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Friday Night Funkin Universe

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Week 1: Daddy Dearest

General Info

Week 1: Daddy Dearest logo
Event NameWeek 1: Daddy Dearest
Week 1: Daddy Dearest from the addictive rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' unleashes an amazing battle of beats. Face your girlfriend's imposing father figure who doubts whether you are worthy of his daughter's love. Engage in music-filled levels: Bopeebo, Fresh and Dad Battle, each incredibly challenging and engaging. Bopeebo introduces players to fast-paced rhythm-based action, Fresh elevates complex note patterns, and Dad Battle challenges even the most skilled players with its intense rhythms. Players must impress Daddy Dearest with their skills, beat the beat, hit the right combinations of notes to complete the story and keep their place in the Funkin universe. Get ready to put your pace and timing to the ultimate test in this exciting, breathtaking event.


Friday Night Funkin' is a popular rhythm based indie game. In this vibrant universe, players assume the role of a character called "The Guy," a blue-haired hero who battles different characters in cool rap battles. These enemies range from his girlfriend's ex-rock star father to uptight teenagers and mothers.

The object of the game is to hit the right keys in time to the music to beat your opponents through songs divided into weeks, each with a unique theme and opponent. Its simple yet addictive mechanics, complemented by an immersive art style and an amazing soundtrack, have made Friday Night Funkin a favorite among rhythm game enthusiasts.

The infectious charm of the game is mainly due to the unique characters and the detailed lore that slowly unfolds through the various levels. Each opponent the guy faces presents a new challenge and a new part of the overall story, keeping players coming back for more.