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Mass Effect: Revelation

General Info

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AuthorDrew Karpyshyn
GenresScience Fiction, Novel
Book NameMass Effect: Revelation
PublisherDel Rey Books
Release Date2007-05-01
Number of Pages336
Original TitleMass Effect: Revelation
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.delreybooks.com/
Mass Effect: Revelation takes place in the vast universe of the Mass Effect video game series. It was written by Drew Karpyshyn, the main writer of the original game. The book tells the story of Captain David Anderson and the iconic character Saren Arterius during their fateful first meeting. It paints the vast canvas of the Mass Effect world in impressive detail that will appeal to gamers and sci-fi fans alike. This is not only an engaging novel; is a great space opera that explores humanity's place in a very vast and very alien universe. A must read for all Mass Effect fans.


Mass Effect: Revelation is a science fiction novel set in the richly detailed universe of the Mass Effect video game series. Written by Drew Karpyshyn, the lead author of the game, the book takes place before the events of the original game and serves as an intriguing prologue.
The story revolves around Alliance Lieutenant David Anderson and reveals his encounter with the merciless turian specter Saren Arterius. In a galaxy where humanity is trying to fight off vastly more advanced and possibly hostile alien races, Anderson's story is one of courage, betrayal and complex alliances.
In an effort to solve a mystery that could have far-reaching consequences, Anderson teams up with Kahlee Sanders, a young scientist with a secret of her own. From thrilling space battles to tangled political intrigue, the story seamlessly blends elements of military science fiction, space opera and spy thriller.
Mass Effect: Revelation expands the games' universe and delves into their mythology and history. Whether you're a fan looking to learn more about your favorite characters or new to the series, this book is a fascinating journey through a vibrant and complex sci-fi universe.


Mass Effect: Revelation is the thrilling introduction to BioWare's monumental video game saga. Set more than two decades before the first game, Revelation's story unfolds in an intense blend of science fiction and adventure.
The story mainly revolves around the character David Anderson, a young lieutenant of the Military Alliance assigned to the farthest corners of the galaxy. In this quest, Anderson investigates a ruthless ambush of a hidden and lawless human colony on the distant planet of Sidon. The inexplicable power and aggressiveness of the attack instills fear in the unknown enemy. During his investigation, Anderson meets Kahlee Sanders, a young scientist who left the Alliance to work in artificial intelligence research in Sidon. After the attack, it turns out that she was the only survivor. Reluctantly, Anderson and Sanders team up and decide to follow the mysterious trail left by the attackers.
At the same time, we see the wily Saren Arterius, a stunningly efficient turian Spectre, conducting his own investigation. His involvement speaks to the magnitude of Sidon's discovery, which could have catastrophic power. As their paths cross, Anderson and Sanders slowly uncover a conspiracy involving both human and alien races, involving an enigmatic ancient space race, the Protheans. It reveals the origin story of the Mass Effect universe and provides context that enhances the experience of playing Mass Effect.
At the core of Revelation is the unbreakable human spirit, the dark pull of power, and the ever-present question of how far a man can go before he loses his humanity. An engrossing read, Revelation is steeped in vivid storytelling and is a must-read for all fans of Mass Effect and sci-fi.


The Development chapter of Mass Effect: Revelation offers some key insights into the complex process of creating this masterful story. Lead writer Drew Karpyshyn worked closely with the creators of the Mass Effect video game series to maintain continuity and authenticity in the multiverse Mass Effect universe.
Transforming Mass Effect from a wildly successful video game into a compelling novel was not easy. Karpyshyn was faced with the daunting task of capturing the high-octane tension and immersive gameplay experience within the static pages of a book. It delved into pre-existing story and player guides to maintain the essence of the original while fleshing out a separate storyline within the expanding universe. Another focus during development was character interaction. The book tried to use its format to explore relationships and character depth, something that is usually cut short in the video game medium due to gameplay limitations. Through detailed dialogue and complex emotional journeys, the relationships between characters like Lt. Anderson, Saren, and Kahlee Sanders were further explored.
The development phase also required a deep understanding of the technology and scientific theories present in the Mass Effect universe. Concepts such as FTL (faster-than-light) travel, biotics, and mysterious mass relays have been carefully considered to ensure consistency and believability. The result was a story that faithfully adhered to established science fiction elements, making the novel more compelling and believable for fans of the series.
Overall, creating Mass Effect: Revelation was a painstaking task that required a deep understanding of the Mass Effect universe, a creative vision to create a compelling story, and a careful writing process to bring these elements together seamlessly. together. . Ultimately, it allowed readers and players to create an unforgettable journey and venture into new aspects of this beloved universe.


