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Ministry of Magic

General Info

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Faction NameMinistry of Magic
Based in central London, the Ministry of Magic is the governing body of the British magical community. Hidden from muggle eyes, he is responsible for enforcing magical laws, regulating magical entities, and maintaining the secrecy of the wizarding world. In terms of structure, it consists of seven departments headed by the Minister of Magic. Its main purpose is to ensure the welfare and safety of witches, wizards and magical creatures throughout the country. From wizarding trials to liaising with wizarding governments around the world, the Ministry of Magic plays a vital role in maintaining balance in the wizarding world. With its picturesque architecture and magical transportation system, it is a symbol of grandeur and mysticism in the wizarding world.


The Ministry of Magic acts as the governing body of the magical community in Great Britain. Founded in the late 17th century, the Ministry regulates all aspects of wizarding life, from education and employment to law enforcement and the control of magical creatures. With its specialized chapters and strict laws, it aims to maintain order and peace among witches, wizards and magical creatures.
The Ministry is also responsible for keeping magical secrecy from the non-magical community. Any violation of this law will attract severe penalties. At the core of the Ministry is the Minister for Magic, an appointed official who directs operations and represents the interests of the British wizarding community.
Even the ministry has its dark side. It is not immune to corruption, abuse of power, and the effects of dark wizards and witches who manipulate their roles for their own selfish interests. Despite these challenges, the Ministry is a symbol of order, justice, and tradition in the wizarding world. Its potential for good or evil depends entirely on those who wield its power.


A cornerstone of magical society, the Ministry of Magic has a rich and hidden history dating back to 1692, with its origins woven into the fabric of the wizarding world. Established as a response to the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, it primarily acted as an intermediary between the wizarding world and the muggle world, ensuring that magic was not revealed to muggle society.
In the first year, the ministry faced great challenges. The first was the reluctance of wizarding Britain to accept his rule, as they were used to living freely without fear of Muggles. However, heavy fines and prison sentences gradually ensured compliance. The Ministry had only four departments at the initial stage. However, the aftermath of the Goblin Rebellion led to its expansion, adding departments such as the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, which oversees wizarding laws, and the mislabeled Muggle Object Abuse Office.
The growth of the ministry was not without struggles. One of the darkest hours came under Voldemort when she became a puppet government under his control. However, after the Battle of Hogwarts, she regained her independence. Today, it remains the central institution in the wizarding world for magical challenges and discoveries. His feats are enormous, from issuing magical passports to conducting the Wikengamoto trials. Her story is a testament to her resilience against adversity and dedication to serving wizards. This legacy continues to support the foundations of magic and rule the magical realm from the shadows, often overlooked but always necessary.

Notable Members

Member #
Cornelius Fudge
Pius Thicknesse
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Dolores Umbridge
Barty Crouch Sr.
Percy Weasley
Arthur Weasley
Rufus Scrimgeour
Amelia Bones
Ludo Bagman
Mafalda Hopkirk


The Ministry of Magic, the UK's governing body for magical society, is located in the heart of London. Although its exact location is shrouded in mystery, one well-known entrance is a rarely used old red telephone box. Selecting the correct code magically transports you to the Atrium, a large marble hall that serves as the main hub of the Ministry. The structure of the Ministry extends deep underground and consists of several levels, each dedicated to a specific department. These include mysteries, magical law enforcement, and magical accidents and catastrophes, just to name a few. The levels are connected by a series of magical elevators, the walls of which are etched with level indicators that glow with a fascinating green light. The design itself is an architectural marvel, given its stunning blend of contemporary aesthetics and magical functionality. It's underrated in the muggle world, but it's a major, pulsating center for witches and wizards living their secret lives.

Legacy and Impact

The Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter universe laid the foundations of wizarding rules, regulations and government that have shaped the wizarding world since time immemorial. Legacy represents the constant struggle between keeping the peace and fighting the darkness. The Ministry not only introduced innovative magical policies, but also made a significant contribution to protecting the magical world from dark forces. He has an indelible influence, as he created several departments that later became the main elements of magical society, each with different roles, such as regulating magical creatures, enforcing magical laws, accidents and disasters. Despite controversies, turbulent times and questionable leadership, it has remained a symbol of law and order. The Ministry's actions and principles continued to reverberate throughout the wizarding world, reminding every wizard and witch of their duty to protect magical heritage and maintain harmony within the community. Its extraordinary impact lies in its ability to recover and reform, to demonstrate resilience and enduring relevance to wizarding history.