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Star Trek

General Info

Star Trek logo
GenresAction, Adventure
WritersMarv Wolfman
Game NameStar Trek
ComposersJason Graves
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multiplayer
DevelopersDigital Extremes
Game EngineUnreal Engine 3
Produced ByTom Lesinski
Release Date2013-01-01
Game PlatformsXBox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
Publisher NameParamount Pictures
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteswww.paramount.com
Star Trek is an immersive universe that transports players into the depths of space as they explore, interact and battle across a vast galaxy. It's not just a game, it's an experience. Take on the role of your favorite TV series and movie characters or create your own custom character to explore deep space. Your choices determine the fate of your crew and the Star Trek universe. Players will experience a highly immersive and interactive Star Trek story of adventure, exploration, combat and interaction with players from around the world. Some will become allies, others enemies. Star Trek allows players to go where no game has gone before with stunning graphics, expansive storylines and an unparalleled multiplayer experience. Endless exploration invites players to penetrate the vast expanses of the Star Trek universe, encounter various alien species and exotic new worlds. Each player's experience and perspective is not only respected, but also the most important part of the game. Whether you're a lifelong Trek fan or discovering Star Trek for the first time, this game will have you hooked.


'Star Trek' game screenshots
'Star Trek' game screenshots
'Star Trek' game screenshots
'Star Trek' game screenshots
'Star Trek' game screenshots
'Star Trek' game screenshots


The Star Trek series of games is a fascinating exploration of interstellar conflict, discovery and diplomacy. The game series delves into the rich history of the Star Trek universe and offers many adventures in the Final Frontier.
The game structures include strategy, RPG, and action-combat elements. Players can pilot their spaceship, explore the vastness of unknown space and meet new species and civilizations ready for first contact.
The game series is steeped in the Starfleet ethos of exploration and enlightenment. As captains, players have the ability to conduct diplomatic negotiations, resolve conflicts or lead teams in various missions. Each decision affects the delicate balance of interstellar politics and your position within the various factions.
Another compelling aspect is the sheer number of species, planets and cultures to explore, each with their own unique political structure and alliances. This variety, combined with elaborate storylines, adds depth and complexity to games and creates an immersive gaming experience.
What makes Star Trek stand out is its well-designed combat system, which perfectly combines combat in spaceships and combat on the ground. This allows for dynamic gameplay where dialogue choices, exploration, combat, and strategy play an essential role.
Whether you're a Trekkie looking to fulfill your Starfleet dreams or a gaming enthusiast looking for a challenging space exploration experience, the Star Trek series of games offers a fascinating mix of strategy, diplomacy and adventure against a vast, uncharted backdrop. space.



In Star Trek, players assume the roles of iconic characters such as Captain Kirk and Spock, working together to overcome the many challenges of space travel. The game experience is a careful balance of strategy, combat, exploration and diplomacy.
During the game, players will have to strategize and fight against enemies in real time. Teamwork plays an important role in this process and requires the cooperation of several characters, each of whom contributes their unique abilities to achieve victory. Commanders can use their leadership and tactical skills, science officers can solve complex puzzles and heal crew members, and engineers make sure your ship's technology is working at its best. In addition, the game includes the exploration of various planetary systems and spaceships. From the cold expanses of space to the surfaces of distant planets, players can traverse diverse environments, uncovering ancient mysteries along the way. As players progress through the vast universe, more locations appear that offer greater challenges and rewards.
As in the Star Trek series, diplomacy plays an important role in the game. Players often find themselves in situations that require negotiation and moral decisions rather than combat. These decisions can affect how other races and factions across the galaxy view your team, which can affect the overall progression and storyline.
Customization is another aspect of the game. Players can customize their character and ship with options to upgrade abilities, weapons, shields and other technological aspects. This promotes a sense of immersion, making players feel like they are a real part of the Star Trek universe.
Basically, a Star Trek game mixes elements from different genres to create an interactive homage to the source material. It beautifully translates the long-running sci-fi franchise's ethos into a gaming experience that's charming and deeply satisfying.

Gameplay video


In Star Trek, the story unfolds in a complex mix of exploration, diplomacy, and combat. The player assumes the role of an officer of the United Federation of Planets, an interstellar alliance dedicated to peace and exploration. During the game, the player's main mission is to keep the peace as he explores strange new worlds in search of new life and new civilizations.
The game takes place in the 14th century and begins in the midst of a diplomatic crisis between the Federation and the Romulan Empire. The player is thrust into the middle of this interstellar conflict and given a crucial task: to negotiate a peace treaty between two factions. As the game progresses, it becomes apparent that a shadowy third party is manipulating events to their advantage.
The storyline takes players to multiple star systems, each with unique inhabitants and challenges. They will encounter species made famous by the Star Trek series, such as the Klingons, Cardassians and Borg. Some of them will be allies, some enemies; all of which require careful navigation and negotiation.
Suddenly, what was a simple diplomatic mission turns into a fight for survival. The player is faced with a choice: defend the principles of the Federation or risk everything to reveal the true enemy. Uncover secret conspiracies, engage in epic space battles, and engage in political intrigue on your journey to save the galaxy. Are you up for a challenge?
The game cleverly weaves together many aspects of the Star Trek universe, from technology and alien races to the political dynamics of the galaxy. The captivating storyline, challenging missions and immersive gameplay reflect the complexity and progressive spirit inherent in the Star Trek saga.