Mass Effect: Revelation is an inspiring exploration of the universe before the Mass Effect video game saga. Written by Drew Karpyshyn, lead author of the Mass Effect series, this novel harkens back to an era long before the gaming scene, illuminating the complex history of this beloved franchise. Filled with charming dialogue, breathtaking descriptions, and story-driven sequences, the story fully immerses readers in the Mass Effect universe.
The story introduces us to many of the show's main characters, such as Lt. David Anderson and Saren Arterius, and offers an in-depth analysis of their goals and motivations. Delving deeply into their characters heightens the animosity between this unlikely duo and adds an intense flavor to the entire story. The world building is phenomenal, the novel explores the various alien cultures and technologies that have become trademarks of the games. Karpyshyn portrays the mystery behind mass communications and introduces the lurking Prothean threats, captivating readers on every page.
This book is a must read for fans of the Mass Effect series. It seamlessly combines the complex politics, sprawling universe, and intricate storylines that fans have come to love in gaming. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the Mass Effect universe or a sci-fi enthusiast looking to dive into a new series, Mass Effect: Revelation is highly recommended and offers an engaging and engaging read. Enjoy the fascinating universe of Mass Effect as the story of the legendary video games unfolds in this exciting novel.


"Releasing" is an important event in the life of Mass Effect: Revelation. First published in 2007. in May, the book gave fans of the Mass Effect universe much-needed insight into the series' rich and complex history. "Revelation" is a prequel to the first game, adding depth to the story and providing a backstory for the series' main character, Commander Shepard.
The story is based on the protagonist David Anderson and tells the story of Eden Prime. This book expertly delves into the story of Commander Shepard's friend, Ashley William, and her connection to Eden Prime. It also introduces Saren Arterius, long before his infamous downfall in the first game, with new context that sheds light on why Saren harbored such a deep hatred for humans.
The published book was warmly received by both the Mass Effect community and general readers. Critics praised his ability to successfully create and expand the story of the Mass Effect universe. They liked how it added deeper layers to the characters and events that were previously featured in the Mass Effect games.
The release of Revelation was a pivotal moment in the Mass Effect franchise. Not only did it provide a deeper look into the complex and detailed universe, but it also set the precedent for two more novels. The success of the book has fueled the insatiable appetite of Mass Effect's large and dedicated fan base for stories set in their favorite universes.


Mass Effect: Revelation was released to critical and fan acclaim. Acclaimed as a masterfully crafted prequel to the beloved video game series, this novel was essentially a tantalizing portal into the rich and expansive universe of Mass Effect. Drew Karpyshyn, the original game's creator and one of the main writers, was praised for its compelling story and deep character development.

  • Critics have praised the book for its complex and engaging story, carefully interwoven with the story of the game. They praised Karpyshyn's writing for an engaging quality that managed to immerse readers headfirst into the exciting world of Mass Effect.

  • Readers praised the careful character development, especially the protagonist David Anderson and the antagonist Saren Arteri. It was praised for providing great insight into their motivations, adding layers to their characters in the game.

  • Mass Effect fans loved the book because it satisfied their hunger for additional content in the Mass Effect universe. The novel has been praised for filling in many pieces of the game's story, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

In short, Mass Effect: Revelation was not only a great expansion of the Mass Effect universe, enriching the gaming experience, but also stood out and captivated readers with its detailed story. world-building and fascinating character studies.

Cultural impact

Mass Effect: Revelation significantly influenced science fiction literature, adding narrative depth and complexity to the genre. The book's success lies in its exploration of techno-utopian futurism through a deeply human lens, with serious social and cultural implications.
Known for transferring knowledge from video games to literature, Mass Effect: Revelation offered vital cultural diversity and diplomacy in its fictional universe. Set in a complex cosmos inhabited by numerous alien races, it explores racial stereotypes, xenophobia and geopolitical conflict. By vividly depicting the interactions between species, the book subtly taught readers the value of empathy, understanding, and unity in diversity. In addition, the novel's sophisticated depiction of advanced technology had far-reaching cultural significance. It made readers think about the huge impact of artificial intelligence on society and think about the ethics of genetic engineering. By juxtaposing the blessing and curse of scientific progress, Mass Effect: Revelation provoked a thoughtful discussion about the directions humanity could take in its pursuit of progress.
Mass Effect: Revelation's story strengths also extended to the characters. Casting strong and competent women in leading roles, she effectively challenged the prevailing gender stereotypes of science fiction, inspiring diverse representations of the genre. In conclusion, Mass Effect: Revelation has played a vital role in the cultural landscape of science fiction literature. The themes, stories, characters and detailed universe left an immeasurable impact. It not only told a story, but also raised thought-provoking questions about society, morality, technology and the human condition.