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Dragon Age: Redemption

General Info

Dragon Age: Redemption logo
GenresSci-Fi & Fantasy
StarringFelicia Day, Adam Rayner, Doug Jones, Marcia Battise
Release Date2011-10-10
Running Time15
TV Series NameDragon Age: Redemption
Content Rating6.2
Distributed ByYouTube
Original TitleDragon Age: Redemption
Country of OriginUS
Number of Seasons1
Number of Episodes6
World Premiere Date2011-10-10
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.youtube.com/show/dragonageredemption
Dragon Age: Redemption is an engaging online mini-series set in the lush and vibrant world of BioWare's fantasy RPG franchise Dragon Age. This series follows the story of Tallis, a cunning slayer of elves, providing a fascinating mix of action, intrigue and fantasy. As Tallis seeks salvation through his mission to capture a rogue wizard, viewers are exposed to the brutal yet breathtaking world of Theda. Full of intense combat, powerful magic and intriguing characters, Dragon Age: Redemption delves into the complex history of the Dragon Age universe. The story has elements of political tension, power struggles, the constant clash between chaos and order. It's a wonderful showcase of Dragon Age history that will appeal to both long-time fans and newcomers alike. Enjoy the immersive experience of Dragon Age: Redemption.



Dragon Age: Redemption is an exciting journey through the complex and immersive world of the Dragon Age series. The series revolves around the well-developed character of Tallis, an elven assassin who quickly comes to terms with her twin swords and hidden agenda, making her an intriguing and menacing character. He is on a vital mission to capture a rogue wizard bent on destroying the universe.
As he embarks on the Free Marches, Tallis must assemble a team, battle demons, and manage political intrigue in true BioWare style. With a rich, complex plot and dynamic characters, this series accurately captures the depth and detail of the Dragon Age universe. The TV series naturally intertwines with the storyline of the Dragon Age II game, adding a parallel narrative that will appeal to fans. As the story unfolds, watch Tallis struggle with his sense of justice, wrestle with his past, and ultimately challenge his own morals.
Dancing the fine line between fantasy and reality, Dragon Age: Redemption has everything fans love about the original games: fierce combat, complex characters and a story that will keep you on your toes. Let the redemption begin!


Dragon Age: Redemption is an American web series that takes us to the fantastical and magical world of Thedas, which is impressively represented in the Dragon Age video game series. As we dive into this six-part series, our protagonist is Tallis, an elf hunter played admirably by Felicia Day.
Tallis is a member of the Qunari, a religious and disciplined society. His mission begins when he disappoints his religious superiors by allowing a rebel saareba (a Kunari sorcerer) to escape their clutches. Seeking redemption and reclaiming her honor, Tallis embarks on a perilous journey to capture a dangerous sorcerer. As the series progresses, a motley crew is assembled, led by Tallis. These include a wheel mage seeking the freedom the world offers beyond the tower, a tough templar battling personal demons and struggling with his loyalties, and a brutal villain whose love of adventure is surpassed only by his admiration for an elf killer. Struggling with their personal goals and origins, this unlikely group navigates the bleak and corrupted world of Thedas.
As they travel, they face many moral dilemmas, strategic battles, and ancient forces that test not only their abilities, but also the strength of their alliances. The arcs of these compelling characters intertwine with the overarching plot, creating a deep story in true Dragon Age style. Each episode brings them closer to their goal and further reveals the depth of Dragon Age's story.
While the series focuses on research, it subtly explores deeper themes such as honor, duty, freedom, and redemption. Dragon Age: Redemption is more than just a heroic victory, it's a story of redemption and personal growth in a mysterious and treacherous world.
Successfully capturing the essence and complexity of the Dragon Age realm, this series will keep fans on the edge of their seats and provide a fascinating gateway into this equally dangerous and fascinating world for newcomers.


