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Joey Tribbiani

General Info

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Job TitleActor
Birth Date2001-01-09
Birth PlaceQueens, New York, United States
Knows aboutActing, Sandwiches, Chandler's Secrets
Alternate NameDr. Drake Ramoray, Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr.
Character NameJoey Tribbiani
Member of OrganizationAll My Children Cast
Joey Tribbiani, wonderfully played by Matt LeBlanc, is a heartwarming character who mostly serves as comic relief on Friends. He comes from an Italian family and is very proud of his heritage. An aspiring actor, he has a knack for dramatic and film work, although he often struggles to find steady roles. His biggest role is Dr. Drake Ramoray in the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Although often naive and non-academic, Joey can be extremely caring and loyal to his friends. Known for his catchphrase "How are you?", he is a cheeky flirt and loves to have fun. But his charming simplicity, constant positivity, and unwavering loyalty to his friends make Joey Tribbiani an unforgettable character in the Friends universe.


Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc, is one of the main characters in the sitcom Friends. He is known for his irrepressibly charming innocence and eternal need to live life to the fullest. Joey's signature trait is his happy-go-lucky attitude, which often gets him into awkward situations.
As an actor, he struggled with his career in the early seasons, but eventually landed his unforgettable role in the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Joey's love of food, especially pizza and sandwiches, is as legendary as his catchphrase, "How's it going?" which always brings a smile to the faces of the audience.
A fiercely loyal friend, Joey loves to go out of his way for the people he cares about, showing an emotional depth that juxtaposes his goofy exterior. His infamous failed affairs and relationships, combined with his lack of common knowledge, make for an incredibly lovable character. Despite his flaws, Joey's charisma and wholesomeness add a unique flavor to the fabric of Friends, cementing his place as a favorite among the show's diverse fans.


Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc, is an extraordinary character in the iconic ensemble of the Friends universe. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Joey is known for his easy-going attitude, unwavering loyalty and love of food. He is the only member of the Friends who is not initially part of the interconnected web of relationships that make up the group; he joins this inner circle by becoming Chandler Bing's roommate.
A struggling actor, Joey's breakout role on the show was Dr. Drake Ramoray on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Despite numerous career setbacks, Joey maintained a childlike optimism and resilience that often provided comic relief on the show. Her character is a mixture of innocence, naivety and absurdity, which only adds to her appeal.
Perhaps no aspect of Joey is as well known as his love life. Joey's romantic adventures, known for the catchphrase "What's up?", have been a recurring theme throughout the series. Despite being a womanizer, some of his key relationships on the show, including those with Rachel and Janine, have shown a more sensitive and serious side to him.
Joey is also known for his close friendship with Chandler, with whom his relationship has provided some of the most heartwarming and comedic moments on Friends. Their camaraderie was definitely one of the main elements that made Friends a fan favorite. Joey Tribbiani, although he seems naive, is a character with a deep and heart that always knows how to surprise and make you laugh.

Creation and Development

Joey Tribbiani, one of the most iconic characters of the sitcom Friends, is brought to life by Matt LeBlanc. The character was known for his charming charm, comedic timing, and iconic catchphrase, "How are you?"
When creators Marta Kauffman, Kevin S Bright and David Crane originally created Joey, they envisioned him as a dim-witted but good-hearted struggling actor who shared a New York apartment with his best friend Chandler Bing. As a character known for his lack of intelligence, Joey was the perfect counterpoint to Chandler's sharp wit. Their contrasting personalities led to some of the show's most memorable comedic moments.
Matt LeBlanc, who was relatively unknown in the acting world, was cast as Joey. His quick wit and easy charm brought the character to life and added a layer of authenticity that made Joey incredibly relatable to the audience. LeBlanc's performance was critically acclaimed and endeared the character to audiences around the world.
Unlike many sitcom characters, Joey's character hasn't changed much over the 10 seasons of Friends. This consistency cemented his role as a warm, honest, food-loving and loyal friend who, despite his flaws, could always be counted on. The nuances of character development are subtly introduced while keeping the essence of Joey. This became evident when Joey began to show a more mature side, falling in love with his girlfriend Rachel Green in later seasons.
The strength of Joey's character was further demonstrated when he created his own spin-off series, Joey, which allowed viewers to follow his journey as an actor in Los Angeles after the end of Friends. In conclusion, the creation and development of Joey Tribbiani is a testament to the effective character development and casting decisions made by the creators and casting directors of Friends. Through this character, they introduced the audience to a lovable awkward person who continues to make people smile around the world.

