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General Info

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StarringMatt LeBlanc, Drea de Matteo, Andrea Anders, Paulo Costanzo, Jennifer Coolidge, Miguel A. Núñez, Jr.
Produced ByJon Pollack, Robert Carlock, Brett Baer, Dave Finkel, Linda Videtti Figueiredo, Scott Silveri, Kevin S. Bright
Release Date2004-09-09
Running Time22
Screenplay ByMarta Kauffman, David Crane
TV Series NameJoey
Content Rating6.326
Distributed ByNBC
Original TitleJoey
Country of OriginUS
Number of Seasons2
Number of Episodes46
World Premiere Date2004-09-09
Production Company NameBright-San Productions, Silver & Gold Productions
The spin-off movie Joey follows the hilarious travels of charming Friends goofball actor Joey Tribbiani as he moves from New York to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. With an insatiable appetite for sandwiches and women, Joey navigates the challenges and twists of the Los Angeles entertainment industry. Surrounded by a new group of friends, including his nerdy but lovable nephew, the dynamic is refreshing, but still has Joey's familiar comedic charm from the original series. Warm, naïve and often misunderstood, the character provokes unexpected laughs with his unique and often self-centered approach to life. Joey's personal and professional experiences in Hollywood offer an amusing mix of failure and success. This series is a must for all Amici enthusiasts who can't get enough of their favorite Tribbiani.




The TV series Joey takes us on an adventure with Joey Tribbani, the lovable character from the hit show Friends, as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery in Hollywood. Known for his humorous personality and bold charm, Joey leaves New York to pursue an acting career and establish himself as a major figure in the entertainment industry.
As we enter Joey's world, we see a change in dynamic from the vibrant city life he was used to in New York to the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. Here, Joey tries to juggle the complexities of life, including a new relationship, staying connected at home, and balancing a very demanding career.
Throughout the series, we see Joey mature as he learns valuable life lessons through his unique humor that keeps the audience laughing. His endearing interactions with his new friends in Los Angeles, including his charming nephew, sharp neighbor and feisty sister, give the show a wholesome quality.
Joey is a real part of Friends, keeping the humor, emotion and relatability of the show alive while giving viewers a new perspective on Joey's life outside of the Central Perk universe. Perfect for those who miss their 'friends' and want to continue their journey with the ever charming Joey Tribbani.


Following the end of the hit series Friends, Joey Tribbiani (played by Matt LeBlanc) embarks on a new journey to Hollywood in hopes of continuing his acting career, marked as a natural continuation of the original series. The show Joey revolves around his forays into the acting world behind Days of Our Lives, his failures, unions and conquests. Arriving in Hollywood, Joey moves in with his feisty and intelligent sister Gina (played by Drea de Matteo) and their intellectually gifted but socially awkward son Michael (played by Paulo Costanzo), introducing viewers to the dynamics of an unconventional family.
Throughout the series, Joey is introduced to a variety of quirky characters and scenarios that make for engaging and entertaining episodes. These range from meeting certain casting situations, dealing with your new agent Bobbie, to dealing with your neighbor and developing your future love interest, Alex. The series uses the Hollywood landscape as an integral part of the story to reveal not only the hilarity of Joey's adventures, but also his undying passion for acting, resilience and desire to maintain the charm that the character originally possessed. so memorable
While the series is considered lighter than its predecessor, it retains the friendship element and puts Joey's career front and center. With a smile, he tries to understand his growing and maturing character, stubbornly perseveres through auditions and unsuccessful comedies. He plays the fiery struggling actor, loyal friend, brooding uncle and potential romantic interest with commendable ease. The upbeat series, along with some charming moments, cements Joey as a great watch for Friends fans who want to see more of Tribbiani's Hollywood misadventures. As such, the series provides a healthy extrapolation of Joey's character while preserving and emphasizing Joey's flair for comedy, warmth, and subtle complexity.


