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Super Dragon Ball Heroes

General Info

Super Dragon Ball Heroes logo
GenresAnimation, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
StarringTakeshi Kusao, Masako Nozawa, Ryou Horikawa, Kappei Yamaguchi
Release Date2018-07-01
Running Time10
TV Series NameSuper Dragon Ball Heroes
Content Rating7.558
Distributed ByYouTube, Fuji TV
Original Titleスーパードラゴンボールヒーローズ
Country of OriginJP
Number of Seasons5
Number of Episodes48
World Premiere Date2018-07-01
Production Company NameToei Animation, Fuji Television Network
Production Company Website URLhttp://www.carddass.com/dbh/sdbh/prison_planet
Super Dragon Ball Heroes is an immersive Japanese anime television series based largely on the arcade video game of the same name in the Dragon Ball media franchise. The series first debuted in Japan in 2018. in July and is the exciting continuation of the Dragon Ball saga. In this exciting series, viewers can explore alternate realities and timelines as they enjoy intense action-packed combat. The show delves into the inner personalities of beloved characters and introduces new ones, adding a refreshing dimension to the Dragon Ball universe. The main story revolves around the clash between the mortal realm and the previously inaccessible realm of dark demons. Without a doubt, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is an eye-catching watch for both Dragon Ball fans and new fans of the anime.



Super Dragon Ball Heroes is an exciting TV series that immerses viewers deep into a spectacular universe of powerful adventures and immersive storytelling. The story is based on the famous Japanese trading card arcade game from the Dragon Ball series. The story takes place in an alternate reality where the Dragon Ball characters are fighting intensely to keep the peace.
This separation plunges Goku and his allies into uncharted territory filled with new threats and powerful enemies. With each episode, the stakes rise as the heroes face fierce opponents, taking fight scenes and battles to a whole new level of intensity. The brilliance of this series lies in its ability to combine classic Dragon Ball elements with new textures and animation techniques. The unique pairings of the universe delight die-hard DBZ fans while still being accessible to new audiences. Despite the high-octane combat, the series also manages to weave in comedic elements while maintaining the humor and heart that has been a hallmark of the franchise.
Super Dragon Ball Heroes perfectly represents what the world of anime has to offer, with rich character development, strategic battle sequences and an engaging story. With an amazing cast of characters from the Dragon Ball franchise, it's a must-see for fans and newcomers alike.


In the exciting universe of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes TV series, the story of adventure begins with the peace of the earth, which is shattered when Goku and Vegeta meet a mysterious Saiyan named Beerus. Their quest to face and defeat this new adversary leads to unconventional battles filled with massive destructive power and fascinating martial arts.
Just as they defeat one enemy, the two must face another, the evil Saiyan warrior Kamber, leading to an unpredictable plot twist. Goku and Vegeta are transported to a dimensional prison and thrown into a vortex of growing danger. As the battles mount, the concept of time and space begins to distort, introducing fascinating new characters from different timelines who test their strength and strategy. During this journey, we see the characters evolve as they grow up and use their unique abilities to gain new transformations and powers such as Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan 4. Goku and Vegeta work to protect their home and loved ones. the series uniquely explores the many layers of their courage, bonds and resilience in the face of invincible enemies and impending destruction.
As we delve deeper into the series, we also encounter the Universal Conflict arc, which expertly pits the Z-fighters against powerful foes from different universes. This also applies to the Core Area Warriors, the massive enemies that escaped from the prison planet. Alliances are formed, friendships are tested and sacrifices are made in the ultimate battle for survival. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a rollercoaster of action-packed arcs, each leading to an unpredictable ending. The brilliance of the story lies in its ability to interweave familiar elements of the Dragon Ball series with new storylines, giving fans a transformative and exciting viewing experience. Super Dragon Ball Heroes continues to push the boundaries of the Dragon Ball universe, giving viewers an exciting never-ending battle of power, strategy and survival.


