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General Info

Pico logo
Job TitleExplorer
Birth Date1952-01-01
Birth PlaceDuckburg
Knows aboutAdventures, Explorations
Alternate NamePico de Paperis
Character NamePico
Member of OrganizationJunior Woodchucks
Pico is a beloved character from the Friday Night Funkin universe. A fiery fighter, Pico entered the musical battlefield as an opponent with a penchant for urban themes. His rhythmic tendencies influence the complex songs you encounter in the game. With the microphone as his instrument of choice, Pico's energetic demeanor is ready to challenge anyone brave enough to match his rhythmic prowess. Pico is known for his intense temper and relentless determination, making his character a compelling antagonist. Her vibrant character aesthetic adds color and intrigue to Friday Night Funkin's rhythm-based gameplay. Pico's musical confrontation gives players a unique rhythm to beat and play, giving the game a unique flavor. Despite his aggressive approach, Pico has captured the hearts of many with his vibrant energy, dynamic rhythms and electrifying defiance, adding even more excitement to this rhythmic universe.


A well-known character from the Friday Night Funkin' universe, Pico exemplifies the combination of rhythm and raw attitude. His appearance is as unique as his signature neon green hair and iconic red baseball cap, making him popular among players. Pico's origins come from another critically acclaimed game, Pico's School, which increases its complexity and breadth in a universe focused mainly on rhythmic combat.
Pico epitomizes the quintessential spirit of a beat artist, displaying an unparalleled ability to fuse hip-hop and rap with an exhilarating battle performance. His charismatic appearance and rebellious streak make every Pico battle an unforgettable experience, making him a vital character in the game. Pico isn't all about a carefree attitude and annoying showers. It provides an interesting contrast, showing a friendly rivalry with the game's character, Boyfriend. This relationship gives the audience a deeper understanding of Pico's character, showing that he is more than just his ugly exterior. It is multi-layered and brings out the essence of friendship, loyalty and competitiveness.
His songs like "Pico", "Philly" and "Blammed" have rich lyrical content and well-coordinated rhythm and rhyme. These songs reflect his dynamic nature and effectively convey his cheeky wit, mayhem and charm. Every note Pico hits is unique to him, reinforcing his commitment to each rhythmic battle.
All in all, Pico is an influential figure in the Friday Night Funkin universe, painting the vivid world of rhythm battles in his own colors. His character is simply not about competition, but a picture of passion and dedication.
Essentially, Pico is truly the punk rock star of this virtual universe, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting his next performance.


A recognizable character from the Friday Night Funkin universe, Pico is a dashing, daring and incredibly flexible person who is always ready to fight the beats. He has been a playable character for the past few weeks and has proven to be a formidable foe for the game's character Boyfriend.
Born and raised in an urban neighborhood, Pico became interested in music at an early age. He spent countless hours honing his skills, battling beatboxers and rappers on the streets and gradually made a name for himself in the local music scene. His unique rhythm and fierce lyrics captivate every listener. Despite his tough exterior, Pico is a loyal friend who would do anything for those he cares about. Her long friendship with the guy is proof of that. As competitive as they are in and out of the game, their bond is enviable.
But Pico is not all about music and friendship. He is known for his rebellious side, always ready to break the rules and push the envelope. Her gorgeous green hair and bold style reflect her bold personality.
Although Pico's sharp focus and competitive spirit keep him going, it sometimes gets him into trouble. However, no matter how difficult the situation, Pico always manages to bring out rhythm and rhythm in everything, turning every challenge into an opportunity for growth and development.
In the Friday Night Funkin universe, Pico is an inspirational figure who has taught many that with enough dedication, we can all find our groove and make a mark in our world, even if it's as rhythmically chaotic as his. His story is a celebration of uniqueness, perseverance and the resonance of beauty at its own pace. From the streets to the virtual world, Pico continues to bring heat to every fight and leave an unforgettable mark on the hearts of many players.

Creation and Development

A unique and mysterious character, Pico has played a central role in the Friday Night Funkin universe since his first appearance. From the creative minds of Tom Fulp and MindChamber, Pico was originally developed for the classic action game Pico's School, which premiered on Newgrounds in the late 90s. Over the years, Pico has gone from a school janitor to a much-loved gaming icon and a notable antagonist in the rhythm-based game Friday Night Funkin'.
Pico's creation was a painstaking process designed to capture his fierce personality and rough exterior hiding a warm heart. MindChamber, Pico's lead graphic designer, made inventive use of striking visuals to capture Pico's rebellious spirit. The fiery red hair, khaki suits and iconic Uzi instantly became Pico's trademarks, reflecting his fiery spirit and indomitable courage.
"Friday Night Funkin'" Pico was introduced in the third week of the game and proved to be important and memorable. The creators have carefully implanted Pico's ancient toughness into the rhythmic format of the show, creating a harmony between the old character and the new environment. His role in the game provides a nostalgic bridge to the past for older players while introducing a new generation of players.
The addition of Pico to Friday Night Funkin' not only enriched the game's universe, but also fueled interest in Pico's world, paving the way for a possible revival of the character in future games. While Pico may be the antithesis of Friday Night Funkin, he is a true testament to the evolution of the game's characters over time and their enduring legacy.

