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Andraste's Sacrifice

General Info

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Item NameAndraste's Sacrifice
Andraste's offering is a unique necklace, expertly created in memory of Andraste herself. This amulet is considered a divine memento and is known to channel the divine power of the infamous prophet. Embroidered with the ancient symbols of Tevinter, it grants the wearer extraordinary abilities that enhance spiritual and leadership abilities. Amazingly, this amulet increases mana regeneration and stamina, allowing the wearer to maintain optimal form, a trait highly coveted by warriors and mages. However, there are disadvantages to wearing this chain. During intense combat, the wearer can be controlled by an enemy for a short period of time. Therefore, the amulet requires a user who is not only mentally strong, but also a skilled strategist. The epitome of strength and sacrifice that epitomizes Andraste's martyrdom, this piece of the Dragon Age universe is a true wonder for collectors and gaming enthusiasts alike.


A highly revered artifact in the Dragon Age universe, the Sacrifice of Andraste is believed to represent the selfless heroism of the Prophet Andraste. This intricate divine amulet holds the sacred ashes of the Blessed One himself and has a power rarely equaled. The ethereal radiance is palpable, often evoking an overwhelming sense of sacredness in the wearer.
The artifact is given only to the most deserving warriors, guards, who demonstrate unparalleled courage and righteousness. Although it holds great sentimental significance in the hearts of believers, the artifact is much more than a spiritual symbol. Andraste's victim bearer is imbued with advanced healing abilities, enhanced combat knowledge, and increased energy, which can significantly tip the balance of any violent encounter in their favor.
Despite its godlike power, the artifact also holds a mysterious gift that some may consider a curse. Andraste's sacrifice is said to bring the wearer face to face with the trials and tribulations of the prophet. In this way, the wearer experiences a deep spiritual journey, empathizing with Andraste's sacrifices on a deeply personal level. This sweet exchange made the artifact an object of religious reverence and morbid curiosity. In essence, Andraste's sacrifice is not just another artifact; it is a symbol of divine sacrifice that encompasses the essence of the Dragon Age universe. Wearing it brings him closer to understanding the spirit of the lion-hearted prophet, the responsibility to withstand the trials of the ancient deity. The magnitude of his power is only offset by the immense respect and admiration he commands.

Creation and Development

At the heart of the Dragon Age story is the famous artifact known as the Sacrifice of Andraste. According to tradition, this amulet channels the spiritual resonance of Andraste, a precious prophet martyred in ancient times. This item is very important and represents the deep depth of the unique story of the Dragon Age universe.
The idea for Andraste's Sacrifice was born in the early stages of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The main goal was to add an item to the game that would simultaneously reflect the rich history of Thedas and be practical in-game. When creating the amulet, the game designers and story team always kept in mind the lyrical importance of truth in their fantasy universe.
The performance of Andraste's sacrifice recalls the selfless act of the prophet, a stylized representation of a legendary figure. Despite its gruesome history, the amulet's design is elegant and intricate. Each character in the game requires skill and patience to create an item, which translates to the skill needed in real life.
The amulet plays an important role in the game and provides the user with many benefits. First of all, the player receives cooldown bonuses for spells and skills, which makes the amulet especially desirable among players who choose the wizard class. Extensive item effects provide a significant tactical advantage and emphasize the synergistic interaction between narrative and gameplay elements.
Andraste's Sacrifice has undergone many changes to make it more balanced and useful, avoiding overstuffed elements. Designers have thoroughly tested its effect on character performance to ensure it seamlessly integrates into Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay. The art and animation teams also went through several iterations to make the amulet visually appealing and fit the overall aesthetic of the game. The design and development of Andraste's Sacrifice epitomizes the attention to detail and nuanced world-building that defines the Dragon Age universe. It remains a graciously acknowledged part of the game, a testament to Dragon Age's compelling and meaningful narrative.

Cultural Impact

The cultural impact of Andraste's sacrifice is enormous in shaping Tedosian society, beliefs and political structures. As a common artifact, it embodies the selflessness and martyrdom of Andraste, the Prophet of the Creator.
This amulet is an essential symbol of the teachings of the Church, strengthening the faith of the masses and inspiring a sense of hope and moral duty. It plays a vital role in shaping social norms, promoting virtues such as self-sacrifice, compassion and the pursuit of justice. Moreover, the mystery surrounding the exact origins of Andraste's sacrifice deepens its appeal and is often the focus of much legend and folklore, making it an influential work of cultural literature. More importantly, linking the artifact to Andraste allows for political manipulation. Religious leaders use it to legitimize their authority, shape the path of kingdoms, and ignite widespread conflict. Through peaceful religious sermons and tumultuous political disputes, Andraste's sacrifice continues to bear witness to his enduring influence on the world of Tedosia.