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Genshin Impact

General Info

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AwardsApple Store Game of The Year 2020, Google Play Best of 2020 Award, Game Awards 2020 'Best Mobile Game' Nominee
GenresAction role-playing
ArtistsWei Liu, Studio Hive
WritersNot specified
Game NameGenshin Impact
ComposersYu-Peng Chen
LanguagesChinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, English
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multiplayer
Directed ByNot specified
Game EngineUnity
Produced ByNot specified
Release Date2020-09-28
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/GenshinImpact
Game PlatformsiOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch
Publisher NamemiHoYo
Country of OriginChina
Publishers Websiteshttps://genshin.mihoyo.com/
Embark on a mystical journey through the fantastical landscape of Teyvat in Genshin Impact, an open-world action RPG. As the chosen traveler, you seek to find your lost brother, uncovering the many mysteries of this world. Explore seven different regions, each with its own unique culture, history and creatures. Use elemental magic, character-switching tactics, and the agility of over 30 characters to battle powerful creatures, or simply explore the breathtaking environment at your own pace. Fully interactive and dynamic, including a changing weather system and time of day, this world will surprise you at every turn. Whether you're challenging your friends in dungeons or focusing on your storyline, Genshin Impact offers an immersive gaming experience.


'Genshin Impact' game screenshots
'Genshin Impact' game screenshots
'Genshin Impact' game screenshots
'Genshin Impact' game screenshots
'Genshin Impact' game screenshots
'Genshin Impact' game screenshots


Genshin Impact is a challenging open world action RPG developed by miHoYo. The engaging story and stunning visuals captivate players from the very beginning. The game takes place in Teyvat, a world filled with gods, magic and elemental energy. Players assume the role of a Traveler, searching for their lost brother and uncovering the secrets of Teyvat.
The game world is divided into seven regions inspired by different cultures. Each region worships one of the Seven, and these gods bestow their elemental powers upon the inhabitants of the region. Players can embark on an adventure filled with challenging tasks, puzzles and terrifying creatures, all set in stunning landscapes.
Genshin Impact has a complex party system that allows you to choose four characters from over 30 people. Switch between them on the fly and combine their powers to create devastating elemental reactions. To surpass your opponents, it is necessary to develop your characters, equip them with powerful equipment and use their unique abilities.
In addition, Genshin Impact has a multiplayer mode where you can explore the world of Teyvat with your friends. Whether you want to team up against challenging world bosses or play friendly competitive games, co-op is a satisfying and dynamic experience.
Combining traditional RPG mechanics with innovative systems, an amazing world to explore, and a compelling story, Genshin Impact offers an immersive gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more.



Genshin Impact immerses players in a rich and expansive open world filled with different cultures, enemies, stories and treasures. It's basically an action RPG where players control multiple characters, each with unique abilities and play styles.
Players travel through the world of Teyvat and discover seven different nations inspired by different real-world cultures. In each region, they can solve puzzles, fight enemies and discover secrets. Combat in Genshin Impact is element-based, with players using different characters to trigger different elemental responses that can give them an edge in battle. The game's intuitive combo system allows players to combine items for powerful attacks.
Navigating the world in Genshin Impact is also an adventure. The climbing mechanics and stamina system allow players to explore off-the-beaten-track paths, climb high cliffs, or soar through lush landscapes, providing an exhilarating sense of freedom.
The game is multiplayer, so friends can join your world in co-op. You and your allies can crawl through dungeons and hunt down bosses, or simply enjoy the breathtaking world together. Genshin Impact also has a deep crafting system where players can craft items and even cook food, which can have a positive effect on the characters and definitely adds to the immersive gameplay experience.
In short, the gameplay of Genshin Impact is a wonderful synthesis of exploration, strategy, adventure and co-op gameplay wrapped around stunning graphics and a compelling narrative.

Gameplay video


Genshin Impact begins in the fantasy world of Teyvat, divided into seven nations, each worshiping a different god. The player begins as a "traveler", chosen as either a male or female character, in search of his lost brother, uncovering the secrets of Teyvat.
The story suddenly begins with the mysterious appearance of the Traveler and their brother Teyvat, only to be separated by an unknown god. Determined to find his lost brother, the traveler embarks on an adventurous journey, meeting many friends along the way. They are directly involved in every dilemma and conflict in the country and over time begin to influence the fate of Teyvat itself. Each nation of Teyvat has its own unique culture, government, and religion that, despite their obvious differences, are eerily connected to the same historical origins. As the traveler delves into the history of each country and travels forward, the politics within and between nations and the deepest cosmological mystery of Teyvat slowly unfold.
The gods who rule the lands show a conspicuous absence in the lives of their people, causing the realms to suffer despair and chaos. The land is infested with dangerous monsters and challenging missions. The conflict between humans and gods and ancient historical events begin to affect the current life in Teyvat, which is largely influenced by the actions of the traveler. Genshin Impact's compelling story, combined with stunning world design, interesting character personalities, and a dynamic battle system, offers a deep and complex world that captivates players. The journey of the traveler in Genshin Impact is an endless series of explorations and epic battles, creating a powerful combination of mystery, fantasy and adventure unique to this game.


