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Station 19

General Info

Station 19 logo
GenresDrama, Action & Adventure
TaglineCourage under fire.
StarringJaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Boris Kodjoe, Grey Damon, Barrett Doss, Jay Hayden, Okieriete Onaodowan, Danielle Savre
Release Date2018-03-22
Running Time43
TV Series NameStation 19
Content Rating8.255
Distributed ByABC
Original TitleStation 19
Country of OriginUS
Number of Seasons6
Number of Episodes95
World Premiere Date2018-03-22
Production Company NameShondaLand, ABC Studios
Production Company Website URLhttp://abc.go.com/shows/station-19
Station 19 is a charming installment of the acclaimed series Grey's Anatomy, set in the same universe as Seattle's Station 19 firehouse. A brave group of heroes are dedicated to firefighting and rescue operations, playing roles ranging from firefighters to paramedics, balancing the stresses of their personal and professional lives. Following the story of Andy Herrera, the series offers a fresh and honest look at the leadership, camaraderie and sacrifice between the brave men and women who risk their lives for their city. Several Grey's Anatomy characters appear, blending the worlds of medicine and firefighting in ways that keep viewers on their toes through each exciting episode.



A fascinating and dramatic Grey's Anatomy, Station 19 revolves around the complex and sometimes dangerous lives of the firefighters stationed in Seattle's 19th Precinct. The series presents a moving portrait of these brave individuals who put their lives on hold every day. Among them is the fearless and talented Andy Herrera, a young firefighter following in his father's heroic footsteps. But putting out fires is only half the story. In their personal lives, firefighters struggle with influential relationships, personal growth, and the intersections between their personal and professional lives. The show is truly captivating and presents the audience with high-octane, dangerous scenes where firefighters battle the most dangerous and unpredictable enemy - fire. But in addition to these mighty battles, it also reveals the untold stories of strong camaraderie, untold sacrifices, lingering tensions, and the difficult personal lives of those who choose to walk this brave path.
But perhaps what sets Station 19 apart is its ability to portray the vulnerability and humanity beneath its characters' bravado. It has a balanced mix of heart-wrenching action, emotional storytelling and romance elements that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. If you're looking for a compelling watch that evokes the intense world of firefighting, Station 19 is a series that won't disappoint.


Station 19 is an immersive drama series set in the Grey's Anatomy firefighting universe. The series follows a group of heroic firefighters led by Captain Pruitt at Station 19 in Seattle. The plot deftly juggles intense firefighting missions with the characters' personal lives, showing how the menacing nature of their profession affects their relationships and daily lives.
Protagonist Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) stands out as a stubborn, resilient and talented firefighter; she was raised at the station by her father, a widowed fireman. Andy is practically bread and butter at the station, and firefighting is in his blood, and he never gives up no matter what challenges are thrown his way. Station 19 also delves into the lives of other crew members. There's Jack Gibson (Grey Damon), Andy's lieutenant and former flame; Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden), the heart of the station with his fierce dedication to his work; Ben Warren (Jason George), a former surgeon turned firefighter; and Victoria Hughes (Barrett Doss), who keeps everyone down to earth with her hands-on approach to problem solving.
While the series revolves around putting out fires and saving lives, Station 19 also highlights the humanity of these everyday heroes. Show the resilience, courage and mental fortitude required to do such an amazing job. Also explore the personal connections, romances and family dramas surrounding the firehouse heroes. Overall, Station 19 offers an intense and heartfelt viewing experience about courage, camaraderie, love and sacrifice, all in the important world of firefighting. It's a great mix of drama, action, suspense and humor.