Character Profile

Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc, is the light-hearted, food-loving comic relief of Friends. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Joey embodies the soul of a struggling actor navigating the brutal world of show business. He is best known for his role in the soap opera Days of Our Lives, in which he played neurosurgeon Dr. Play Drake Ramoray. Interestingly, her acting skills do not come from formal education, but from natural charm and improvisation.
Often characterized by his love of food and women, Joey brings a light-hearted and unpretentious feel to the series. His signature catchphrase “How are you?” combined with his irresistible charm sets him apart as a flirty circle. But without the feminine facade, Joey is loyal and has a heart of gold.
Although her roommates often make fun of her uninspiring moments, her brand of innocence and naivety is endearing. His friendship with Chandler Bing, which helps him through both financial and emotional trials, is a standout feature of the show. Their friendship, reflected in their witty banter and the armchairs they refuse to leave, is nothing short of iconic. Essentially, Joey Tribbiani is the character who brings cheeky fun and a touch of innocence to the otherwise twisted complexity of Friends. His cool demeanor and comically low intelligence make him a fan favorite and a character remembered for his distinctly angelic personality. It is the last friend that completes the eccentricity of the group. At the end of the day, despite his flaws, he's just Joey, and that's what people love.

Story Arc

One of the most beloved characters in the "Friends" universe, Joey Tribbiani has experienced an intriguing storyline throughout the show's ten seasons.
A struggling actor working odd jobs to make ends meet, Joey began as a character who lived in the moment, his actions driven more by impulse than premonition. His awkward nature and womanizing attitude often led to humorous situations, making him a fan favorite for his innocent charm. But behind the seemingly ignorant facade was a man who valued loyalty and friendship above all else.
As the series progressed, we saw subtle changes in Joey's personality. His carefree nature began to wane, giving way to a sense of responsibility and occasional sparks of wisdom. His interactions with other friends strengthened his character, especially his relationship with Chandler, which showed a strong bond of brotherhood and mutual respect.
But the defining moment in Joey's arc was his unrequited love for Rachel. The romance added a new dimension to his personality, showing us a Joey capable of more than just running. While the storyline has left many fans divided, it has given us some incredible performances and moments. By the end of the series, we see Joey achieve some success that reflects his perseverance and never-give-up attitude. Despite his ups and downs, his optimism never wavers. This last stage marks the completion of his transformation from a naive young man to a more mature and understanding man who has learned to find happiness in the simplest things.
At the core of Joey's plot is a story about growing up, discovering yourself, and finding your rightful place in the world. His journey makes us laugh, feel and grow with him, making him one of the most iconic characters in the Friends universe.

Cultural Impact

Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc, is one of the most iconic characters from the hit sitcom Friends. The character's cultural impact is deep and widespread. Joey's expression "How are you doing?" it quickly became popular and is still frequently used in pop culture references, even though the show ended over a decade ago. Joey's sweet and humble nature has made him a beloved character not only in the US, but globally. His strong bond with his friend Chandler Bing gave us one of the best depictions of male friendship in television history. The role also significantly boosted Matt LeBlanc's career and earned him several award nominations. Joey's popularity was so great that he even had his own show called "Joey". Although he didn't see the success of Friends, it's a testament to Joey's cultural impact that the ensemble cast was able to land his own show. Joey's character has certainly left a lasting cultural mark long after the last episode aired.


Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc, has left an indelible legacy on the pop culture landscape. His charm, silliness and relaxed lifestyle combined with his sincere and magnanimous nature endeared him to millions of viewers around the world. Joey's pursuit of women and questionable career choices, known for the catchphrase "What's up?", provided a lot of comic relief for the series. Despite his constant financial instability and lack of intellectual depth, Joey's unwavering loyalty to his friends defined his character. His lifelong friendship with Chandler Bing is considered one of the longest-lasting relationships in television history. Although Joey never found lasting love or a steady career, he represents the resilience and optimism that goes into pursuing your dreams. Her character shows that success is not only measured by career or relationship milestones, but also by the relationships we build and the joy we find in the simple things.