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Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!

General Info

Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! logo
GenresAnime, Action Film, Adventure Film
Music ByShunsuke Kikuchi
Edited ByShinichi Fukumitsu
Film NameDragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!
StarringMasako Nozawa, Ryō Horikawa
Directed ByDaisuke Nishio
Produced ByChiaki Imada, Tomio Anzai
Release Date1992-07-11
Running Time46 minutes
Screenplay ByTakao Koyama
Content RatingPG
Distributed ByToei
Original TitleドラゴンボールZ 極限バトル!三大超サイヤ人
CinematographyMotoaki Ikegami
Country of OriginJapan
World Premiere Date1992-07-11
Production Company NameToei Animation
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.toei-anim.co.jp/
Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! is an engaging movie set in the fantastic world of Dragon Ball Z. The film takes place as the brilliant Dr. Gero builds super androids that seek revenge against Goku. With a power that rivals an eclipse. ordinary androids, new creations, android 13, 14 and 15, pose an unimaginable threat. Our beloved heroes, including Goku, Vegeta and Trunks, must face off against this formidable trio. This episodic film has a lot of action and exciting battle sequences. will not disappoint fans of the series. It complements the original anime story thread perfectly, bringing new and unexpected combat. For a combination of compelling storytelling and stunning visuals, Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! a must for fans of action anime.


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'Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!' "film" screenshots
'Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!' "film" screenshots
'Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!' "film" screenshots
'Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!' "film" screenshots
'Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!' "film" screenshots
'Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!' "film" screenshots


The plot revolves around the many consequences of Dr. Gero's hatred for Goku. After the defeat, Dr. Gero continued his work, which resulted in the creation of Super Android 13, Android 14, and Android 15. The purpose of their existence, embedded in their programming, remained the same: to find and destroy Goku.
While shopping in town with their families, Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta are ambushed by Android 14 and 15. Realizing the impending threat, they quickly lure the androids out of the city to avoid human casualties. Suddenly, Super Android 13 joined the fray, making the match three-on-three. Despite their overall prowess, the Z Fighters struggle against their merciless attackers.
Around the same time, Piccolo and Gohan, who were training during the ambush, sense a battle in the distance. Realizing the intensity of the encounter, they quickly move to support their friends. Meanwhile, the climate battle against the androids intensifies. Androids seem to have an advantage due to their infinite energy supply.
In a difficult situation, Goku tries to store energy for his spirit bomb. However, Super Android 13 does not stand still and rushes at Goku to avoid the possibility of his defeat. At the last second, a combo attack from the Z fighters allows Goku to break free and finish off his Spirit Bomb. However, in a bold and daring move, Goku absorbs the energy from the spirit bomb inside his body and charges Super Android 13, destroying it in a massive display of power. Crucial support comes from an unexpected source, as Krillin and Master Roshi enter the battlefield to distract the other androids, giving Vegeta and Trunks a chance to launch surprise attacks. After an intense destructive battle, the Z Fighters win. The dust settled to reveal a devastated landscape, but also smiles of relief on the faces of Earth's defenders. This epic clash is a reminder of the indomitable spirit of the Z Fighters and the limitless depths of their power.


Dragon Ball Z Super Android 13! is a testament to the power of storytelling in animation. With this film, the creators expanded the Dragon Ball Z universe, which was already full of fascinating characters and epic plots. This film continues the exploration of the beloved and feared androids, a staple of the series.
Super Android 13 is definitely one of the film's memorable villains, despite not being part of the original Dragon Ball manga. It is the attention to detail and the bold decision to introduce an entirely new character that sets the production apart. It's amazing how successfully the animators and production team have adapted Toriyama's unique art style. The film's color palette is bright enough to capture the vivid and intense essence of Dragon Ball Z. Exciting battle sequences are brought to life with clever animation and tactical choreography, keeping the spirit of the original series intact.
Apart from that, the film also continues the tradition of thrilling music that complements the breathtaking sequences. This helps to increase the tension, heighten the emotions and heighten the overall drama. The production team's dedication to maintaining the feel of the series while introducing new elements has ensured that Super Android 13! Favorite addition to the Dragon Ball Z cinematic universe. This movie was truly a labor of love and a huge contribution to the anime genre, proving once again that Dragon Ball Z's appeal is far from fading.


Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! was released in 1992. July 11 and established itself as the seventh film in the Dragon Ball series. The 46-minute film took viewers on another daring journey into the Dragon Ball universe, showcasing Goku's unstoppable strength and resilience.
The film mainly revolved around an attempt to destroy Goku initiated by Dr. Gero's supercomputer, which created three androids, 13, 14, and 15. This was a direct response to Dr. Gero's defeat at the hands of Goku. The film is known for Goku's amazing transformation into a Super Saiyan, which symbolizes the epic battle against the androids. However, after defeating Android 14 and 15, their remaining energy feeds into Android 13's power, making him a much larger and unstoppable foe.
The final battle takes place in a frozen landscape where Goku eventually transforms into a Super Saiyan to destroy Super Android 13 with a spirit bomb and restore peace to their universe once again. The film stood out for its uncompromising animation quality and vibrant color palette that complemented its fascinating plot.
The film was later dubbed into English, and in 2003 was released by Funimation, further increasing the popularity of Dragon Ball among the global audience. Almost three decades since the release of Super Android 13! ranks highest in the Dragon Ball annals, showing a huge growth in the series' art style and storyline.


While Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! the film was a commercial success, with largely mixed reviews from fans and critics. On the one hand, die-hard fans of the franchise have praised the series' non-stop action and back-to-basics emphasis on brute force and martial arts. They also loved the nostalgia factor with many of the film's elements referencing the original series.
On the other hand, critics have cited the film's lack of character and weak storyline as its main weaknesses. Another common criticism was an over-reliance on established character tropes and a lack of meaningful innovation. Nevertheless, the film's animation quality was praised by critics, with fans praising the sharp action sequences and stunning visual effects. However, some critics felt that the film did not fully exploit its fantastic animation potential, suggesting that it could have been more innovative.
Despite its criticism, the film remains a fan favorite and is regularly mentioned in Dragon Ball threads and forums for its iconic characters and memorable battle scenes. It's a franchise-divisive entry that continues to spark debate among Dragon Ball fans regarding its merits and demerits.

Cultural impact

"Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!" continues to attract fans around the world and embodies the cultural impact of the Dragon Ball franchise. Like its predecessors, the film captures the essence of friendship, courage, and determination, influencing a generation of anime fans and shaping their minds around these core principles. The introduction of a new trio of villains, most notably the menacing Super Android 13, added another layer to the franchise's compelling storytelling and character development.
Specifically, "Super Android 13!" this caused a change in the portrayal of androids in the anime universe. Rather than being evil minions, Androids 13, 14, and 15 displayed intelligence, teamwork, and brute strength reminiscent of the Z-fighters. This story not only expanded the complexity of the narrative and the depth of the franchise, but also allowed younger viewers to subtly experience the uncertainty of artificial intelligence and technology without disturbing the balance of Dragon Ball's spirit of adventure.
In addition, the film has had a major impact on the merchandising world, with toys, apparel and posters of Super Android 13 and other characters becoming popular collectibles. Several video games have also incorporated elements from the movie into their stories, making them more replayable and attracting more users to the virtual battles of DBZ.
"Super Android 13!" contributed greatly to Dragon Ball Z's iconic status. Its imaginative storytelling, memorable characters and profound messages, combined with its influence on merchandise and video games, underline its enduring cultural significance. To this day, the film continues to inspire, entertain and engage fans, confirming the enduring popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise.