeline and history of the Dragon Age universe. Staying true to the source material and focusing on new untold stories allowed the team to expand into the world of Dragon Age. The production of Dragon Age: Magekiller is a perfect example of creative synergy, bringing a nuanced expansion of the beloved universe to its loyal fans.


Dragon Age: Magekiller is an immersive comic book series that delves into the history of the critically acclaimed Dragon Age video game franchise. Following the mesmerizing journey of protagonists Marius and Tessa, Magekiller offers readers exciting adventures set in such familiar locations as Tevinter and Thedas. Brilliantly written by Greg Rucka and beautifully illustrated by Carmen Carnero, the comics perfectly bridge the gap between the Dragon Age II games and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Full of suspense, magic, drama and action, Magekiller is perfect for both veterans and newcomers to the Dragon Age universe. More than just an addition, it's a rich and compelling piece in its own right, a must-have for any fantasy enthusiast's collection.


Dragon Age: Magekiller, a comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics, comes as an exciting addition to the Dragon Age universe. This series, released in 2015 December marks Greg Rucka's grand entrance into the world of Thedas. A complex storyline of magic, intrigue and drama, Magekiller offers a new perspective on the rich and expansive story of Dragon Age.
Our protagonists, Marius and Tessa, are assassins who specialize in tracking down wizards who have become too dangerous due to uncontrolled power. Their abilities are put to the test when they find themselves in the middle of an intense and volatile war between mages and temples in Kirkwall. Their situation is further complicated by the rise of the deadly and oppressive Tevinter Empire.
In five impressive works, Magekiller masterfully portrays a world on the brink of chaos and two characters trapped in it: a seasoned warrior haunted by his past and a slyly intelligent woman determined to make her own way. The ideological conflict and dynamic character interactions add depth, making it a must-read for any Dragon Age fan.
Whether you're an avid follower of the Dragon Age story or a newcomer to the franchise, Magekiller's fascinating story and charming illustrations promise an experience you'll never forget.


Reception of the Dragon Age: Magekiller comic series has been largely positive. Created by comics industry veteran Greg Rucka, the series adds depth and complexity to the Thedas universe and is considered a treat for fans of the Dragon Age series. Readers loved the rich story details, character development, and charming graphics. Comic hero Marius and his partner Tessa were particularly praised for bringing a new perspective to the world of Thedas. Their journey immerses the reader in the political, cultural and magical intricacies of the world of Dragon Age. However, some readers have noted that the comic book series may not be as appealing to those unfamiliar with the Dragon Age universe. Without this basic knowledge, some links and references may seem confusing or lose their impact.
Overall, the Dragon Age: Magekiller series has been praised for its compelling storytelling and attractive artwork, making it a solid addition to the Dragon Age franchise. However, newcomers to the series may need to familiarize themselves with the world of Thedas to appreciate the depth and nuance it provides.

Cultural impact

Dragon Age: Magekiller contributed to the larger Dragon Age franchise, and its cultural impact is significant. This comic series introduced new characters and expanded Theda's world, offering a different perspective on the Mage-Templar conflict. Importantly, it resonated with fans who connected deeply with its dark tone and morally complex narrative. The series also filled in narrative gaps in the franchise, expanding the story and narrative between the main game releases, which fans appreciated. The nuanced portrayal of wizards exploring their own struggles and fears contributes to society's ongoing dialogue about oppression and the abuse of power. In particular, the success of Magekiller has inspired other comic book series in the Dragon Age universe, adding to its massive history and maintaining excitement and fan engagement between game releases.