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Faction NameDominion
A powerful interstellar empire in the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion has a unique order and control over its subjects. Founded over two thousand years ago by the Shapeshifters, or Founders, they rule through fear and manipulation. The Dominion is known to use genetically modified species such as the ruthless Vorta who serve as administrators and the massive Jem Hadar who form their military front. Their advanced technology, especially in biogenetics and cloaking, is unmatched. The Dominion believes in an authoritarian form of government based on the doctrine that solids are chaotic and must be controlled. This belief has led to the Dominion constantly being at war with the "solids", making them an incredibly formidable enemy in the Star Trek universe.


The Dominion is a powerful and ancient interstellar empire that hails from the Gamma Quadrant and serves as the main antagonist of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Raised by a race of shapeshifters known as the Founders, the Dominion craves order and seeks to bring all races under its influence. Their doctrine is motivated by a desire to protect themselves from what they see as a hostile galaxy.
As a hierarchical society, the Dominion is ruled by founders who are worshiped as deities by the rest of the empire. Among the founders are the Vorta, who are commanders, diplomats, scientists and administrators. The rank and file of the Dominion military are Jem'Hadar, genetically engineered soldiers bred for obedience and combat.
The Dominion's influence spans thousands of worlds, many of which are entity species. This immense power in the Alpha Quadrant was unknown until the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole. Their introduction led to tension, diplomatic intrigue, and ultimately a full-scale war known as the Dominion War. This conflict had a huge impact on the political landscape of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, demonstrating the Dominion's ability to be a formidable force in the universe.


A vast and imperial power in the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion is over two thousand years old. Besieged by other species, its creators, the Shapeshifters, were forced to create an empire based on control, security, and order.
The Dominion came to power without brutality. Races identified as threats were exterminated, while others deemed beneficial were enslaved. The Jem'Hadar, created as a warrior class for the Dominion, and the Vorta, who served as trustees, both contributed to the calculated expansion. Their unwavering loyalty to the shapeshifters they revered as "gods" made these races very important to the Dominion government.
After the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole, attention shifted from the Dominion to the Alpha Quadrant. Initial contact was fraught with tension and culminated in open hostilities and eventual full-scale war with the Federation and its allies. The Dominion War, famous for the Battle of Cardassia, demonstrated the brutal efficiency and military prowess of the Dominion.
The war reached a critical point when the Cardassians, originally allies of the Dominion, turned against them. The turn led to the Battle of Cardassia, a desperate show of Cardassian resistance that hastened the end of that conflict. The Dominion eventually relented and agreed to the Treaty of Bajor, marking a turning point in Dominion history and the beginning of a new era of tentative peace. This period of Dominion history was a testament to their tactical acumen, immense ingenuity, and dogged commitment to order that remains an integral part of their identity.

Notable Members

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A powerful interstellar empire, the Dominion covers a vast area in the Gamma Quadrant of the Milky Way. Although this sphere consists of many conquered planets, there are three main world centers: the home world, the founder planet in the Omarion Nebula, and the main member worlds, the worlds Karemma and Vorta.
The Founders Planet is deep in Dominion space, hidden within the gaseous composition of the Omarion Nebula. It's a rogue planet with limited land mass, with a vast ocean in the gelatinous state of the founders.
The Dominion member worlds of Karemma and Vorta are unique aspects of the Dominion's geography. An economy-oriented society, Karemma lives on a densely populated city planet filled with impressive architecture, dominated by trade and commerce. In contrast, the Vorta's homeworld is a peaceful, forest-like planet, in keeping with the Vorta's origins as forest-dwelling creatures.
The Jem'Hadar, the primary soldiers of the Dominion, were raised on the many asteroids and heavily fortified structures scattered throughout Dominion space.
This geographic diversity reflects the multifaceted nature of the Dominion as an interstellar realm with many ecosystems, societies, and architectures.

Legacy and Impact

The Dominion, a vast interstellar empire in the Gamma Quadrant, had an undeniable influence and influence far beyond its borders. The introduction marked a major shift in the Star Trek narrative, adding deep political and socio-cultural aspects to the story. The invention of highly advanced technology such as the Jem'Hadar and the shape-shifting abilities of the founders marked the series' groundbreaking advancements in visual effects. The Dominion also dealt with themes of identity, loyalty, the oppressor and the oppressed, creating a complex story that attracted many viewers around the world. Off screen, it has sparked thoughtful discourse about the consequences of war, power dynamics, ethics in science and technology, and even race. The Dominion's legacy is etched not only in the Star Trek universe, but also in the annals of pop culture as a symbol of a cunning and powerful enemy. The philosophy and tactics continue to resonate in later Star Trek series, reinforcing the undoubted significance and lasting impact of The Dominion.