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Skid and Pump

General Info

Skid and Pump logo
Job TitleNot Applicable
Birth PlaceSpookyville
Knows aboutHalloween, MONSTER, Skid and Pump's Manifesto of MIllionaires, Spooky Month
Alternate NameSpooky Kids
Character NameSkid and Pump
Member of OrganizationNot Applicable
Skid and Pump are inseparable friends who bring a unique element of humor and mischief to the Friday Night Funkin universe. Hailing from the hit web series Mr. Pel's Spooky Month, these mischievous pranksters love all things Halloween. Skid in a skeleton jumper is the ever-energetic kid, while Pump in a pumpkin mask is a little more collected but no less hilarious. Together, they create an infectious rhythm playing. Their playful personality is reflected in their music tracks and makes for a challenging yet fun game to play. When you rap battle with them, you enter a world of after-hours beeps and flashes, unexpected beats and sheer fun. A symbol of chaos and brutality, Skid and Pump remain fan favorites in the game.


Skid and Pump, collectively known as the Spooky Kids, are essential characters in the dynamic universe of Friday Night Funkin. From the popular webcomic Spooky Month, these lovable friends are known for their distinctive Halloween-themed look and passion for all things spooky, confirming their status as part of the game's Halloween week. Although they feature children, they present an interesting challenge to the guy.
Skid and Pump's fun spirit and quirky but harmless jokes add a fun touch to the game. Skid, the blue ghost, often plays comedian Pump, the living body lantern. Together, they embody an intriguing combination of mischief and innocence. Their song "Spookeez" offers a unique combination of eerie aesthetics and rhythmic challenges. Combined with their lively dance moves, this enhances the fun side of the game and shows their playful and mischievous spirit.
Despite the charming innocence on their faces, they can accelerate to a frenetic pace that can leave even seasoned players begging for panic. But with their bewitching charm and friendliness, they effectively turn any failure into an incentive to try again, enhanced by the edgy music. In fact, Skid and Pump give the Friday Night Funkin universe its unique flavor, so it's not complete without their camaraderie.


Skid and Pump, the dynamic duo from the hit rhythm game Friday Night Funkin', are best known for their appearances on Spooky Month. Despite their young age, the two have already made a name for themselves with their mischievous antics and infectious enthusiasm for all things spooky.
Skid and Pump, brought to life by the joint efforts of the game designers, are more than just characters; they are a cultural phenomenon that embodies the spirit of Halloween and animated horror adventures. These are timeless puzzles that represent the part of childhood where fear, pleasure and excitement are the same.
Skid, the larger of the two, has an otherworldly appeal. With his grim look and unyielding smile, Skid perfectly embodies the thrill of a good scare. Pump, on the other hand, is the perfect contrast to his friend. With a round, pumpkin-like head, it exudes a cute but mysterious presence. Despite their contrasting looks, their camaraderie is undeniable and their in-game adventures are legendary.
The film "Scary Month - Uninvited Guest" presents the hair-raising adventures that await them, meet different characters and overcome challenges together. Their spontaneity and curiosity always lead to mysterious goals, but their innocence allows them to navigate their travels without fear and really fully embrace the spirit of the "scary month".
Since the release of Friday Night Funkin', Skid and Pump have achieved legendary status. The Spooky Month series highlights their antics and makes these characters even more beloved by the avid gaming audience. Skid and Pump aren't just your average Halloween characters; it's a celebration of curiosity, courage, and the joy of finding something new around every corner, even if it means finding something scary.

Creation and Development

Skid and Pump are two popular characters from Friday Night Funkin that appeared in the Spooky Month mod. These characters are a fusion of various characters on the internet, giving them a quirky and unique feel.
Skid is a skeletal, humanoid character who likes to scare people, while Pump, depicted as a pumpkin head, is alive and moving. Originally created by Sr. Pelo for a short YouTube animation, these characters quickly gained a huge fan following before they were even introduced into the Friday Night Funkin universe.
The development of the Skid and Pump has stayed true to its original design while retaining its playful and ghostly qualities. This was to ensure that fans of the original animation would seamlessly connect and interact with them within the context of the game.
Game development focused on the development of these characters, adding layers of complexity to their personalities and design aspects. Although Skid and Pump were primarily created as fun characters, they unanimously instilled a sense of surprise and anticipation in players through their unpredictable behavior and unique gameplay mechanics.
The animation and rendering of Skid and Pump are meticulously executed, giving the characters a sense of dynamism and fluidity. The developers used reliable animation tools to bring these characters to life. It took a lot of effort and time to perfect the animation frames, expressions, movements and response times to ensure a smoother user experience.
In addition, the development of dialogue was also an integral part of their creation. Each character has been given a unique voice that reflects their personality and adds depth to the playful banter.
Overall, the development and development of Friday Night Funkin's Skid and Pump involved a thorough process to ensure continuity and consistency between the various traits of these characters, while enriching the gameplay with unique features. This strategic development has made Skid and Pump iconic in the gaming universe.

