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General Info

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TitleGenshin Impact
AwardsGoogle Play Best Game of 2020, Apple App Store Game of the Year 2020, Tokyo Game Show Media Award 2020: Excellence Award
ComicsGenshin Impact (manga)
GenresAction role-playing
Created BymiHoYo
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android
Video GamesGenshin Impact
Original WorkmiHoYo
Main CharactersTraveler, Paimon, Amber, Kaeya, Lisa, Diluc, Barbara, Razor, Zhongli, Jean, Mona, Qiqi, Klee, Tartaglia, Rosaria, Diona, Xinyan, Zhongli, Xiao, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Yanfei, Eula, Kaedehara Kazuha, Kamisato Ayaka, Yoimiya, Sayu, Raiden Shogun, Sara Kujou, Thoma, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Kujou Sara, Aloy, Arataki Itto, Gorou, Shenhe, Yun Jin
Television SeriesNot applicable
Main PersonalitiesNot applicable

Genshin Impact Universe

Genshin Impact is a challenging action RPG set in a vast fantasy world called Teyvat. The universe is divided into seven elemental nations, and each nation worships a different god associated with a particular element. Players assume the role of a "Traveler" in search of a lost brother in the mystical landscapes of Teyvat.

These lands include Mondstadt, a city of freedom that worships Barbatos, god of the wind; Liyue, a very traditional town that honors Geo Archon; Inazuma, a city based on Edo Japan, ruled by the Electro Archon, etc. Each region is designed with its own unique culture, architecture, creatures, quests and secrets waiting to be discovered.

From vivid and breathtaking scenery to a deep story and an intriguing storyline, Genshin Impact offers players an immersive experience in an enchanting universe and invites them on an epic journey full of surprises and mysteries.

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