From the internationally acclaimed Grey's Anatomy, Station 19 stands out as a heart-wrenching medical drama that delves into the lives of the men and women of Seattle's Station 19 fire department. The series is produced under the prestigious Shondaland and ABC Studios banners.
Longtime Grey's Anatomy writer Stacey McKee is the creator and showrunner of Station 19, adding impressive narrative continuity and character depth to the series. McKee has worked with Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers as executive producers, known for creating hit TV series such as Scandal and Get Away with Murder.
Each episode features incredibly realistic fire and rescue scenes, a testament to both the dedicated production team and Seattle Fire Department technical advisors who guarantee authenticity. The dynamic and fresh approach to storytelling benefits from multi-camera setups and special effects that offer a great mix of action, drama and suspense.
Station 19 also stands out for its diversity and female empowerment, thanks to the heavy influence of Shondaland. The multicultural cast, led by the great Jaina Lee Ortiz as Captain Herrera and directed by a Latina for the first time on a Shondaland series, reflects a commitment to well-rounded storytelling.
In short, Station 19's production mechanics bring the script to life, offering not only compelling drama, but also an authentic look at the intense world of firefighters, preserving the legacy of the original Grey's Anatomy series while standing on its own. rhythmic marches. .


Station 19's Release took the television world by storm, combining the excitement of the professional and personal lives of Seattle firefighters with the brilliant writing viewers have come to expect from Grey's Anatomy. The show premiered in 2018. on March 22 as a spin-off of the medical drama, continuing to expand the fascinating universe of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.
Station 19 starts off with a bang, quite literally, as it follows the lives of the heroic firefighters and paramedics of Seattle's 19 Fire Department. But it's not just about putting out fires. The series intricately intertwines the personal lives and challenges of the brave team. Viewers can see how these brave workers juggle their challenging careers with personal struggles and relationships.
Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal, is also expertly overseeing the development of Station 19. With Rhimes giving it the Midas touch, the series has earned its rightful place on prime-time television. With four episodes and counting, Station 19 continues to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide with its unique blend of action, drama and romance.
In fact, Station 19's "Launching" pays tribute to real-world firefighting heroes while battling their own personal demons. The next time you hear the siren, think of the heroes of Station 19 and look forward to the next hot episode.


"Station 19" received mixed and positive reviews from viewers and critics. High-octane storytelling rooted in the changing world of firefighters has managed to maintain and even increase the interest of its parent show, Grey's Anatomy. The series is often praised for its compelling character development and visually enriching fire scenes. Despite its fair share of detractors who find the formulaic approach lackluster, the show still pushes viewers forward with a consistently compelling plot.
Viewers appreciated the show's attention to detail, with particular emphasis on fire hazards and stunts. Some critics have raised concerns about an over-reliance on melodrama. But given its pedigree and association with Grey's Anatomy, the melodramatic storylines proved to be a trump card, making it a guilty pleasure for viewers.
The performance of the actors is another highlight of the series. Impressive performances by Jaina Lee Ortiz and Jason George were highlighted in several reviews. They bring their characters to life and make the audience root for them. Several other supporting actors also helped keep the audience glued to the screen.
Thus, "Station 19" can be considered a worthy successor to "Grey's Anatomy". Whether it's intense crises, raw emotions, or unpredictable twists, he manages to draw the audience in and anticipate what's coming next. So, despite some criticism, the Station 19 remains a popular watch among fans.

Cultural impact

Since its debut in 2018 Station 19 had a significant cultural impact. Immersed in the world of firefighters, the series not only captivated a global audience, but also taught them about fire safety and the ins and outs of fire response duties. The empathetic portrayal of the physical and psychological challenges faced by firefighters fosters greater understanding and respect for these everyday heroes.
By introducing a diverse cast of characters, Station 19 transcends the racial and gender stereotypes commonly associated with firefighters and challenges social norms. The inclusion and representation of women in primary leadership roles in entertainment is considered a progressive step in the mainstream media industry. The story of Maya Bishop as a competitive and ambitious firefighter who eventually takes over as captain is particularly impressive.
Additionally, Station 19 has effectively promoted LGBTQ+ representation with the likes of Travis Montgomery. The normalizing portrayal of her sexuality and romantic relationships resonated with audiences, promoting acceptance and understanding.
The series also influenced the public debate about mental health. The unfiltered portrayal of PTSD, especially in the role of firefighter Dean Miller, helped to better understand the mental health issues that first responders often face. Overall, Station 19 has contributed to the cultural dialogue with diverse and compelling storytelling, promoting a more inclusive and understanding society. Its combination of humorous storylines and important social issues has been influential, making it firmly established not only in popular culture, but also in the wider cultural landscape.