Character Profile

Skid and Pump aren't just any characters, they're an inseparable duo that bring whimsical charm to the Friday Night Funkin universe. As members of Little Nightmares, these two adorable spooky pranksters of the month are a unique blend of mischief and innocence.
Skid, taller and wearing a skeleton suit, is wiser and calmer. He's also a more responsible partner who often pulls Pump away from too much trouble. Despite his rather serious demeanor, Skid shares Pump's love of all things spooky. Pump, the youngest pumpkin costume, is the epitome of raw enthusiasm and wild energy. He is the driving force behind their explorations, and his curiosity often leads them into unpredictable situations. However, it is his naive innocence and boundless joy that make him a favorite among viewers.
Together, Skid and Pump paint a canvas of childhood wonder. Spreading the adventures out over the spooky month, they highlight the essence of friendship and represent the continuation of an old tradition of trick-or-treating. Despite their minor differences, this duo teaches us that true friendship is about accepting each other's flaws and staying together despite the challenges.
In the "Friday Night Funkin" universe, Skid and Pump's impressive syncopation in their songs reflects a compatible bond. Their performance on stage shows their spontaneity, lively spirit and the sheer happiness of being a child, making their performances a joy to watch. Their melody echoes throughout the game, leaving an impression of fun and charm.

Story Arc

Skid and Pump, a mischievous but lovable duo from the Friday Night Funkin universe, are the main characters in the world of Spooky Month. They may be small in stature, but their impact on the FNF universe is unparalleled. Famous for their Halloween-style pranks and childlike grinning pumpkin heads, they are widely known as the Spooky Kids.
Scary Month is their time to shine, and the event goes beyond simple tricks and sweets; weaves a narrative arc deeper than fear and laughter. Spooky Month is their endless pursuit of joy, their boundless fascination with the macabre, their symbol of innocence in a world bound by rules and restrictions. These little demons epitomize how an adventurous spirit can turn even the most mundane things into gold.
A boy and a girl's unexpected encounter with Skid and Pump leads to a funny, mysterious and somehow endearing plot. This duo, despite their obsession with "one letter", doesn't stop Boyfriend from pursuing its own beat; instead, they catalyze him, giving him a challenge and thus an opportunity to prove his worth to the Girl. Their rap battles not only change the plot, but also give the game's music a unique flavor, intertwining with eerie harmonies that define the spirit of Halloween.
At first they are seen as pranksters, but Skid and Pump's character development over the course of the game includes transitioning into vital catalysts that move them forward. While maintaining their mischievous veneer, they unwittingly become the guy's guides, expanding his rhythmic journey into a dimension of unseen melodies. Their existence becomes a treatise on childhood, adventure and the extravagant spirit of Halloween.
In doing so, the duo brings playful angst to the Friday Night Funkin universe, promising laugh-out-loud chills. The story of Skid and Pump is emblematic of children's spirit of courage, boundless curiosity, and their inherent drive for exploration and adventure. They may not be the heroes of the story, but their path paved with candy, ghosts, and rap battles makes them an undeniable force on the show.

Cultural Impact

Despite appearing as more basic supporting characters on Friday Night Funkin, Skid and Pump have had a significant cultural impact, particularly in the realms of indie gaming and internet culture. Fans of the rhythm-based indie game instantly connected with Skid and Pump because of their exciting story as passionate trick-or-treaters from the hit web series Mr. Pelo's Spooky Month. Their move into the trendy Friday Night Funkin universe was a testament to the interconnectedness of web indie content.
Their fascinating in-game presence has fueled an explosion of fan art, animation, and memes, igniting a new wave of creativity in indie gaming culture. Additionally, their engaging character designs with classic Halloween elements reimagined in a modern context offer a fresh take that resonates with younger digital generations. This successful blend of modernity and nostalgia has shaped the indie gaming industry's unique prevailing style and further expanded its fan base.
Their mysterious but fascinating characteristics also reflect the trend toward unconventional heroes in today's gaming narrative. The duo, while not the main characters, have tangibly shaped the way people perceive and interact with game characters today. Beyond its popularity, Skid and Pump highlights the underlying potential of supporting characters to trace their cultural heritage and the ability of indie games to challenge conventional gaming norms.


Skid and Pump, originally featured in Spooky Month, etched their names into the hearts of gamers around the world during Friday Night Funkin' Spooky Week. These charming and witty pranksters are more than just a set of Halloween costumes. The legacy of FNF added a unique charm to Skid and Pump that won't soon be forgotten. They brought a delightful mix of mischief and innocence to a universe already filled with colorful creatures. Their songs like "Spookeez" and "South" are inspirational yet memorable and convey the unique spirit of Spooky Month. Although usually associated with pranks and gimmicks, Skid and Pump proved they could hold their own against Boyfriend in a thrilling rap battle, earning the respect and admiration of their fans. They may have been introduced as pranksters, but they made a lasting impact and became an integral part of the Friday Night Funkin universe. In short, Skid and Pump proved that there is a lot of room for fun in the world of musical battles and are a vivid embodiment of that spirit.