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Fate/Grand Order: Turas Realta

General Info

Fate/Grand Order: Turas Realta logo
AuthorSakamoto Mineji
GenresAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural
LanguagesJapanese, English
IllustratorSakamoto Mineji
Issue Number5
Release Date2017-01-01
Number of Pages160
Original TitleFate/Grand Order: Turas Realta
Comics Issue NameFate/Grand Order: Turas Realta
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.kodansha.co.jp/
Grand Order: Reality Tour is an exciting and beautifully illustrated comic book series that puts your favorite characters from the most popular mobile game in your hands. Survive the treacherous waves of history as you navigate through time and fight to save humanity. With each page, you'll delve deeper into this amazing, sprawling universe full of action-packed battles, unraveled mysteries, and emotional roller coasters. Experience the journeys of beloved servants like Mash Kyrielight, Artoria Pendragon and Joan of Arc as they face their destiny. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a beginner, this comic series is sure to please you.


Fate/Grand Order: Tour Realta is an immersive manga adaptation of the hugely popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order. Incredibly insightful with its intricate plot, Turas Realta teleports readers into the dynamic realms of historical heroes, mythological figures and legendary warriors.
Focusing on the unique concept of heroic spirits, the plot features a whimsical collection of famous characters populating this universe, each with their own purpose and personality. Through them we experience great adventures in different eras and landscapes, some more charming and more dangerous than others.
See the epic journey of protagonist Ritsuka Fujimaru as he leaps through time and space to avoid the end of humanity. Along with her sidekick Mashu Kyrielight, Ritsuka's job is to stop the progress of seven singularities that threaten Earth's existence. Turas Realta is filled with intense, daring combat, wit and everything needed to keep any manga or gaming enthusiast hooked.
Against the backdrop of a tragic past, accompanied by intense wars and conflicts, Turas Realta perfectly adapts the mobile game and adds more depth and nuance to the exciting story. This comic takes us on a rollercoaster ride of vivid artwork, twisty revelations, and compelling character development that has been a hallmark of the franchise since its inception.
All in all, Fate/Grand Order: Turas Realta is an immersive journey through time filled with heroic battles and intriguing twists that best represent the essence of the Fate franchise.


In the rich tapestry of Fate/Grand Order: Turas Realta, the Chaldean organization selects protagonist Ritsuka Fujimaru to take part in the final and pivotal mission known as The Grand Order. The story takes place in timelines warped by anomalies, where Ritsuka, along with his loyal sidekick Mashu Kyrielight, are thrust into different historical eras to fix them.
Humanity's very existence hangs in the balance as they race against time, battle powerful enemies, join forces with the heroic spirits of a bygone era, and rewrite the tumultuous events of history. Vivid cartoon visuals bring epic battles, magical spells and heroic camaraderie to life.
The complexity of the plot grows as the mysteries of Chaldea and her mysterious minions are unraveled, weaving a web of intrigue with each outing. The comic successfully weaves the story of fate and destiny as Ritsuka and Mash work to secure the future of humanity, making Turas Realta a must-read for any fan of the Fate series.


Creating the Fate/Grand Order: Reality Tour comics is a multifaceted process. After obtaining the license to adapt the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order into a manga, the production team begins to create a story.
The story has been adapted to keep the essence of the game intact, while the comics have their own unique twist. To ensure they stay true to the game's character designs, artists carefully craft each panel. Special attention is paid to the fight sequences, making them visually appealing. Once the graphics are complete, dialogue and a story script will be added. This is followed by the color phase, which increases the visual appeal. The final stage of the production process involves making physical copies and digital versions for distribution. Regular meetings are held between the game's artists, writers, publishers, and developers to maintain the spirit of the original game in the manga adaptations.
The dedication of the production team really shines through in the fine details and cohesive narrative of the Fate/Grand Order: Reality Tour comics, making it a fan favorite in the FGO community. Overall, the entire process embodies a combination of creative exploration and strict adherence to the source material.


