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Liquid Snake

General Info

Liquid Snake logo
Job TitleFOXHOUND commander
Birth Date1972-01-01
Birth PlaceUnited Kingdom
Knows aboutWarfare, Espionage, FOXHOUND
Alternate NameEli
Character NameLiquid Snake
Member of OrganizationFOXHOUND, The Patriots
The main antagonist of the Metal Gear universe, Liquid Snake is a well-conceived character with many layers of complexity. He is a genetically enhanced clone of Big Boss, one of the most iconic characters from the original series. With his genes and superior fighting skills, Liquid's unrelenting determination to surpass his origins and seize world power makes him a formidable foe. Although initially portrayed as a hardened villain, his character evolves to reveal the trauma and desperate struggle for identity beneath the raw and ruthless exterior. His complicated relationship with his brother Solid Snake gives the story a fascinating dynamic. Deeply rooted in the core of the saga, Liquid's actions fundamentally shape the vast world of Metal Gear.


Liquid Snake is the main character of the Metal Gear series, best known for his cunning and survival skills. Born in 1972 as a result of the Les Enfants Terribles project, Liquid was genetically modified to be the perfect warrior, embodying all the genes of his "father", the world-famous soldier Big Boss.
His status as one of gaming's most iconic villains is well-deserved. Throughout the series, Liquid manipulates both his enemies and allies, using psychological warfare and deception to achieve his goals. His most infamous move, the takeover of Shadow Moses Island in Metal Gear Solid, is an example of this, showing his tactical prowess and lust for power. Despite his ruthless tactics, Liquid's charisma and complex motivations add depth to his character. He is driven by a desire to surpass Big Boss's legacy and prove his worth, giving him a tragic undertone that makes him more than just an adversary. His deep bond and rivalry with his twin brother, Solid Snake, reinforces the themes of identity and nature and nurture that run throughout the series.
Whether you see him as a misunderstood anti-hero or a ruthless villain, Liquid Snake's lasting impact on the Metal Gear universe is undeniable. His manipulative personality and relentless pursuit of his goals make him a compelling character that players love to hate.


Liquid Snake, born Eli, is the reincarnated clone of Big Boss, a legendary soldier and one of the main figures in the Metal Gear universe. He was created as part of the secret government project Les Enfants Terribles to clone Big Boss, the "greatest warrior of the 20th century". Liquid was considered a genetic failure of the project as he allegedly inherited Big Boss's "recessive" traits and genes.
Raised in the UK, Liquid joined the British SAS where he received first class military training to become a skilled fighter and tactician. As a teenager, he served in the Gulf War and was even held as a prisoner of war. Despite the difficulties, Liquid's skill and strategic brilliance earned him recognition as an effective warrior.
Liquid has a complicated relationship with his other clone brothers, Solid Snake and Solidus Snake. He holds a great grudge against Solid Snake, who he believes has inherited Big Boss's "dominant" genes. Liquid's resentment and rivalry with Solid Snake is one of the main storylines of the Metal Gear series.
As the head of a special forces unit called FOXHOUND, Liquid led an armed uprising on Shadow Moses Island, setting the stage for the events of Metal Gear Solid. His ultimate goal was to create a world where warriors were always needed and respected, a vision he inherited from the Big Boss known as "Outer Sky".
Despite his antagonistic role in the series, Liquid Snake is shown as a complex and versatile character. His charismatic leadership, strategic brilliance and fighting skills make him a formidable presence. His genetic inferiority complex and his fueled rage paint a tragic picture of a man desperate to prove his worth by surpassing his beloved and hated lineage, the Big Boss.

Creation and Development

Liquid Snake is the main protagonist of the elaborately developed Metal Gear universe, with an abundance of depth and complexity, and is a great example of the franchise's storytelling.
Created through a secret genetic project known as Les Enfants Terribles, Liquid Snake is a clone of the legendary soldier Big Boss. His creation was refined through careful genetic engineering to inherit seemingly superior dominant traits and later transform him into a formidable opponent with advanced combat skills and strategic acumen.
Liquid's complex personality is primarily shaped by his fascinating relationship with his clone twin, Solid Snake. The rivalry between the two was the foundation and pillar of his character arc, which has themes of siblings, identity, and fighting fate. It dramatizes Liquid's relentless quest to overcome his genetic predisposition and create his own destiny, a journey filled with inner turmoil and resentment towards his creators.
Liquid Snake's development was not limited to his intriguing story, but was also reflected in his unique design and immense physical prowess. His character was physically created as a mirror image of Solid Snake, with prominent blonde hair and a ribbon symbolizing their shared genetic origin. Furthermore, his robust physical stature encompassed an advantage in his genetic makeup, which was highlighted throughout the series by his exceptional combat and tactical skills.
With impressive narrative progression and extensive character design, Liquid Snake has been carefully developed into a compelling antagonist that brings the outer gameplay of the Metal Gear franchise to life. His character represents not only a physical opponent, but also an ideological one, emphasizing the essential role of history in shaping the essence of a game character.

