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Grand Theft Auto 2

General Info

Grand Theft Auto 2 logo
GenresAction, Adventure
WritersDan Houser, Sam Houser
Game NameGrand Theft Auto 2
ComposersAllister Brimble
Playmodessingle-player, multiplayer
DevelopersDMA Design, Tarantula Studios
Game EngineVisual C++
Release Date1999-10-22
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation, Game Boy Color
Publisher NameRockstar Games
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.rockstargames.com
Developed by DMA Design, Grand Theft Auto 2 is a dynamic and action-packed game that transports players into the world of organized crime in a fictional city called Anywhere City. In this open world, players assume the role of an urban criminal and can take part in various missions from different rival gangs. As the story progresses, players rise through the ranks to become the best member of the gang. The game, which gets increasingly difficult as the player progresses, has a top-down perspective that sets it apart from its successors. Fine comic book style graphics, atmospheric music and night settings bring the game's cyberpunk aesthetic to life. Join the exciting world of crime and complete exciting missions to climb the criminal ladder!


'Grand Theft Auto 2' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto 2' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto 2' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto 2' game screenshots
'Grand Theft Auto 2' game screenshots


Grand Theft Auto 2 takes the unique and fascinating formula of its predecessor and improves upon it by placing the player in a retro-futuristic, dystopian metropolis known as Anywhere City. In this open environment, players assume the role of Claude Speed, immersed in the city's underworld, who pursues the American dream with a relentless pursuit of power.
Set in the timeless universe of nowhere and everywhere, GTA 2 introduces seven competing gangs, each with their own quirks and missions. Unlike the first game, the player's actions greatly affect the dynamic gang system and ultimately your notoriety and status in the underworld.
With a non-linear story, along with many side quests and different jobs, the player has the freedom to choose his own path to rise through the criminal ranks. Freedom is paramount, epitomized by the ability to hijack a vast array of cars, buses and tanks, or even explore the gritty atmospheric streets on foot. Visually, the game uses a top-down view, keeping the classic approach, but with greatly improved graphics and environmental details. The game further adds to the immersive gaming experience with electronic music radio stations heard by the inhabitants of this uncontrolled space, enhancing the sense of this chaotic commotion.
With its dark humor, anarchic gameplay and gritty aesthetic, Grand Theft Auto 2 offers a unique experience that draws players into hours of criminal fun. From car theft to extortion, the premise of the game may be simple, but the path to becoming the main character is full of action, strategy and the occasional breaking of the law. Grand Theft Auto 2 is a testament to a truly genre-defining series known for pushing boundaries and breaking norms.



Grand Theft Auto 2 reinvents the open-world action-adventure genre with universal gameplay. Set in an ambiguous timeline called "three weeks in the future", the game offers a top-down run-and-gun perspective that matches the retro vibe of its predecessor, while expanding the gameplay with features that enrich the experience.
The game takes place in a fictional city divided into separate districts, each with different gangs. Players, as Claude Speed, interact with various members of the gang, carry out various missions while driving around the city on foot or in vehicles of different designs. Completing these missions earns the player respect and opens up new opportunities on that gang's turf. The honor system in this franchise is unique in that it affects the mood of citizens and loyalty to the player. High respect creates nice crowd behavior, while low respect can turn them hostile and change the overall dynamic of the game.
Another aspect of the game revolves around the police system. Completing crimes increases the player's "wanted level", prompting an increasingly lethal response from police and arrest squads, culminating in the involvement of the highest-level military.
Many additional activities such as driving a taxi, fighting fires or delivering pizzas give the game a nice sense of variety. The radio stations that accompany the driving experience provide a contemporary soundtrack, a detail that significantly adds to the game's immersive environment.
Ultimately, GTA 2 combines the best of the action, adventure, stealth, and racing genres, bringing them together in a responsive and intelligent world and creating an unprecedented and thrilling player engagement.

Gameplay video


The story of Grand Theft Auto 2 takes place in a dystopian and futuristic city called Anywhere City, divided into three districts: Downtown, Residential and Industrial. Each district serves as a separate sphere filled with its own unique combination of chaotic vibrations and vibrations, making the game a sandbox of chaos.
The game surrounds the protagonist Claude Speed ​​with an aura of mystery. As Claude, you live in a world dominated by seven criminal gangs, each engaged in a brutal and relentless war for dominance. Each gang has its own territory, and all its members have their triggers ready. Your job is to earn their respect by strategically manipulating their competition to your advantage.
GTA 2's compelling storyline takes the player on a relentless and never-ending quest for money and power. The money comes from completing missions offered by various gangs or doing sinister tasks like contract killings, car thefts, bombings, etc. The real challenge is maintaining the delicate balance of the gangs while navigating the crime-ridden streets.
Unlike its predecessor, GTA 2 introduces a respect system measured by colored hands. You earn or lose it based on your actions. Earn favor by completing tasks for one gang, but anger a rival gang in return - your navigation through these respect meter lines only adds to the game's strategic depth.
GTA 2's plots and machinations, wrapped in layers of dark humor beneath the violence, offer a realistic look at the criminal underworld. The evolution of the story from a simple car theft game to a virtual world full of depth and intricate details marks it as a milestone in the Grand Theft Auto series. It is the ripe fruit of the revolutionary elements instilled in its creation that form a springboard towards its flagship successors.


