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General Info

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Job TitleSniper
Knows aboutSniping, Stealth
Character NameQuiet
Member of OrganizationDiamond Dogs, XOF
Quiet is a fictional character from the Metal Gear video game series, best known from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. A stoic and tormented assassin, Quiet possesses superhuman strength and agility, making her not only a formidable foe, but also a useful ally to protagonist Big Boss. Thematically, Quiet embraces the complexities and paradoxes of war. As a mute character, his story unfolds non-verbally, telling stories of loyalty, resilience and sacrifice through his actions. Despite the harsh biological experiments that left her unable to speak, Quiet's resilience and determination make her one of the most memorable characters in the Metal Gear universe. His espionage skills are second to none, displaying deadly accuracy and stealth. Quiet's diverse character and morally ambiguous nature not only add depth to Metal Gear's plot, but also challenge the traditional hero-villain narrative.


A silent assassin from the popular Metal Gear series, Quiet remains one of the franchise's most enigmatic characters. She is introduced in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, where she immediately catches the attention of players with her immense skills and unique quiet demeanor. Originally an XOF sniper, codenamed Tixij, Quiet undergoes a drastic transformation due to exposure to a vocal cord parasite.
After her transformation, she loses her ability to speak, earning the nickname "The Silent One". As a paradoxical silent assassin, Quiet inexplicably communicates through her actions: she can kill enemies from any distance without making a sound, and she can take down multiple enemies at once with her exceptional stealth maneuvers and advanced cloaking capabilities that render her nearly invisible. Quiet is the player's partner and enemy at various stages of the game, often resulting in conflicted feelings. Despite their early encounters with the game's protagonist, Big Boss, they eventually develop and develop a complex bond that adds depth to his character.
Her powerful abilities, dizzying silence, and unexpected moments of vulnerability make her an invaluable in-game ally, as well as an intriguing character study in the Metal Gear universe. Despite its limited presence, "Quiet" leaves an indelible impression on players, emphasized by the mystery and silence in which it is embedded. This element of the puzzle adds to the compelling story of the Metal Gear series, making Quiet a central character in the grand scheme of the franchise.


Born under the alias Tixij, Quiet's talents as an assassin led her to be recruited into a secret hit team known as XOF. in 1984 Quiet was on a mission that would change her life forever. She was ordered to kill the Big Boss, but the mission did not go as planned and she was seriously injured, eventually dying. In an attempt to save her life, a scientist known as the Code Talker treated her with parasites. Parasites saved her, but also changed her. Quiet's new abilities include superhuman speed, strength, and the ability to be practically invisible. But they came at a price; she could no longer speak for fear of spreading the parasites inside her. This is where the name "Tylus" was born. His skin also needed to breathe, so his appearance was scantily clad. Ironically, this scared her even more; a silent, deadly fox who strikes fear into even the bravest of soldiers, pushing the boundaries of society's expectations of womanhood. Despite her dangerous abilities, Quiet has been shown to have a strong moral compass and deep loyalty. He bonded with Big Boss and saved his life several times. Her loyalty ultimately leads her to sacrifice her life for him, highlighting his complex nature; a silent killer with a heart. Quiet's story continues to be fascinating, his strengths and sacrifices a testament to his central role in the Metal Gear universe. Throughout her journey, Quiet has represented empowerment, resilience, and an unsettling brand of tragedy, cementing her status as one of the most compelling women in gaming.

Creation and Development

The unique and mysterious character of Quiet in the Metal Gear universe was designed and created by the famous video game designer Hideo Kojima. Quiet was introduced in the iconic game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. She acts as an elite sniper with supernatural abilities, making her an integral part of the game and the plot.
Kojima wanted Quiet to contrast strongly with typical female video game characters. Its minimalistic design also caused a stir among fans as Kojima intended to deviate from the general sexualized depiction of women. She is portrayed as a strong, silent assassin who chooses to communicate only through actions rather than words, embodying her name "Silent".
Quiet's abilities have been extensively developed to give her a unique advantage on the battlefield. She can turn invisible and move at an unknown speed, making her almost untouchable. These features were meant to add another layer to the stealth aspect of the game.
Voiced and motion-captured by Dutch model Stefanie Joosten, Tylia's role was carefully crafted to portray her as a more realistic and complex personality. Joosten's performance was praised for capturing the subtlety and depth of Quiet's character, making it one of the most memorable parts of the game.
Creating and developing Quiet in the Metal Gear universe was a calculated risk that yielded huge rewards. Despite the initial backlash due to his unconventional design, Quiet is now considered one of the best characters in the Metal Gear franchise due to his unique abilities and deep personality.

