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Demon Moons

General Info

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Faction NameDemon Moons
The Demon Moons represent an elite faction of demons in the twisted world of Kimetsu no Yaiba, directly responsible to the main antagonist, Muzan Kibutsuji. Divided into upper and lower moons, these powerful characters challenge the Demon Slayer Corps at every turn. Each member has unique abilities that embody their monstrous nature, from the devastating Upper Moon One Kokushibo Breathing Technique to the terrifying art of the Lower Moon Sixth Blood Demon. Their ferocity and power often overshadows the power of minor demons, heightening the dark undertones of the story and heightening the conflict. Despite their grim roles, these characters are intriguing and add significantly to the show's diverse portrayal of demonic characters. The plot influence of this elite faction makes them indispensable in the exciting world of Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Inspired by the twelve phases of the moon, the Demon Moons represent twelve of the most powerful demons, led by the ultimate villain, Muzan Kibutsuji. Each member of this faction has a unique set of demonic abilities, making them formidable opponents for even the most experienced Demon Slayers. Surprisingly, they experience the immense suffering and pain that Kibutsuji has caused them due to their inability to fulfill his ruthless ambitions.
The lower moons, consisting of the six highest ranks, are regularly removed and replaced due to Kibutsuji's dissatisfaction with their performance. This ensures that only the fiercest and most cunning demons survive to maintain their reign of terror. In comparison, Overmoons have unmatched strength and durability, some having served the Kibutsuji for centuries. They are the strongest opponents of the Demon Slayer Corps and hold their own against the Hashira, an elite group of hunters.
The most intriguing aspect of Demon Moons is their humanizing element. Their stories reveal a history of abuse, rejection, and dehumanization, illuminating the dark path that led them to Kibutsuji's evil cause. Ultimately, their fates are a tragic reminder of the consequences of evil forces that exploit the desperate and powerless. Demon Moons is thus the ideal combination of brutal dishonesty and profound tragedy. They are not only antagonists, but also tragic figures whose twisted fates add complexity to the story of Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The Kimetsu no Yaiba universe introduces us to formidable opponents known as Demon Moons. This faction of the Demon Hierarchy was created by Muzan Kibutsuji, the first demon and ancestor of all demons. Throughout history, Demon Moons have been Kibutsuji's closest confidants and deadliest weapons.
The Demon Moons have twelve members, divided into two groups: the Upper Moons, made up of six of the strongest demons, who have remained unchanged for over a century due to their immense power; and the lower moons, of which there are also six, often experienced fluctuations in their formations due to their inconsistency.
Shortly after Tanjiro Kamado, a demon incarnate, begins his journey as a Demon Slayer, the Low Moons end at the hands of Kibutsuji himself. He disbands the Low Moons, aggravated by their repeated failures to take out the Demon Slayers.
As the story progresses, the members of the Upper Moon become the main enemies. Each member has a sad and compelling story that reinforces the idea that they were victims of circumstance, a stark contrast to their terrifying demonic forms. Their power creates deadly challenges for the Demon Slayers, leading to many large and deadly battles.
Destroying the members of the Demon Moons becomes one of the primary goals of the Demon Slayer Corps. Each elimination represents a major victory that significantly weakens Kibutsuji's power. This is especially true of Vanishing the Upper Moon, a feat that only the most powerful and skilled Demon Slayers can achieve.
Due to their violent rule and eventual downfall, the Demon Moon faction plays a major role in shaping the history of the Kimetsu no Yaiba universe. Their compelling story heightens the struggle between humans and demons, adding depth and emotional complexity to the story.

Notable Members

Member #
Muzan Kibutsuji
Upper Moon One
Upper Moon Two
Upper Moon Three
Upper Moon Four
Upper Moon Five
Upper Moon Six
Daki and Gyutaro
Lower Moon One
Lower Moon Two
Lower Moon Three
Lower Moon Four
Lower Moon Five
Lower Moon Six


The demon companions of the Kimetsu no Yaiba universe have no specific geography or fixed location due to their nomadic nature. This organization, led by the main antagonist of the series, Muzan Kibutsuji, operates in different regions of the world depending on the missions and commands Kibutsuji carries out. Although mostly urban areas, they also traverse mountains, forests, and even hostile areas, taking advantage of the natural terrain during combat.
However, some of the main encounters and encounters with the Demon Hunter Corps often take place in hideouts that tend toward the creepy and grim to match their demonic nature. These hideouts are often found in remote areas, often in underground chambers and ancient ruins, shrouded in dim light and shadow to make excellent ambushes and escape routes. Another important geographical feature associated with the Demon Moons is Infinity Castle, a giant fortress manipulated by the Upper Moon, Kokushibo. The layout of the castle's interior is constantly changing, making it a maze of enemies and a fortress of demon moons.
Their interaction with the geography of their universe presents various terrains that demonstrate the vast scope of the world and the depth of the storyline.

Legacy and Impact

The demon moons of the Kimetsu no Yaiba universe left an indelible legacy and greatly influenced the plot. They oozed horror, yet intrigued fans with their complex stories. The monstrous and monstrous upper moons, in their relentless pursuit of power, displayed the evil and vicious nature of demons. On the other hand, the lower moons provided a contrast, often showing shades of humanity, making the audience empathize with them. Their harsh past and eventual transformation into demons gave the story dark undertones. Their existence raised the stakes and provided challenging combat scenarios for the Demon Slayer Corps. Constantly pushing Corps members beyond their limits, the Demon Moons have inadvertently played a huge role in unleashing their potential. Despite their evil intentions, they ended up being the main catalysts in the corps' journey towards their ultimate goal. In fact, during their horror and existence, the Demon Moons formed the universe of Kimetsu no Yaiba.