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Battle of Wolf 359

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Event NameBattle of Wolf 359
Battle of the Wolf 359 was a major conflict between Starfleet and the Borg in the Star Trek universe. This event happened in 2367. near the star Wolf 359 and involved 40 Starfleet ships, but the Borg cube turned out to be huge and only a few survivors remained. It was the most destructive attack on a Federation Starfleet in modern history. Notable for his involvement was Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who was assimilated by the Borg and used as a tool against the Federation. The event highlighted the immense threat the Borg posed to the galaxy and led to significant tactical and technological advances in Starfleet, marking a dark but pivotal moment in the Federation's history.


Memory Alpha is the main document base for the Star Trek universe. It serves as the intelligence and data collection center for all of Starfleet and is accessible to all members of the Federation. A planet-sized computerized library located in the Alpha Quadrant holds a vast archive of accumulated knowledge about the Federation's civilizations.

It is defined by strict protocols of objectivity and non-interference, as it does not actively investigate, but only collects and processes information provided by others. This vast source of information and knowledge plays a vital role in the exploration and understanding of the universe throughout the Star Trek series.

Named after the real-life Memory Alpha, the most accurate, precise and accessible encyclopedia and reference for a collaborative project database of all things Star Trek.