Fate/Grand Order: Turas Realta comics' "Launch" chronicles our characters' journey through various historical settings in their ambitious quest to save humanity. Known for its blend of history, mythology, and fantasy, the series takes readers on a whirlwind adventure as they encounter famous historical and mythological characters. Each installment brings new characters, each with their own extensive backstories and connections to history and myth.
Fate/Grand Order: Tour Realta is the perfect blend of educational content and entertainment, allowing readers to learn about key historical periods and characters while enjoying an action-packed story. Illustrated with detailed artwork and filled with a fantastical plot that transcends the boundaries of time and space, this comic series has received critical acclaim. The series takes place in a mobile game format before being adapted into Manga, offering readers a unique interactive experience. Each volume released is part of this epic journey, promising readers a robust and immersive experience of the Destiny universe. They beautifully translate the game mechanics and story into a compelling story that can be enjoyed by gamers and non-gamers alike. A celebration of history, literature and imagination, this series is a must-see for avid manga fans.


Fate/Grand Order: Tour Realta is a great take on the universe of the original mobile game in comic book format. Created in conjunction with the beloved Fate/Grand Order mobile game, the first issue of this comic series was released in 2018. August. Since then, it has gained a steady stream of followers who eagerly await each new release.
Tour Realta delves into the rich history of the Fate/Grand Order universe. It vividly brings to life the valiant henchmen and the intense, harsh battles in which they engage. The first arc is based on the game's original storyline featuring the "F-Fuyuki Singularity". Other storylines unfold in subsequent releases, offering fans an intriguing exploration of various historical eras and mythologies.
The comic is expertly crafted by Delight Works, the same team responsible for the mobile game. The characters are impeccably designed, and every detail remains true to the mobile game's depiction. In addition, the smooth story and charming dialogues perfectly embody the spirit of the game. Each new release of Fate/Grand Order: Turas Realta is met with great anticipation. Fans can't wait to dive into this deep graphical remake of the world they've come to love. Whether you're a longtime fan of the mobile game or new to the franchise, this comic series is sure to have you hooked. Beyond gameplay, it creates a vast and immersive expression of the Fate/Grand Order universe.


Since its release, Fate/Grand Order: Turas Realta has received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. This manga adaptation of the hit mobile game has managed to perfectly capture the essence of the game's immersive storyline with well-developed characters, attractive illustrations, and intense battle sequences that will keep readers hooked.
Critics highlighted the detailed and attractive artwork by Takenoko Seijin, whose illustrations added depth to an already intriguing plot. The depiction of various quests taken from various historical, mythical and fantasy settings is highly appreciated by the game's fans.
The exciting story of the comic, full of strategic battles and unexpected twists, made readers eagerly wait for the next chapter. The successful adaptation of game mechanics in manga form is considered one of the most notable achievements of this series.
Another aspect of Turas Realta that has received positive reviews is character development. The complexity of the main characters and their relationships with their minions shows a nuanced view of their characters, making readers feel more connected.
However, the world can be difficult for non-players to understand at first, as the game often uses terminology and system. But for fans of the game, Turas Realta is a great continuation of the Fate/Grand Order adventures. Fate/Grand Order: Tour Realta has proven to be more than just another spinoff, but a solid series that even newcomers can appreciate. Its success is a testament to the show's fascinating characters, fascinating story, and phenomenal artwork.

Cultural impact

The Fate/Grand Order: Tour Realta comics have had a significant impact on the global anime and manga community. Not only do they expand the Fate/Grand Order universe, but they also revolutionize the narrative. Tour Realta's complex storylines and engaging character development allowed for a deeper understanding of the original game's story. In addition, he revived interest in historical and mythological figures, which is reflected in the characters. This has sparked discussions and debates among fans, further enriching fan culture. These comics also increased the visibility of the franchise and encouraged new fans to delve into the vast world of Fate/Grand Order. Turas Realta has thus made an invaluable contribution to the cultural dynamics of the manga universe, cementing the franchise's position as a respected pillar in this community.