Created by MiHoYo, Genshin Impact began as a project around the concept of exploring an ever-changing world. The development team created seven meticulously detailed nations inspired by different cultural aesthetics, each with their own unique architectural styles, landscapes, creatures, and mysterious treasures and stories waiting to be discovered.
One of the most impressive aspects of the development is the cross-platform compatibility. Genshin Impact is designed to be played on PC, mobile and consoles for a smooth gaming experience. Each platform offers the same high-quality graphics and gameplay. In addition, miHoYo uses technology to create a lively and vibrant environment. Many technologies were used to create the game world, such as physics-based rendering and particle effects, allowing for a highly immersive and interactive world experience. For example, wind blowing leaves from trees, rain causing ripples on the surface of a lake, and characters leaving footprints on the snowy ground.
The game also features a complex item system where characters use seven natural elements. This system allows for dynamic and complex combat scenarios and complements strategy during combat. As such, the creation of Genshin Impact features an incredible fusion of high-tech features and artistic design. It demonstrates a commitment to creating an ever-expanding, immersive and interactive world filled with rich and diverse cultures, geographical wonders and mysterious histories.


Genshin Impact, an open world RPG developed by miHoYo, officially launched in 2020. September 28 Available on PC, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 4, this charming action RPG draws players into the mysterious kingdom of Teyvat. In Teyvate, the chosen ones known as the Travelers embark on a journey to seek answers from the Seven Gods to reunite with their lost brother and understand the secrets of their destiny.
The release of Genshin Impact was huge and cemented its status as a huge success in the gaming industry. The game combines elements of action, exploration and storytelling to create an immersive experience that has instantly captured the hearts of millions around the world. Genshin Impact raises the bar for free-to-play games with stunning graphics, a deeply woven storyline, a flexible battle system, and a massive open world waiting to be explored. The vast universe expands with each update; adding new characters, new regions, challenging quests and complex storylines, giving players endless fun.
The game set a fantastic precedent and brought a quality triple-A game to the free-to-play market. The first version was just the beginning. With more content, Genshin Impact promises players a constant stream of amazing gaming experiences.


Genshin Impact has received critical acclaim since its release in 2020. in September. Critics and players alike praised the game for its visually stunning open world, robust character system, and engaging narrative. The game's free-to-play model with generous in-game rewards and unobtrusive microtransactions was also well received.
A standout aspect of Genshin Impact is its meticulously crafted world. Teyvat's fantasy setting, inspired by various real-world cultures, has been praised for its attention to detail, from its distinct regional aesthetic to its original soundtrack. Open world exploration with puzzles and challenges has been described as engaging and rewarding.
Equally appreciated is the game's character system, which allows players to assemble a team of diverse characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. The strategic depth and flexibility offered by the system are appreciated by both casual players and more experienced players.
Genshin Impact's story and history also won praise, weaving a complex and compelling saga of gods, nations, and individuals that draws players in. Regular updates, introduction of new characters, regions and storylines increase the appeal of the game. However, Genshin Impact has also received criticism. Some players have expressed concerns about the game's gacha-style character and weapon acquisition system, which could lead to overspending. Others have reported glitches and bugs. Nevertheless, the overall positive reception of the game shows a successful balance of immersive gameplay, complex world-building, and accessible, free-to-play game design.

Cultural impact

Genshin Impact has left a significant mark on global gaming culture by transcending traditional boundaries and seamlessly merging different aspects of Eastern and Western gaming experiences. First, it revolutionized the free-to-play game world and generated massive interest with its gacha system, fascinating story, and appealing aesthetic. This success highlighted the model's potential and prospects in the gaming industry, prompting other developers to rethink their strategies.
Second, Genshin Impact increased the influence of Asian gaming culture on the global gaming world. With its Eastern mythology and aesthetics, it shows that games inspired by non-Western traditions can appeal to a large and diverse audience that appreciates cultural exchange. The impact of the game also spread to other forms of art and culture. The unique and diverse character designs have inspired countless pieces of fan art, cosplay, and fiction, fueling the creative player base. In addition, the well-crafted soundtrack combines traditional Chinese and Western instruments, creating a new dimension in game soundtracks. The game's music has reached concert halls around the world, demonstrating the cultural depth and impact of Genshin Impact.
Finally, Genshin Impact broke the stereotype that high quality games have to have high prices. The game's superior quality, both in terms of graphics and content, despite being free-to-play, really raised the bar in the gaming world and changed the expectations of viewers. This could lead to a future gaming landscape where accessibility no longer comes at the expense of quality, making gaming a more inclusive and attractive leisure activity for everyone.
As such, Genshin Impact's role in changing gaming culture, breaking down cultural barriers, inspiring creativity and changing industry trends is undeniable. It is a game that has truly left a cultural mark on the world.