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General Info

Faction NameFOXHOUND
FOXHOUND, a special forces group from the Metal Gear universe, is an elite black ops unit. They are known for conducting covert operations and specialize in single-handedly penetrating enemy territory. Each member is made up of agents selected from the best military units in the world and possess extraordinary skills. This group was conceived by the creator of the game series, Hideo Kojima. They first appeared in Metal Gear 2. Over the years, FOXHOUND's character and purpose have evolved to match the changing political landscape of the game. Their operations range from counter-terrorism to international crisis management and coups. Members are remembered for their important roles in the Shadow Moses incident and the Big Shell incident. This faction is known for its intense training regime, training operatives capable of unimaginable tasks.


FOXHOUND is an exclusive elite special forces group in the vast Metal Gear universe created by Hideo Kojima. Founded by Big Boss, the group started out as a small but formidable unit known for covert operations that most secret organizations would not dare undertake.
The unit operates under the motto "Violence over fear, chaos and treachery", demonstrating its absolute dedication to maintaining balance and order even in the most volatile of circumstances. At its peak, FOXHOUND earned a well-deserved reputation for completing impossible missions and handling global crisis situations with efficiency and determination.
Throughout the cast of the Metal Gear series, numerous characters are associated with FOXHOUND, serving as both heroes and villains. Members are selected from the best military organizations around the world, ensuring a diverse range of skills and specialties within the team.
Despite being disbanded and reformed multiple times for various reasons, FOXHOUND remains a compelling character in the Metal Gear series, showcasing the effects of war, the intricacies of loyalty, and the clear line between good and evil. Its deep and twisty story of confusion, betrayal and redemption has entertained and enthralled gamers for decades, earning it a permanent place in gaming history.


Founded by Big Boss and Roy Campbell, FOXHOUND, a specialized military unit in the Metal Gear universe, has a complex and rich history.
The creation of FOXHOUND ushered in a new era of covert operations, with the team initially trained to counter domestic threats in response to the growing number of regional conflicts and global terrorism.
FOXHOUND's critical involvement began with the Outer Sky Rebellion of the 1980s, where the legend of Unit Agent Solid Snake began. He successfully infiltrated the fortress, thwarted the deployment of the TX-55 Metal Gear, and eliminated the threat of Big Boss, the man responsible for its creation.
FOXHOUND has undergone major changes since Snake's first mission. During the Zanzibar Land Disturbance, it turned into a unit specializing in high-risk covert missions. This development was aimed at a variety of unconventional warfare such as counter-terrorism operations, guerrilla warfare, and psychological warfare.
FOXHOUND's operations tested the unit's capabilities during the Shadow Moses incident. The disinformation spread by Psycho Mantis led the unit to rebel against the United States government, questioning its ethics and modus operandi.
FOXHOUND broke up shortly after the Shadow Moses incident. But the unit's legacy lived on, shaping the future of warfare and influencing the creation of subsequent private military companies in the Metal Gear universe, further symbolizing Big Boss's vision of a world where soldiers always have a place.
FOXHOUND's story not only reflects the changing face of the battlefield, but also bears witness to the eternal tension between duty, morality, and the grim reality of war.

Notable Members

Member #
Big Boss
Liquid Snake
Solid Snake
Revolver Ocelot
Psycho Mantis
Sniper Wolf
Vulcan Raven
Decoy Octopus
Kazuhira Miller
Grey Fox


FOXHOUND operates worldwide in various geographic locations and is impressively agile in adapting to local terrain and climate. The unit's main base, located in a top secret location in the United States, facilitates the execution of missions in America. The complex includes advanced strategic planning tools, training areas that simulate different regions of the world, and advanced communication technology for global coordination of operations.
FOXHOUND operations teams excel in extreme terrain, from the frigid Arctic ice fields to the sweltering sands of Middle Eastern deserts. Their rigorous training includes jungle warfare tactics, operations in mountainous terrain and submarine infiltration, preparing them for any perceived geographic challenge. Several FOXHOUND members have also participated in operations in urban environments during political unrest, demonstrating their adaptability. Some missions even take them to unique locations such as offshore oil rigs and secret island bases, highlighting their global reach.
Regardless of the geographical complexity, the FOXHOUND has consistently demonstrated its unmatched versatility and effectiveness in combating a variety of terrain and climate conditions. Their ability to thrive and achieve goals despite geographical limitations has cemented their reputation as one of the most formidable special operations forces in the Metal Gear universe.

Legacy and Impact

FOXHOUND's legacy in the Metal Gear universe is a model of military strategy, covert operations, and a testament to sheer will. Although FOXHOUND was originally developed as a special forces unit for deep penetration missions, FOXHOUND's legacy has extended far beyond the battlefield. His contributions to strategic combat tactics and espionage changed the dynamics of warfare on a global scale, ensuring a lasting legacy in the annals of military history. However, FOXHOUND's influence is not limited to the military world; it has become synonymous with courage, resilience and a never-give-up attitude. His legacy continues to inspire characters throughout the Metal Gear universe, reaffirming his everlasting impact. Despite its controversial past, the essence of the unit lives on, constantly influencing generations and shaping the course of future military development. FOXHOUND's mark on the world of Metal Gear is largely indelible, a testament to its unforgettable existence.