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Location NameLiyue
Liyue is a bountiful haven that shines like a jewel, set in the vast mountains of the Genshin Impact universe. Known for its bustling markets and exquisite artwork, Lijue is a place of prosperity and beauty that leaves a breathtaking impression on any adventure seeker. It is more than just a city; it is a manifestation of divine power in which mortals coexist with adepts. A city of contracts and commerce, Liyue thrives on the principles of law and order. It is governed by the Liyue Qixing Tianquan, an assembly of adepts and high officials. The local currency - Mora - reigns here. For the Liyue people, Geo God Rex Lapis is extremely important. Steeped in history, the Liyue Mall represents a unique blend of traditional and modern, making it a must-see for any traveler to the Teyvat Kingdom.


Liyue is a highly cultured city steeped in history and tradition located southeast of Teyvat in the Genshin Impact universe. As one of the Seven Nations, she worships the Geo Archon Morax, and her teachings reverberate throughout the city in the form of contracts, trade, and commerce. Liyue Port, the bustling center of the city, is full of merchants, artisans and merchants from all over Teywat, making it an epicenter of rich diversity and vibrant energy.
Liyue's landscape is another proof of its uniqueness. A city with high mountains, carefully shaped by years of geological activity, overlooks the vast ocean. The topography of the city consists of beautiful landscapes and beautiful structures such as Tianqiu Valley and Mt. Hulao, combining architectural genius and natural beauty to form a majestic sight.
Liyue's company is based on the principle of common welfare. The belief that hard work and dedication leads to success is deeply rooted in the city's population. From the miners who work tirelessly in the gorge for precious gems, to the fiercely creative local artisans who create phenomenal works of art, everyone strives for their own version of prosperity.
But the city is not without its secrets. The sea of ​​clouds hides treasures and secrets, waiting to be discovered by brave adventurers. The ruins of Guili, an ancient battlefield, whisper tales of historic warfare and heroic warriors. In essence, Liyue is a city where tradition meets modernity, culture intertwines with commerce, and every street, alley and corner tells an enchanting story.


Liyue's history is as deep as the calm jade waters that kiss its shores. Once upon a time, the land that Geo Archon Morax ruled was an inhospitable place full of rough earth and towering rocks. However, Morax introduced humanity to the place and taught them the art of mining and jewelry making, turning Liyue into a land of thriving trade and prosperity.
Its rich mineral-rich mountains made Liyue an epicenter of commerce and crafts, with fine jade accessories and elaborate silverware being the main exports. Adepts—mystical beings who acted as loyal servants of the Geo Archons—played a vital role in shaping the city's foundations and protecting it from potential threats, providing a shield from the turbulent outside world. But at a critical moment in history, Liyue took on a new form. The Resin Stonefire, an event now celebrated as the "Rite of the Lamp", marked the end of Morax's tutelage. Fearing that his imminent departure would plunge Liyue into chaos, he tested the citizens' resilience by creating the First Adept. When humanity successfully quelled the threat, Morax's concerns were allayed and he departed, entrusting the kingdom of Liyue to the humans, a time marked in the city's ballads and folklore.
But Liyue stands up and gracefully embraces the new human-led age. The city prospers under Liyue Qixing Tianquan. The residents, now imbued with a spirit as indestructible as their carved jade, testify to Liyue's resilience, always ready to withstand the trials of the world. From the busy port to the quiet comfort on Mt. The history of Hulao, Liyue is engraved on every stone and reflected in the eyes of every citizen. He sees a future as bright as jade, ready to write his own story with the resilience and mastery he inherited from his Archons and Adepts.


Nestled between towering mountain ranges and vast and beautiful landscapes lies Liyue, an enchanting place in the vast universe of Genshin Impact. Famous for its breathtaking views of cliffs, emerald green waters, fragrant lilies and luminous amber, Liyue echoes a long-gone era.
The thousand-year-old civilization of Liyue, founded by Geo Archon - Morax, also known as Rex Lapis, is deeply rooted in tradition, folklore, and a reverent view of history. As one of the seven nations of Teywat, Liyue is considered a trading city with a well-organized network of merchants moving alongside merchants dealing in glittering jade, precious silk, and many other items of great value.
Liyue has an aura that resonates deeply with all who set foot on her turf. As the city is protected by the Geo Archon, the city's buildings are expertly carved from the rock and are a testament to the unwavering faith of its inhabitants. The serene tranquility of the stone forest, majestic hills, holy temples and ubiquitous lanterns create a sense of peace and tranquility.
Liyue's culture is as intriguing as its people. Liyue people show business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to shout, but also have an unshakable devotion to the gods. Each year they commemorate the deep contract with Rex Lapis by organizing a grand rite of "Rites of Descent". At its core, Liyue is an intricate tapestry woven from rich traditions, monumental landscapes and the indefatigable spirit of the people. It is a fascinating world where tradition and modernity, peace and hard work, divinity and humanity are magically combined. In the rain, every breeze that sings through the lily fields, every wave that crashes against the rocky harbors, every step that echoes through the heart of the city tells a story, the story of time itself.