Character Profile

Quiet, also known as Tixij, is an intriguing and mysterious character from the Metal Gear universe. Born in the heat of battle, she is characterized by almost otherworldly abilities and an astonishing silence. Tricked into a parasitic infection given to her by the XOF, her silence is not a personality quirk, but survival.
Known for his meticulous marksmanship and supernatural abilities, Quiet is unmatched in combat. His abilities include invisibility, intangibility, and even the power to move at the speed of light due to his photosynthetic skin. Silence does not turn the tide of battle, it completely determines its course.
Quieto's emotions and thoughts are reflected only in his actions and terrifyingly expressive eyes. Although he does not communicate verbally, he develops a personal connection with Venom Snake. There are times when he shows a willingness to sacrifice himself for the Serpent, professing unspoken loyalty and love.
Famous for her revealing clothes, which are seen as a symbol of power, hence her addiction to photosynthesis. His clothing style is more out of necessity than choice, compensating for his body's inability to breathe through his lungs.
Often misunderstood, the silence of Silence is not empty; embodies his strength, resilience and inherent paradoxes of his character. Underneath is a compelling character arc of a man transformed by the brutal events of war, moving along the spectrum of humanity and superhumanity. Quiet isn't just another character in the Metal Gear universe, she's one of its silhouettes, quiet but extremely important.

Story Arc

Quiet is an enigmatic character in the Metal Gear universe with a complex backstory and an even more complex characterization. His story is one of conflict, power, chess strategy and intense emotions. She takes center stage in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as an assassin who effortlessly straddles the line between friend and foe.
Before she was Quiet, she was a soldier during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. After an encounter with Venom Snake went horribly wrong, she was left for dead in a fiery wreckage. Found in the XOF, she underwent a series of parasitic treatments that would alter her physiology and give her superhuman abilities such as invisibility and increased mobility, but she became silent.
Quiet regained consciousness and was initially determined to get revenge on Snake. However, during his confrontation with Snake, he began to develop respect for him, due in part to his strategic skills and camaraderie. This fascination soon turned into a subtle love that led to a complicated relationship between the two.
Their bond grew stronger through missions, but this alliance did not sit well with the Diamond Dogs. When she was captured and tortured by the Diamond Dogs, Snake came to her rescue and reaffirmed their bond. But in a tragic turn of events, she was bitten by a venomous snake that activated her English strain of vocal cord parasites. He chose to leave: a self-imposed exile to prevent the parasites from spreading among his companions.
Quiet's story reaches an emotional climax when she uses the forbidden English language to save Snake's life one last time - over the radio - and it will likely end in her death. His story of self-sacrifice and willingness to save those he cares about inspires deep emotion, making Quiet an unforgettable character in the Metal Gear Solid universe.

Cultural Impact

Despite his controversial portrayal, the character of Silence has had a significant cultural impact. Not only did she break barriers as a formidable female force in Metal Gear's traditionally male-dominated universe, but she also ignited a debate about the representation of female characters in video games. Her presentation, while often criticized for being overly sexualized, is justified in the plot by a condition that makes her dependent on photosynthesis and requires skin exposure. Additionally, her lack of verbal communication provided a unique narrative vehicle that further enhanced the depth of her character.
Quiet has also influenced the cosplay trend, with fans all over the world emulating her unique look. As such, her role speaks to the ongoing dialogue about femininity and power on digital platforms, setting trends in the gaming community and inspiring conversations about gender representation in media. While the portrayal may seem problematic to some, it certainly opens up criticism to larger industry standards and trends, making Quiet a memorable character in the Metal Gear series.


Quiet's legacy in the Metal Gear universe is one of resilience, sacrifice, and mystery. She was a deadly sniper, believed to be one of the most skilled assassins in the world. His quiet presence was chilling, a trait he used to his advantage as he effortlessly took down his enemies without saying a word. Quiet was also known for her unwavering loyalty to Venom Snake, evidenced by her selfless departure to prevent a potential outbreak of the Voice Parasite. Despite her initial intentions to kill Venom Snake, her journey with him blossomed into an alliance and ultimately a close bond of trust and respect. Silence was more than his deadly accuracy; it was a symbol of strength and restrained power. His legacy continues to shape the complex history of the Metal Gear universe and its exploration of themes of loyalty, war, and the efficacy of the silent force.