Joey is part of the acclaimed TV show Friends, which centers on the life of charming Italian-American Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc. The series produced by Bright-San Productions, Silver and Gold Productions and Warner Bros. Television" has aired on NBC since 2004. September to 2006 March.
The series offered a new perspective on Joey's journey to Los Angeles to establish himself as a serious actor. The production team tackled the difficult task of creating a unique identity for Joey while preserving the essence of the beloved Friends character. They innovated new settings and introduced new characters, such as Joey's sister Gina and cousin Michael, which kept the series captivating.
During filming, the team relied heavily on a single-camera setup, allowing for more cinematic freedom. Interiors were filmed at 24 Warner Bros. Studios" on stage, while exteriors were shot at authentic locations in and around Los Angeles to bring the series to life.
Despite mixed reviews and several timeslot changes, a dedicated production team managed to complete two seasons. Although 'Joey' cannot match the phenomenal success of 'Friends', it has definitely made its mark with unique performances and innovative representations. The creation of Joey significantly demonstrated the challenges and opportunities of recreating magic through a stand-alone series.


Joey Tribbiani takes the epic leap of moving from New York to Los Angeles in Joey's Joey segment, a journey filled with passion, struggle and a touch of humor. After spending ten years in the bustling city of New York with his friends, Joey decides to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a leading actor in Hollywood.
The series beautifully portrays Joey's efforts to adapt to a new environment, navigate the huge entertainment industry, make new friends, but never forget the old ones. His endearing, sometimes naive comedic antics are the life of the show. He faces challenges and obstacles, but his never-give-up spirit keeps him going. As we follow Joey through his rollercoaster ride, we learn about his trials and tribulations, his joys and sorrows, a range of emotions that the character seamlessly portrays. Joey Tribbiani, the lovable character we loved on Friends, Joey takes on a deeper personality in the TV series, bringing light, laughter and his own magic. With Release, Joey isn't just set free in a new city or a new career, he's back in our hearts.


The reception of the television series Joey was mixed. While this was certainly expected with bated breath, due to the massive popularity of Friends, expectations likely pushed it down. While fans were thrilled to see one of their favorite characters, Joey Tribbiani, it was clear that his comedic appeal grew when he interacted with the Friends cast. Some critics have argued that the character has lost its appeal.
On the other hand, Matt LeBlanc's performance was still appreciated. His impeccable comedic timing, trademark reactions and family warmth gave Friends a sense of continuity. However, the new characters introduced in the series failed to create the same magical relationship that existed between the six original friends from the legendary series.
Also, some fans felt that the storylines didn't always fit Joey's "Friends" character. Several episodes were heavily reliant on comedy, removing the defining nuances of her character.
But "Joey" had its moments. A few episodes were really fun and entertaining, and some story arcs managed to keep the audience interested. Despite its mixed reception, the show lasted two seasons, a testament to the continued love for the Joey character and Matt LeBlanc's endearing performance. Ultimately, "Joey" remains part of the "Friends" legacy, adding another dimension to our understanding and appreciation of our character, Joey Tribbiani.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of the Joey series cannot be understated. "Joey" marked a turning point in American comedy, focusing on the beloved character of the global hit "Friends" Joey Tribbiani and telling a deep and clear account of his life.
The show was known for its unique approach to comedy, and the scripts highlighted Joey's charming ingenuity and infectious charm. "Joey" pioneered a new wave of humor by combining slapstick laughs with situational humor not often explored in sitcoms at the time.
With Joey, Hollywood stereotypes and eccentricities were humorously exposed. The satirical portrayal of struggling actors in Los Angeles provided a new perspective and created a more accessible and realistic portrayal of Hollywood life. This smart Los Angeles lifestyle undoubtedly influenced later television sitcoms and contributed to the unique blend of realism and absurdity we see today.
The character of Joey himself became a symbol of optimistic perseverance in the face of constant rejection. Joey's relentless optimism in the face of endless career setbacks is fascinating and inspiring. His career, quirky personality, and hilarious catchphrase proved their cultural resonance and remained popular long after the series ended. Notably, Joey also influenced public perception of platonic relationships by exploring them with nuance and depth. Tribbiani's complicated friendships with his Los Angeles friends, especially his sister Gina and son Michael, have led to conversations about the importance of non-romantic relationships in one's life.
In conclusion, Joey's legacy goes beyond its original run, shaping cultural perceptions of comedy, Hollywood, and enduring friendships, and cementing its place in American comedy history.