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Jonathan Joestar

General Info

Jonathan Joestar logo
Job TitleHamon Warrior
Birth Date1868-01-01
Birth PlaceLiverpool, England
Knows aboutHamon
Alternate NameJoJo
Character NameJonathan Joestar
Member of OrganizationJoestar Family
Jonathan Joestar, the original protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, is the epitome of humanity, courage and unwavering determination. Born into a 19th-century British aristocratic family, Jonathan's life takes an unexpected turn when Dio Brando, his manipulative foster brother, arrives and turns his world upside down. But this setback reinforces Jonathan's hidden strengths. After mastering an ancient energy technique known as Hamon under the tutelage of Will A. Zeppel, Jonathan rises above his struggles and uses his newfound powers to battle supernatural forces, including a menacing god-turned-vampire. Jonathan embodies the purest form of heroism, demonstrating kindness, humility and compassion even in the face of great despair. He bravely carries on the Joestar lineage, paving the way for future generations of Joestars to carry on his spirit of courage and determination.


Jonathan Joestar, the brave and compassionate protagonist of Jo-Jo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, is the epitome of heroic nobility in the ethereal universe created by Hirohiko Araki. Born into a wealthy Joestar family, Jonathan's privileged upbringing never dulled his humble nature, instead cultivating a sense of justice and an indomitable spirit that defied even the worst of odds.
A central figure in the tangled world of JoJo's bizarre adventures, Jonathan sets the tone for subsequent generations of the Joestar family with his uncompromising commitment to righteousness. His transformation from a naive and vulnerable boy to a paragon of courage is at the heart of Phantom Blood's fascinating story. Faced with the ominous commitments of his hapless nemesis, Dio Brando, Jonathan's unyielding determination reveals the essential beauty of humanity. As the story unfolds, Jonathan Joestar transforms from a humble gentleman to an experienced Ripple user, revealing his unwavering moral compass along the way. His story of sacrifice and kinship resonates majestically throughout the series, his legacy echoing through the generations. Indeed, Jonathan Joestar is a great start to the eccentric cast of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. His story remains a moving testament to the bold spirit of the Joestar line.


Born into a wealthy and noble Joestar family, Jonathan Joestar is a kind-hearted and righteous gentleman whose life revolves around the principles of honesty, courage, and determination to protect those he cares about. Born in the 19th century In England, he becomes the first member of the Joestar line to harness the power of Riple, a martial arts technique that uses the energy of sunlight to fight alien forces.
At a young age, Jonathan loses his mother in a carriage accident, a tragic event that heightens his innate kindness and resilience. Her comfortable life takes a drastic turn when she adopts Dio Brando, a manipulative boy who vows to usurp Joestar's wealth. Jonathan's relentless bullying and attempts at isolation fuel the development of his resilient character while fueling a bitter rivalry that spans their entire lives. When a mysterious stone mask, a relic from the Joestar family collection, reveals its deadly secret, Jonathan enters the supernatural world. Armed with natural athletic prowess and strength, Jonathan bravely ventures into terrifyingly uncharted territory to battle the transformed Dio, now a powerful vampire.
Jonathan's journey is a constant battle against the forces of evil that threaten his loved ones and the world, testing his strength, determination and unwavering sense of justice. Despite many sufferings and several hard battles, his courage never fails; instead, he cements his legend in the Joestar family legacy.
Although his sacrifice ends his life too soon, Jonathan's spirit lives on. His influence resonates deeply with his offspring and forms the continuing path of the JoJo line. Jonathan Joestar is not only a person of nobility and valor in his family, but also an individual loved for his indomitable spirit in the face of adversity. Her biography is an extraordinary tale of justice triumphing over evil, marking an ongoing legacy in the quirky JoJo universe.

Creation and Development

Jonathan Joestar, the protagonist of Phantom Blood, the first part of Hirohiko Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series, was a character that accurately reflected the creator's love of British culture and classic Victorian literature. Clearly inspired by the heroic figures of Victorian novels, Jonathan exudes honor, dignity and an unwavering dedication to defeating evil, making him the epitome of virtuous masculinity.
Araki admitted that creating Jonathan was a conscious effort to portray a sincere and unassuming character, a stark contrast to the flamboyant characters of his previous work. Jonathan's strong moral compass and belief in the tragedies of good and evil was Araki's tribute to the cultural representation of Victorian heroes.
Jonathan's transformation from a naive and short-tempered teenager to a well-controlled martial artist reflects Araki's fascination with the physical and psychological growth of characters over time. Jonathan Hammon's mastery of the technique symbolizes his evolution into a warrior.
The rivalry between Jonathan and his adoptive brother Dio Brando was one of the highlights of the series. Araki developed this rivalry to emphasize the dichotomy of pure evil and good, using it as a recurring theme throughout the series, well beyond Jonathan's role.
Jonathan's tragic end was an unusual decision by Araki, as killing off the main character was not a common practice. However, it played an important role in the course of the series. This decision set the stage for the futuristic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, where the story spans multiple time periods and generations, introduces a variety of characters, and presents Jonathan as an eternal figure whose spirit thrives throughout the series.