Character Profile

Liquid Snake, born Eli, is an important but complex character in the Metal Gear universe. Known for his cold and calculating demeanor, he is one of the cloned sons of Big Boss along with his counterparts: Solid Snake and Solidus Snake.
Liquid has blonde hair, a muscular build and a Middle Eastern accent. He is a man driven by an intense anger due to his genetic background that fuels his desire to dominate. Training in the British SAS and serving in many conflicts around the world honed his combat skills, making him a highly skilled soldier. His leadership skills stand out in his leadership of FOXHOUND. This is where his strategic ingenuity comes into play as he orchestrates the Shadow Moses incident in pursuit of global nuclear supremacy. Despite his ominous aims, he speaks eloquently about human freedom and agency, demonstrating the intellectual depth behind his hostile facade.
Liquid's "will to surpass his father" creates a mirror rivalry against his brother Solid Snake, though both are pawns in larger conspiracies. He treats their struggle as genetic destiny, foregrounding the intriguing dialectic of nature and nurture. Although the character of Liquid Snake is evil, it reflects the series' exploration of the human cost of war. His troubled genesis, together with the opposite, ultimately colors a tragic figure, conveying the fatal burden of inherited heritage and the deep irony embodied in it.
Despite his antagonistic role in the game series, Liquid Snake is recognized as one of the most memorable characters in Metal Gear history due to his complex personality and motivations, cunning manipulation, and intense rivalry with his twin brother Solid Snake.

Story Arc

Liquid Snake, real name Eli, is one of the main enemies of the Metal Gear universe and plays an important role in the story because of his complicated relationship and evil intentions.
The story reveals Liquid as a clone of the famous soldier Big Boss, who was the result of a secret government project in the 1980s called Les Enfants Terribles. He and Solid Snake, another Big Boss clone, share a unique relationship and rivalry. Liquid grows up thinking he is an inferior clone; a belief that fuels his resentment and ambition.
In Metal Gear Solid, Liquid leads a group of renegade Foxhound agents in an armed uprising on Shadow Moses Island. His goal is to obtain Metal Gear REX, a bipedal mech with nuclear weapons. This is how he plans to redeem the world and create his own version of the Big Boss dream: a world where soldiers are always needed and respected.
Liquid's apparent death in Metal Gear Solid is a great spoof, as he returns in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in the form of Liquid Ocelot. The fluid is believed to represent the control of the ally Revolver Ocelot when the hand is transplanted. The long-awaited showdown between the two brothers takes place in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This climactic battle between Liquid Ocelot and the rapidly aging Solid Snake is the epic finale of the long-running clone rivalry.
Liquid Snake is more than a villain. It's a distorted mirror image of Solid Snake, representing what the main character could have become under different circumstances. Every action in Liquid Snake serves to question the moral of the story and adds depth to the central themes of heritage, identity and personal freedom.

Cultural Impact

Liquid Snake from the acclaimed Metal Gear series has proven to be a major influence on popular culture. Since his first appearance in the series, his complex backstory and deep personality have epitomized the antihero trope in video game narratives.
Liquid's unforgettable monologues about genetic conditioning and fate touched on deep philosophical questions. His character brought attention to existentialism and pushed the boundaries of the kind of narrative that can be explored in a video game. This challenged much of the pre-existing storytelling in the gaming world and led to major changes in the story of future games. As a character with roots in espionage, warfare, and cloning, Liquid Snake's storyline contributed to a larger dialogue about the ethical issues surrounding genetic engineering and human cloning. His story opened the door for other game developers to explore these themes, creating a more reflective and contemplative video game genre.
Also, his portrayal of a tragic villain resonates with the audience. Liquid's story shows the negative effects of child soldiers and the dehumanization caused by war. Thus, the character's legacy is not limited to the game's villain and is symbolic of wider social issues.


Liquid Snake left a huge legacy in the Metal Gear universe. He was a clone of Big Boss, considered to be one of the greatest warriors to ever live, and demonstrated exceptional leadership over his FOXHAUND unit. Liquid started the Shadow Moses incident and not only challenged the world, but also tried to overcome his own genetic heritage. His influence extended beyond his lifetime, and his consciousness lived on through the revolver Ocelot, a hand transplant. The controversial but influential decisions he made influenced major events and shaped the series' history. Liquid's existence constantly challenged notions of identity, destiny, and free will that resonated deeply with players, making him one of Metal Gear's most memorable characters. His ambivalent nature reflected the complex world of military politics depicted in the game and left an indelible mark on the franchise. Despite his antagonistic role, Liquid Snake remains an important figure whose legacy continues to influence the Metal Gear universe.