From the beginning, making a Star Trek game was a huge undertaking. The team spent countless hours ensuring the game's accuracy and compatibility with the Star Trek universe. They worked tirelessly to not only recreate the universe that fans loved, but also introduced new elements to keep the game fresh. The development team worked closely with CBS to ensure that the game stayed true to the TV series.
One of the main challenges the developers faced was finding a collective balance between an immersive gaming experience and staying true to the core tenet of the Star Trek universe. This led to the integration of mission-based gameplay with open-world exploration, allowing players to take on the role of a spaceship captain, complete various missions, or explore the vast universe at their own pace.
The developers also wanted to preserve the longevity of the game. That's why they are constantly rolling out updates and expansions to keep the game relevant and interesting. This includes the addition of new missions, characters and gameplay elements designed to enrich the gaming experience and maintain the Star Trek canon.
In addition, the developers have made sure that the game is accessible to both die-hard trekkers and casual players by offering various tutorials, adjustable difficulty levels and game modes for a wider audience. Ultimately, creating a Star Trek game has been a journey of passion, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to staying true to the beloved Star Trek universe. The relentless efforts of the development team is evident in the success of the game and it has earned a place in the hearts of fans worldwide. Indeed, with their great work, they lived up to the Star Trek motto of "boldly going where no one has gone before."


The Star Trek game was released with high expectations from Star Trek players and fans. The product of a collaboration between CBS and game developers, this game was a perfect combination of technological prowess and creative genius. The game promised an unprecedented spaceship combat experience, giving players the chance to embrace their inner captain.
Upon its release, Star Trek received critical acclaim for its graphics, detailed character renderings, and intuitive gameplay mechanics. The game captures the thrill of exploration inherent in the Star Trek universe. It gave players the opportunity to pilot their spaceships, pit them against opponents in space battles, and at the same time take part in ground missions, adding to the excitement.
The universe explored in the game showcased the great diversity of life and alien civilizations from Star Trek. The game cleverly combined the storylines of the original series, making it an engaging journey for players and a fan favorite of the franchise.
The cast of characters was another element that set the Star Trek game apart. It featured beloved characters from the series and introduced new ones, keeping players interested for more. All in all, the release of a Star Trek game was a major event that not only attracted Star Trek fans, but also attracted a wider audience of gamers, establishing their name in the gaming world.


Since its release, the Star Trek game has received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. They praised the game for its faithful representation of the Star Trek universe, especially the high-quality graphics that bring the Starship Enterprise to life. Additionally, fans have expressed appreciation for the detailed storyline and intriguing missions that keep them engaged and challenge their strategic thinking.
However, the game has also been criticized, mainly due to gameplay mechanics and technical issues. Some players have reported slowdowns and glitches that degrade the gaming experience. Additionally, some found the controls awkward and unintuitive, making navigation and combat more complicated than necessary.
Despite these shortcomings, the Star Trek game has proven to be a worthy addition to the Star Trek franchise, recognizing and enhancing the legacy of the popular series. The developers continue to roll out updates to improve the user experience, showing a strong commitment to their fan base. Whether you are a hardcore trekker or a casual gamer, this game is sure to offer you an enticing journey to the final frontier.

Cultural impact

Since its inception, the Star Trek game has greatly influenced gaming culture and beyond. A collection of exploration, strategy and interpersonal relationships in the vast Star Trek universe has resonated with thousands of players around the world, engaging our culture in new ways of thinking. Exploring diplomatic and ethical dilemmas in the exciting canvas of space reinforced the importance of understanding, cooperation and diversity within our own communities.
In addition, the game's complex narrative and immersive universe have resulted in unprecedented player engagement, with fans spending countless hours exploring the different worlds and characters. This level of interaction paved the way for a new form of storytelling and player engagement. The game goes beyond simple entertainment and promotes a deep understanding of the Star Trek universe and its core values.
For many, Star Trek game characters like Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock have become beloved cultural icons, the epitome of noble leadership and resourceful problem-solving. Many say that the philosophy of Star Trek reflected in the game helped spark their interest in areas such as space exploration, technology or diplomacy.
The game Star Trek has also created a huge social movement, and conventions and fan gatherings have become a regular feature of our society. These events allow fans to connect with each other over shared interests, introduce new members to the wider Star Trek universe, and continue to grow this community of dedicated gamers and Star Trek enthusiasts. In essence, the influence of the Star Trek game extends beyond the realm of gaming. It has influenced popular culture, inspired technological advancements, and contributed to social change by providing a common language and identity to a growing fan community. As we continue to explore these galaxies, the game is poised to continue its cultural journey, uniting around the principles of diversity, exploration and mutual respect – the foundation of the Star Trek universe.