Dragon Age: Redemption was an ambitious project led by Dragon Age superfan Felicia Day. She wrote and starred in the series, portraying the elf villain Tallis. Production began after Day, fascinated by the intricacies of Dragon Age's story, approached BioWare with a proposal to bring the deeply compelling fantasy universe to life. BioWare was very impressed with her passion and enthusiasm and secured a partnership.
The production team faced several challenges, the first of which was the daunting task of creating an entirely new story fit for the screen while maintaining the essence and complexity of the existing universe. They had to do this job with precise calibration so as not to upset die-hard Dragon Age fans, and they succeeded.
The physical parameters of the production of the series were also quite challenging given the budget constraints. The story took place in many places in Theda: cities, villages, forests and mysterious ruins filled with lingering manifestations of ancient magic. All sets are designed and built from the ground up with incredible attention to detail to evoke the rich and nuanced world of Dragon Age.
The post-production team was instrumental in the series' success, seamlessly integrating visual effects with live footage, creating compelling dragon battles, powerful magical effects and the ominous glow of the Fade. Despite its challenges, Dragon Age: Redemption has been praised for its production values ​​that live up to the spirit of the compelling Dragon Age universe, and created a compelling story that resonated with fans around the world. The complex production process was both difficult and rewarding as a team of passionate developers and fans brought their shared love of Dragon Age to life.


"Dragon Age: Redemption" graced the screens with the story of eleven murderous thieves, ten episodes, each lasting from seven to ten minutes. It was originally released in 2011. on October 11th, a long awaited release for many Dragon Age fans. Set in the Dragon Age universe, the web series was produced by Felicia Day, an avid fan of the video game series. Day plays the character of Tallis, an elf killer.
His personal passion for the franchise combined with his dedication to bringing Tallis to life, a complex, deep and fascinating character, seamlessly enhanced the gaming experience. Fans were immersed in the story, while newcomers were drawn to the richly developed world.
Dragon Age: Redemption first appeared on Machinima's YouTube channel, followed by several other digital distribution platforms. The international response was very positive, with critics praising the nuanced portrayal of the character and the intense, compelling storyline. The show managed to faithfully capture the essence of the Dragon Age world, delivering a story that had weight and wasn't just an add-on to the games. An engaging story and charming characters only further solidified the Dragon Age franchise's place in the realm of fantasy RPGs.


The reception of the Dragon Age: Redemption TV series was mixed, with different critics and viewers expressing different opinions. Some praised the attempt to expand the Dragon Age universe into a new medium, highlighting the high production values, well-done special effects, and Felicia Day's impassioned performance as Tallis, a beloved franchise character.
However, others objected to the series. Common criticisms concerned the pace of the narrative and the development of peripheral characters. Some have argued that the complex and nuanced story that made the Dragon Age games so compelling was lost in the adaptation. They felt that the show was overloaded with exposition and didn't allow for organic character development, so they felt a bit flat.
As a web series, Dragon Age: Redemption also faced challenges related to its format. The short, episodic nature of web series often doesn't leave much room for in-depth storytelling, and some viewers felt the show was rushed and would have benefited from a longer series or a fuller season.
Despite these criticisms, Dragon Age: Redemption still has a dedicated fan base. Many Dragon Age fans enjoyed seeing the universe come to life and defended the show for its portrayal of women, unique fantasy elements, and faithful adherence to the source material. The series currently has a steady, if niche, following among fans of the video game franchise.

Cultural impact

Although Dragon Age: Redemption was a short-lived web series, its cultural impact is undeniable. By taking a beloved video game franchise and translating it into a serialized format, it popularized the idea that video games could serve as a narrative foundation for other forms of media, paving the way for subsequent adaptations.
Notably, the web series starred and co-produced Felicia Day, a popular figure in the gaming community. The day's participation highlighted the important role women play in gaming and inspired gamers around the world.
The Dragon Age series has always been praised for its intricate storytelling and well-developed characters, and Redemption was no exception. This allowed fans to explore the mythology, history, and societies of the Dragon Age universe in greater depth. This story expansion contributed to the growing recognition and popularity of story-driven video games.
Furthermore, Dragon Age: Redemption showed how it can benefit a well-known actor to join a web series, dispelling the widespread belief that web series are only a stepping stone for aspiring and struggling actors. Day's engagement brought the series to a wider audience, boosting viewership and the overall popularity of the franchise.
The series also helped spur the growing trend of transmedia storytelling, exploring a single story or story world across multiple platforms. Redemption's success has undoubtedly helped other creators and filmmakers dive into transmedia projects. This has resulted in a richer storytelling experience where players and viewers can interact and shape their beloved world in a variety of engaging ways.