Character Profile

Pico is one of the most memorable characters in the world of Friday Night Funkin'. This is a little boy with a huge dose of sperm. His red-haired appearance gives him an edge and complements his fiery attitude and unflinching swagger when it comes to battling the rap battle.
But it's not just his rapping skills that set Pico apart. In a universe full of fun beats and beat fights, the story behind it gives it depth. Originating from the game Pico's School, this character showed resilience and determination. He's not afraid to venture into risky territory or take on any challenge that comes his way, a trait that served him well as he transitioned into the world of FNF.
Whether taking on a guy or helping him in battle, Pico's strength lies in his agile maneuvers and ability to rap at lightning speed. It's an interesting dynamic with Boyfriend, and their intriguing relationship adds flavor to the Friday Night Funkin storyline.
Plus, Pico is definitely a crowd favorite. His cool demeanor, fighting spirit and inherent charm set him apart. He's a character that has made an incredible mark on the Friday Night Funkin' Universe, and his presence continues to generate excitement and anticipation on every level. Pico, the redheaded dynamite from FNF!

Story Arc

A prominent character in the fascinating Friday Night Funkin universe, Pico has an intriguing storyline that makes him truly extraordinary. Originally introduced in game week three, Pico's dynamic journey pushes the story of this rhythm-based indie game significantly.
Born in the digital world of Newgrounds, Pico is known for his bright red hair, green shirt, and ruthless courage. In the Friday Night Funkin universe, he accidentally enters the world, but quickly becomes a central figure. Pico's connection with the main character is not just an acquaintance: they are connected by a friendship rooted in school days. His "Friday Night Funkin" storyline begins with an intense rap battle with the main character, Boyfriend. This fun competition of tunes from Pico, Philly and Blammed quickly raises the bar. But in this universe, where the vocal spectacle is mightier than the sword, Pico's rivalry with the boy doesn't destroy their friendship.
Later in the game, Pico's connection to a dangerous criminal organization known as the Dearest Family is revealed. He is a former hitman for this horrible family, and this revelation adds a lot of depth and complexity to his character. This revelation underscores the unspoken rules of the Friday Night Funkin universe: music transcends personal pasts and potential enmities.
It's interesting how Pico's bow turns from an adversary to a friendly hand. In week 7, he returns as a vital ally, providing his guy against Tankman and his pawns. This transition from adversary to ally provides a noticeable twist, forming unexpected alliances in the face of common enemies.
From the battleground of rap duels to shifting alliances, Pico emerges as a dynamic character that adds depth and complexity to the Friday Night Funkin universe. Its storyline creatively emphasizes friendship, rivalry, redemption, and the transcendent power of music. Pico's character definitely adds a unique flavor to this charming rhythm fighting game. He is the epitome of the perfect anti-hero, a true friend and an unbeatable pace rival.

Cultural Impact

Pico, the character of Newgrounds' most popular game Pico School, helped shape the cultural wave surrounding the Friday Night Funkin universe. From the main figure of FNF Week 3 to inspirational fanfiction, Pico's good looks and easygoing demeanor have made him a much-loved figure.
Pico's introduction to the FNF universe not only enhanced the story, but also added a layer of nostalgia for fans familiar with the older Newgrounds games. His presence highlighted the complex web of interrelationships in the indie gaming universe, which greatly contributes to FNF's appeal.
Outside of gaming circles, Pico has made its way into popular culture as it frequently appears in fan art, memes, and social media trends. His trademark green hair and red ribbon became iconic symbols, representing a unique combination of the old-school arcade era and the flashy, rhythm-oriented era of rhythm games. His character designs, musical combat, and outspoken personality are highly admired, expanding the influence of the FNF universe far beyond its original core realm. Arguably, Pico is not just another character in the game, but a cultural phenomenon in his own right.


An iconic character from the Friday Night Funkin universe, Pico carries with him an important legacy. Originally from a Newgrounds game called Pico's School, his entry into the Friday Night Funkin game was pitiful and quickly evolved into one of the beloved characters. His distinctive looks, with his curly brown hair and casual yet stylish attire instantly endeared him to the players, and his ability to compete quickly made him a formidable opponent. But it's not all about looks and ability; Pico's emotional storyline delved further into his legacy, incorporating a story of friendship, rivalry and music. Her unusual relationship with her boyfriend creates intrigue and adds an unexpected dimension to the game's story. Through all the rhythmic fights and animated scenes, Pico's legacy continued to evolve, securing his influential place in Friday Night Funkin' history.