Character Profile

Jonathan Joestar, often referred to simply as JoJo, is the protagonist of Phantom Blood, the first part of the popular JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. Born into a wealthy Joestar family in 19th century England, Jonathan's life takes a turn for the worse when his father adopts Dio Brando after his father's death.
JoJo is the epitome of unwavering righteousness and compassion, always striving to do what is ethically right regardless of the circumstances. His strong moral compass contrasts sharply with God's selfish ambitions, setting the stage for an intense rivalry at the center of Phantom Blood. He is highly empathetic, a character trait that manifests in his love of animals and his relationship with Erina Pendleton, his childhood sweetheart and future wife. Despite her friendly demeanor, JoJo is physically powerful and fiercely determined, especially when standing up for her loved ones or others who cannot protect themselves. He is unwaveringly dedicated to mastering the power of Hamon, an ancient martial art technique used to fight the undead, which plays a vital role in his battle against God.
But what really sets Jonathan apart is his ability to forgive and his unwavering commitment to his principles, even in the face of hardship. His noble demeanor, resilience, and strong morals laid the foundation for the lasting legacy of the Joestar line, making Jonathan Joestar a truly memorable character in the JoJo universe.

Story Arc

Jonathan Joestar, the friendly character of the first arc, Phantom Blood, is a stark contrast to the bright and often colorful characters in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure universe. He comes from a wealthy family in late 19th century England.
Jonathan's life takes a dramatic turn when his father adopts Dio Brando, an intriguing and ambitious slum boy. Dio, driven by a twisted sense of superiority and jealousy of Jonathan, goes to great lengths to destroy Jonathan's life, setting the stage for the bitter rivalry that defines this storyline.
In his battles with Dio, Jonathan develops Hamon's powerful abilities by harnessing solar energy under the tutelage of Baron Zeppel, a master of the arts. His Hamon abilities allow him to fight monstrous creatures that God and his minions turn into a relic that gives the wearer vampiric powers due to the evil influence of the Stone Mask.
The plot ends with the final confrontation between Dio, now a vampire, and Jonathan on the ship. Despite his innate kindness and idealism, Jonathan will not hesitate to make the ultimate sacrifice and ensure God's defeat in order to protect his loved ones. Even in the face of his own death, he stands by his enemy, showing his unwavering determination and courage.
Jonathan Joestar's character arc is the moral compass for the rest of the series. His resilience and unwavering determination in the face of adversity resonates through every generation of the Joestar family, making him an integral figure in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure universe.

Cultural Impact

Jonathan Joestar, the hero of Phantom Blood, the first installment of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, has had a major cultural impact. He may not have the abundance of some of his descendants, but he is remembered for his great spirit of righteousness and noble heart.
Jonathan's chivalry, which binds him to a strict moral code, and unwavering determination was the archetype of the perfect hero in classic shonen manga. This greatly influenced manga artists and led them to redefine the traditional heroic concept. Its plot, marked by sacrifice and tragedy, gave a new perspective to the usual cast of invincible heroes. Outside of the manga realm, Jonathan's character has also influenced cosplay culture. Her signature dress and hairstyle are often imitated by fans at conventions, reflecting her enduring popularity and iconic status. His catchphrase is ingrained in pop culture and is often referenced in various other media. From manga to memes, Jonathan Joestar's imprint on popular culture is undeniable. As the torchbearer of the Joestar line, his legacy continues to inspire new stories and characters, making his significance to the JoJo universe unparalleled.


Jonathan Joestar, 20th century a late English nobleman, left a lasting legacy that resonates throughout JoJo's whimsical universe. He was the first Joestar to meet Stone Mask, which was a pivotal point that led to further events in the series. Despite his young life, Hamon's powerful methods and indomitable spirit set an example for other characters. His marriage to Erina Pendleton resulted in a bloodline enriched with courage and justice that became a beacon of hope in the fight against the forces of evil. His body was taken over by his nemesis Dio Brando, which set the stage for the Stardust Crusaders storyline. Jonathan's sacrifice for love and humanity cemented his place as a true hero. His actions instilled core values ​​in his offspring, showing that strength of character often trumps physical strength. The influence of his courage and compassion is evident in all of his successors, making him a respected character in the series.