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Big Boss

General Info

Big Boss logo
Job TitleCommander, Mercenary
Birth Date1935-01-01
Birth PlaceUnited States
Knows aboutMilitarism, Espionage, Survivalism
Alternate NameNaked Snake, Vic Boss
Character NameBig Boss
Member of OrganizationFOX, Outer Heaven, Militaires Sans Frontières
Originally named Naked Snake, Big Boss is a monumental figure in the Metal Gear universe. He was a known special forces commander and mercenary. He founded governments and military organizations, and even after his death had a profound influence on world history. He is known as a legend by friend and foe alike for his fighting deeds, leadership and revolutionary ideas. Originally a loyal US soldier, his disillusionment with the government led him to form his own military group, Outer Heaven. The rise and influence of this mercenary state led to major events in the Metal Gear series. He is remembered for his charismatic leadership and his deep desire for a world where soldiers are respected and not taken advantage of by governments. His vision and life shaped the landscape of the Metal Gear universe.


Born John, Big Boss is an incredibly central figure in the vast Metal Gear universe. Initially introduced in the series as a cunning enemy, his character deepens and develops, becoming more than just an adversary. From decorated war hero to founder of private military companies, Big Boss's life is marked by immense skill, enduring charisma and surprisingly deep tragedy.
The narrative journey of Big Boss takes viewers through his struggle with his purpose, loyalty and identity. He is driven by an unrelenting need to fight, a deep hunger for battle that goes beyond the duties of a common soldier. His journey takes him through the moral gray area of ​​war, exploring themes of loyalty, patriotism and the human cost of conflict.
Big Boss is an expert in close combat and stealth infiltration and is well respected by his peers. His legendary status earns him recognition as one of the greatest soldiers who ever lived, a fitting title given his many accomplishments. But beneath the facade of a tough soldier hides a man oppressed by his past and unfulfilled vision of a soldier's paradise.
Throughout the series, fans can see Big Boss in various roles: as a friend, leader, mentor, and sometimes as a villain. But despite the iteration, Big Boss always remains a complex and deeply human character. Surprisingly, this complexity doesn't come at the expense of his credibility - in fact, it's what makes Big Boss such an enduring and memorable character in the Metal Gear universe.


Big Boss, originally known as Naked Snake, is the main character of the Metal Gear universe, a legendary mercenary and the epitome of a soldier's ethic. Born Jack in 1935, he was known as "the greatest soldier of the 20th century" and "the father of modern special forces".
The life of the snake was marked by wars and suffering from an early age. He fought in the Korean War as a teenager before starting his illustrious career with the CIA's Special Forces Unit at FOX. He earned the title of "Big Boss" after preventing nuclear war in the 1960s and saving the world from the brink of Armageddon numerous times. Snake has demonstrated exceptional physical strength, brilliant strategies, and an uncanny ability to use makeshift objects as effective combat tools. He was a master of CQC (Close Quarters Combat), a fighting style he developed with his mentor The Boss. She was his most influential figure, her advice and teachings guiding him throughout his life, even after his tragic betrayal and death.
Big Boss was not only a hero but also a villain. The military bribes him to create a world where soldiers are honored and respected: his "Outer Sky" utopia. His actions led to a global conflict that his sons Solid, Liquid and Solidus Snake faced.
The complexity of the Big Boss character blurs the line between roguery and heroism. Despite his controversial decisions, his motives were always to make the world a better place for soldiers. His charisma, indomitable spirit, and fierce loyalty to his teammates make him one of the most beloved characters in the Metal Gear series. His lasting legacy is proof of that.

Creation and Development

Originally known as Naked Snake, Big Boss is a central character in the Metal Gear universe who has undergone a complex evolution since his first appearance in the series. Its creation and development reflect the complex narrative and deep thematic elements found in the franchise.
Producer and character creator Hideo Kojima always had a big vision for Big Boss. When it first appeared in 1987. in the released Metal Gear game, he was portrayed as an antagonist. However, in 2004 after the release of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, players began to see him as a main character, giving insight into his past as a naked snake and his transformation into Big Boss. This game emphasized the ethos of Big Boss, a soldier who believed above all in loyalty to his country and his comrades. His personality was characterized by resilience, determination and perseverance in the face of difficulties. However, the betrayal and deception of his trusted allies led to disillusionment and transformation into a character of radical beliefs.
The Peace Walker and Phantom Pain games then delve into Big Boss's journey and the decisions he made that led him to become the supposed villain of the original games. Kojima showed his character progression by making compelling narrative choices that humanized the Big Boss and encouraged audience empathy. His multifaceted development has made Big Boss a unique character who changes drastically throughout the timeline while remaining consistent in his core beliefs. Its creation was a turning point in the Metal Gear franchise, bringing depth and complexity to the world and allowing for richer storylines about politics, war, and the human condition. Players both loved and hated Big Boss, showing the effectiveness of bold moves in creating such a dynamic character.

