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Revolver Ocelot

General Info

Revolver Ocelot logo
Job TitleSpecial agent, spy, gunslinger
Birth Date1944-01-01
Birth PlaceNormandy, France
Knows aboutInterrogation, torture, sharpshooting, psychological manipulation
Alternate NameADAM, Major Ocelot
Character NameRevolver Ocelot
Member of OrganizationFOXHOUND, The Patriots, GRU, The Philosophers
Born in Adamska, Revolver Ocelot is a powerful and essential figure in the Metal Gear universe. A known master of cunning and deception, Ocelot is an elite gunsmith known for his use of his namesake Colt Single Action Army Revolver. His masterful manipulative skills and connections to numerous organizations, including FOXHOUND and The Patriots, solidify his status as a major character in the series. Despite the apparent shifts in his allegiances, his ultimate goal remains constant: the desire for a world free from patriot control. Ocelot's intriguing combination of charm, ruthlessness, and long-term purpose gives the character an enduring aura that fundamentally shapes the Metal Gear saga.


Known for his uncanny marksmanship, Revolver Ocelot is a fascinating figure in the Metal Gear universe that leaves a lasting impression in every installment of the franchise in which he appears. Born on Adamska, Ocelot had an eventful early life that shaped his future as a skilled soldier and intelligence agent. Growing up in an environment teeming with hostility and conflict, he developed his exceptional marksmanship from an early age.
Able to ricochet off targets around corners, the Ocelot is as gorgeous as it is deadly. Despite his often carefree demeanor, he is a master manipulator with a strong commitment to his agenda, often playing the role of behind-the-scenes puppeteer. Ocelot's status as a triple agent and shifting allegiances make his actions nearly impossible to predict.
At the same time, Revolver Ocelot is full of paradoxes. It is both a merciless fighter who does not hesitate to kill and a conflicted character who is drawn to loyalty. With a rich history and an integral role in the events of the Metal Gear universe, Ocelot is definitely a character that demands attention and respect. His remarkable resilience and adaptability have made him one of the franchise's most iconic and memorable characters.


Revolver Ocelot, originally named Adamska (Адамска) but also known as ADAM, Shalashaska (シャラシャーシカ) or simply Ocelot, is the main figure of Konami's Metal Gear series. The name "Revolver" accurately describes his extraordinary skill with the Colt Single Action Army revolver. An agent of FOXHOUND, he becomes an agent of various organizations and powers over the course of the series.
Born on a battlefield and raised in the midst of war, Ocelot's life has been deeply affected by the conflict. He was the offspring of the amazing and legendary soldiers The Joy (aka The Boss) and The Sorrow. However, he never knew his parents, making him a haunted and confused character throughout the series. Until the end of his life, he imagined his mother's friend, Big Boss, trying to live under his rule and create a free world for soldiers, Outer Heaven.
Throughout the series, he is portrayed as a master manipulator, creating meticulously complex schemes to make his dreams come true. His identity is enigmatic, his loyalties as varied as his changing clothes, but with one unwavering goal. Although he was seen as a loyal and principled person, his complex schemes made him look like a traitor in front of others. So it adds mystery and luster to his character.
With Revolver Ocelot, the Metal Gear series introduces a unique and fascinating antagonist. His Machiavellian cunning combined with his exceptional skills as a marksman and warrior make him an unforgettable character that perfectly complements the tapestry of the Metal Gear saga. His depth of character captivates players with this conflicted personality, making him one of the greatest characters in video game history.

Creation and Development

The Revolver Ocelot character was a study in contrasts from the creation process. The creators needed a villain who was also relatable, creating a complex character who was both an enemy and occasional ally of the main character, Solid Snake.
Designing the Ocelot was a painstaking process in which the developers balanced his evil and unpredictable qualities with cool professionalism and loyalty. His western cowboy motif was a deliberate choice to reflect his outlaw nature and prowess as a gunslinger. The design team was particularly keen to create his signature revolver spin sequence, a clever combination of spinning pistol shots seen in Western films and Russian roulette, a metaphorical nod to Ocelot's Russian heritage. The development of Ocelot's narrative was also intriguing. The developers have left crumbling traces of his story and motivations throughout the series, giving players nuggets of information to piece together. He is the son of The Boss and Sorrow, which adds another dimension to his character and explains his unique abilities. His ever-changing alliances, wrapped in layers of trickery and manipulation, keep players guessing about his end.
His Russian and American heritage was aptly symbolized by his weapon of choice, a Colt Single Action Army revolver often associated with the American Wild West, but this interest contrasted with his nostalgia for Soviet Russia. Similarly, even though Ocelot plays the antagonist in most of the series, he has a lot of respect for Solid Snake, making their comparisons very personal.
Overall, the creation and development of Revolver Ocelot required a detailed and thoughtful narrative along with powerful visual cues, bringing together a character that is more than just a villain or ally, but a compelling personality within the Metal Gear universe.