Building on the unique and innovative gameplay of its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 2 took a leap forward in open-world gaming. The development of this game was multifaceted and showed significant improvements over its predecessor. Significant changes were not related to the classic "top-down" perspective, but to the decoration that accompanied the gameplay itself.
The developers have created a more immersive world, enriched with a day-night cycle that complements the dynamics of the game. Quests, AI behavior, and various gameplay elements have been changed for this cycle. Group Loyalty was also introduced in this sequel, a new feature that makes the game less linear and more challenging. The player's actions determine his position among the gangs that rule the city, adding layers to an already fascinating game.
Another significant improvement was the game's audio production. Rockstar breathed new life into the dystopian world with live background radio stations that have become a hallmark of the franchise. The sound design was an important part of the game's feel and world-building, giving the game its individuality. Aiming for an immersive gaming experience, Grand Theft Auto 2 is designed with more volatile and interactive worlds. Everything from billboards to buildings can be destroyed, making the city more realistic. Overall, the development of Grand Theft Auto 2 saw dramatic improvements in gameplay, sound aesthetics, and atmosphere, marking what would become one of gaming's greatest franchises.


Grand Theft Auto 2, published by Rockstar Games, made its groundbreaking debut in 1999. October 22 This sequel rocked the gaming world by expanding on the theme of free-roaming vehicular mayhem introduced by its predecessor. Originally developed for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation platforms, it was later made compatible with Dreamcast and Game Boy Color, which is a testament to the growing demand and acceptance of virtual gaming enthusiasts.
Set in Anywhere City, a metropolis plagued by crime and corruption, the game immerses players in a compelling story. Thanks to DMA's innovative design team and its visionary approach, it delivered unprecedented sophistication in gameplay, graphics and design. The game was framed in a futuristic atmosphere, a chronological leap from the original, which greatly improved the visual aesthetics.
Grand Theft Auto 2 brought players together with various gangs, each with their own unique identity and temperament. The idea of ​​doing missions for various factions in order to gain respect was a masterstroke that encouraged intense engagement.
GTA 2 marked the evolution of the RPG genre, introducing elements that would pave the way for future game projects. The release set a bold new standard that promised an exciting virtual experience. Its release is a big part of the game's history, which resonates with the franchise's huge strides forward since then.


Grand Theft Auto 2 received mixed reviews from the gaming community. The game improves on its predecessor by introducing a new gang system, a variety of creative weapons and vehicle types, adding another layer of strategy and player choice. Critics admired the ambitious open-world setting and the sense of unlimited freedom the game provided.
However, the game was not without its critics. Some reviewers noted that aside from these improvements, the gameplay was largely unchanged from the original, making it a moot point. The graphics received lukewarm reviews as they did not meet the standards of other games of the time. The game's violent nature and depiction of crime have sparked controversy, leading to some backlash in some quarters.
Although mixed, the game did not stop its popularity among players who enjoyed the dynamic and anarchic world. The game is considered a classic and still has a cult following among GTA fans, credited for contributing to the roots of the Grand Theft Auto series. Despite the criticism, Grand Theft Auto 2's bold game design was seen as important in setting the course for the future of the open-world gaming genre.

Cultural impact

The second edition of Grand Theft Auto (GTA 2) has made a significant cultural impact since its release in 1999. Although the game was initially controversial due to its explicit content, it was widely accepted and greatly influenced pop culture, game design, and the perspective of young people. socio-political issues.
Set against the backdrop of dystopian futuristic cityscapes, GTA 2 has an undeniable appeal in the realm of open-world gaming. The combination of humor, pop culture references and freedom created an instant cult following. The game was refreshingly satirical of city life and social constructs, adding a humorous twist to an otherwise brutal environment. The phenomenon of open-world gameplay introduced by GTA 2 pushed a paradigm in game design. The usual "level-based" gameplay has been replaced with a "choose your own adventure" style, giving the player more control. This innovative approach paved the way for many modern open-world games.
Also, GTA 2 pushed the boundaries of gaming storytelling. Giving voice to criminals and society's outcasts, he presented a thoughtful and often overlooked side of city life. Relentless satire and ruthless character play subtly provoked thoughts about social norms and political structures.
The typical "bad boy" image popularized by GTA 2 also shaped how youth perceived rebellion. Resistance was no longer about resistance; it became a symbol of individualism, freedom and excitement. Gambling normalizes risk-taking and non-compliance and has affected young minds around the world.
Finally, GTA 2 influenced the music industry by integrating music from various genres into its radio stations. Players gained access to a wide variety of songs, promoting lesser-known musicians and diversifying their musical tastes.
In conclusion, despite the initial turmoil, GTA 2 has reached a major milestone in the gaming landscape. Its influence is not limited to the fun game and reverberates in contemporary cultural practices, video game history, and the mindset of young people.