Character Profile

Big Boss, also known as Naked Snake, is the main character in the Metal Gear universe. Known as a legendary warrior and founder of the military states of Outer Sky and Zanzibar Land, he became a symbol of rebellion against the world's political systems.
Born Jon, he was trained by The Boss, the so-called "mother of special forces", and served in the FOX unit during the Cold War. He was the star of Operation Snake Eater, where he was tasked with killing his mentor, The Boss. The Boss' goals and philosophy greatly influenced him and led him to create a nation for soldiers, for soldiers. His fighting and tactical skills were second to none, as were his leadership skills. He managed to command the total loyalty of those under his command, leading to the formation of the powerful Diamond Dogs and Militaire Sans Frontieres private militias. However, his path was not always straight and he often clashed with his former ally Major Zero, leading to disturbing conflicts.
Despite his varied and complex nature, sometimes driven by heroism and sometimes revenge, Big Boss remains one of the most iconic and enduring characters in video game history. His story, full of sacrifices, betrayals and epic battles, continues to fascinate players from all over the world.

Story Arc

Born John, Big Boss is an iconic figure from the Metal Gear saga. Its plot is full of moments of tension, order and chaos, marked by the principles of loyalty, revenge and the constant struggle for independence. John is introduced as a skilled soldier, but as time goes on we see that he has become disillusioned with the government, leading to his transformation into Big Boss.
The roots of Big Boss' story go back to the 1960s, during the events of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Codenamed Snake, he was recruited into the covert operations group FOX Unit. Here he developed a deep respect for his mentor Boss. His death at his own hands, orchestrated by his own government, became the defining moment in his frustration and desire to create a rogue state.
John transforms into Big Boss after Snake Eater. His resentment grew as he worked for his previous employers, the very system he thought he served loyally. He eventually breaks away, founds Soldiers Without Borders, and becomes Big Boss. His new path led him to constantly question the loyalty of soldiers and their value in society. One of Big Boss's most important moves was the creation of Outer Heaven, a paradise for his soldiers, clearly echoing his mentor's vision of a world free of government exploitation. It was Outer Heaven's rebellion against the United States that led to the birth of the legend Big Boss, and his character continues to resonate throughout the series, even when he was physically absent. His ideals, carried over by genetically enhanced children, became a central theme of the Metal Gear series.
Big Boss's arc from patriotic soldier to disillusioned rebel thus features changing perspectives on war, loyalties and the often harsh realities soldiers face. In the end, he becomes the epitome of the paradox of a soldier seeking peace but constantly at war, endearing him to legions of Metal Gear fans around the world.

Cultural Impact

Over the decades, the Big Boss of the Metal Gear series has grown from a seemingly simple video game antagonist to a cultural icon. His character's shadow hangs over the gaming world, influencing storytelling and character development across the industry. His journey from hero to villain and back again forces viewers to ponder the gray area between right and wrong, a nuanced theme that was groundbreaking at the time of the game's release. Its complex nature has also sparked debates about morality and individual agency within the gaming community. In addition to gaming, Big Boss's influence can be felt in other media, as many film and comic book villains bear similarities to his character. Known for his distinctive eye patch, Big Boss has become synonymous with innovative storytelling in video games, demonstrating their potential as a vehicle for complex plots and deep character exploration. Looking ahead, there's no doubt that Big Boss' legacy will continue to shape the video game landscape for generations to come.


Big Boss, better known as the Naked Snake, is a famous war hero turned mercenary who plays the main role in the Metal Gear series. Initially commanded by Major Zero, his exploits during Operation Snake Eater solidify his status as a legendary figure. After saying goodbye to Zero, he creates his own military organizations, including Militaires Sans Frontières and Diamond Dogs, further improving his combat strategy and leadership skills. His massive influence on the series extends beyond his own life, as his genetic heritage is the basis for the creation of Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, and Solidus Snake. Despite being seen as a villain, Big Boss often has a deeper meaning to his actions, dealing with complex issues such as the morality of war and the manipulation of soldiers. His death in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ends his character, but his legacy continues to reverberate throughout the Metal Gear universe.