Character Profile

Born Adamska or simply known as Ocelot, Revolver Ocelot is a mysterious and complex character in the Metal Gear series. A three-time spy, he's known for shifting alliances and constant betrayals, making him a real wild card in the series.
Ocelot was born on the battlefields of World War II and raised in the Soviet Union. Excellent at interrogation and fluent in six languages, Ocelot's talent made him a valuable asset. He quickly rose through the ranks to become a major in the Russian Spetsnaz special operations forces. But his real claim to fame was his excellent marksmanship and uncanny ability to direct bullets to hit targets.
Despite his seemingly carefree nature, Ocelot was driven by a deep loyalty to his homeland. However, he always sought the balance of power in the world, which is why he often changed his position depending on the need of the moment.
Ocelot was also a master manipulator: his elaborate schemes were often cloaked in deception, making it difficult for others to predict his next move. This unpredictability has made Ocelot an intriguing and influential player in the world of Metal Gear. Although he often appeared as a simple villain, Ocelot was more of an anti-hero, playing an integral role in the events that shaped the Metal Gear universe. His loyalty, complex schemes and masterful management have made him unforgettable in the annals of Metal Gear history. But for all his deceit and duplicity, Ocelot was a man trying to uncover his past and find his place in the world.

Story Arc

Born Adamska (aka ADAM), Revolver Ocelot is a main character in the Metal Gear universe who started out as an antagonist but gradually evolved into a complex personality. His character arc is deeply intertwined with the series' themes of loyalty, betrayal, and identity.
Born to the legendary Boss and Sorrow, his exceptional lineage predisposed him to great skills as a soldier and spy. Fascinated by the art of gun shooting and passionate about the Old West, he codenamed himself Revolver Ocelot. Ocelot's dexterity with weapons and memorable personality made him a driving force in history. He was originally introduced as an antagonist in the original Metal Gear Solid. Ocelot acted as an agent of the shadowy organization FOXHOUND and led a rebellion on Shadow Moses Island. The level of intrigue reached a fever pitch when he was possessed by the ghost of Liquid Snake, who directed the plots of the last games.
As he was devoted to spying for Major Zero and his group, The Patriots, his allegiance shifted to Big Boss, fueling internal strife. As revealed in Metal Gear Solid 3, his loyalty to Big Boss dictated his actions and decisions. A major turning point in his character arc occurred in Metal Gear Solid 4, where he deliberately pretended to be Liquid (Liquid Ocelot) in order to deceive the Patriots. This calculated but extremely dangerous move demonstrated his dedication to destroying the Patriots and reflected his inherent boldness and ability to place high stakes.
In Metal Gear Solid 5, we see Ocelot as Venom Snake's trusted confidant and ally, providing him with essential guidance and vision.
Throughout the labyrinthine storyline of the Metal Gear series, Ocelot remains a compelling puzzle, a testament to his multi-layered and well-developed character, reflecting the cyclical nature of loyalties and the profound implications of ideological change.

Cultural Impact

A prominent antagonist in the Metal Gear series, Revolver Ocelot has had a significant impact on popular culture and resonates with a wide range of audiences. Ocelot's complex and mysterious personality, combining the cool charisma of an Old West shooter with the shrewd intelligence of a seasoned spy, has inspired many reactions and interpretations from fans. His lasting legacy is evident in numerous online communities, from fan art and cosplay activities to widespread debate about his complex role in the Metal Gear storyline.
Outside of Metal Gear fans, Ocelot's influence is wider. His iconic revolver-twirling gestures have been incorporated into various game and anime characters as a symbol of humor and intimidation. The brazen betrayal scenes involving Ocelot have been parodied in several pop culture references. His character's consistent display of tactical brilliance and guile has also been an academic focus, sparking debates about morality and identity in video game narratives. As such, Revolver Ocelot's lasting cultural impact is a testament to the rich narrative and character development of the Metal Gear series.


Revolver Ocelot's legacy in the Metal Gear universe is nothing short of iconic. Hailing from the Spetsnaz, Russia's famed special forces, he has established himself as an unparalleled gunslinger with an uncanny rapport with the Western opposition. Distinct from his beloved Colt Single Action Army revolvers, its deadly touch and precision are second to none. As a triple-agent cop, his loyalties were shrouded in mystery and played a central role in major events as he aligned himself with later incarnations of The Snake. This complex story, full of twists and turns, feeds his character, making him an integral part of the saga of the series. Whether fans of the franchise see themselves as a villain, a hero, or somewhere in between, Revolver Ocelot's legacy includes a fascinating mix of fear, dread, and intrigue that is definitely a hallmark of the experience. Metal Gear.