Production on the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series was announced in 2018. in the May issue of Shueisha's V Jump magazine. The series, which evolved from a digital card game popular in Japan, has been transformed into a highly anticipated visual spectacle as the animation team brought to life the vivid characters, epic battles and intricate stories that fans have come to love.
One of the biggest challenges in production was depicting the depth and complexity of the digital game. But Toei Animation, with decades of experience in anime production, jumped at the chance. They carefully designed each character, painstakingly reimagining them on screen while staying true to the original design. With the freedom to push the boundaries of previous Dragon Ball series, the creative team created new and imaginative storylines. Viewers saw well-known heroes fight villains who crossed the boundaries of the original canon.
The series' soundtrack, produced by Yuichi Karasawa, is another notable creative aspect, combining the energetic rock songs and stirring orchestral pieces that have become a hallmark of the Dragon Ball series.
Finally, the voice actors brought their characters to life in a way that added more dimension to their personalities. The Big Bang Mission arc, in particular, saw returning veterans deliver memorable performances that seem just as beloved as their counterparts from previous series. Overall, the development of Super Dragon Ball Heroes showed the collective effort of a team dedicated to honoring the legacy of Dragon Ball while fearlessly charting new directions for the franchise.


The "Release" section of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series has some interesting information for fans. First shown in 2018. In July, this anime made waves in the animation industry. Starting off its first season with an energetic storyline and evolving characters, the show immediately caught the attention of Dragon Ball fans.
The series proudly displays the deep influence of the Dragon Ball franchise. However, it manages to set itself apart with unique stories that capture the essence of Dragon Ball while introducing a new level of complexity and nuance. The first editions were aimed at the Japanese market, but quickly gained worldwide recognition for their intriguing plots and memorable characters.
Due to its huge popularity, the series has been translated into many languages, thus expanding its fan base around the world. It also expands the series' reach by making episodes available online, adding to its massive success and audience.
Each season of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has been met with anticipation and excitement, and fans look forward to the unexpected twists, legendary battles and harrowing adventures of their favorite characters. Each new series brings new excitement and keeps fans on their toes. The past few seasons have continued that legacy, keeping viewers looking forward to more installments.
Considered an important series in the Dragon Ball universe, Super Dragon Ball Heroes will always hold a special place in the hearts of anime lovers. With its future editions, the series promises to continue to deliver the action-packed entertainment that has become synonymous with the Dragon Ball brand.


Since its debut, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has received consistently positive reviews from both longtime fans and newcomers to the Dragon Ball universe. The TV show, which was heavily based on the popular arcade and card game, managed to create a self-contained story that reflected the essence of the Dragon Ball series.
Viewers have largely praised the series for its fast-paced and action-packed scenes that brought an exciting new dimension to the Dragon Ball universe. These fights featured improvements and transformations that surpassed previous episodes, leaving viewers in suspense.
In addition to the action sequences, another aspect that has received praise is the rich and diverse cast of characters. While the series pays homage to the franchise's iconic characters, it introduces new characters that have given the series a new dynamic.
Despite some criticism, particularly the lack of plot depth and character development, many have concluded that the series' strengths far outweigh its weaknesses. In fact, insiders claim that Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a creative breakthrough for the genre and a valuable addition to the franchise's expansive universe.
In short, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has managed to stay true to its roots and introduced innovative elements that extend the life and vitality of the Dragon Ball franchise. Fans are eagerly anticipating future installments of the show and how it will continue to make its mark on the beloved franchise.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is greatly enhanced by the legacy of the legendary Dragon Ball franchise. As a promotional anime for the popular Japanese arcade game, it not only evoked long-lasting nostalgia for Dragon Ball fans, but also attracted a new generation of audiences to learn about the universe.
Despite the short timeline of each episode, the series managed to convey the essence of Dragon Ball with brawny heroes, intense battles and surprising twists. It revived viewers' memories of Dragon Ball's distinctive art style and history, contributing to the franchise's continued popularity in the anime world.
Super Dragon Ball Heroes excels in its ability to create an alternate universe where non-canonical characters coexist with canonical ones. The feature managed to satisfy fans' often creative speculations about what-if scenarios in the Dragon Ball universe. As a result, it has managed to spark intense debate among fans, adding to the burgeoning culture of fan theories.
In addition, the series reaffirmed the global cultural impact of anime. Despite the original goal of promoting the local game to Japanese audiences, the series' online availability has allowed international fans to access and enjoy the content. As a result, he has helped maintain the Dragon Ball franchise's global presence, inspiring countless fan art, merchandise, and even cosplay around the world. Overall, Super Dragon Ball Heroes was both a marketing ploy and a sign of Dragon Ball fans' enduring passion. Reinforce the franchise's iconic status in pop culture and boldly explore the story outside of the canon. As such, its cultural impact is quantified not only by its audience, but also by the dialogue and creative output it has generated within Dragon Ball's devoted fan community.