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Shadow Moses

General Info

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Area/RegionAleutian Islands
Latitude[object Object]
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Location NameShadow Moses
Alternate NameShadow Moses Island
Shadow Moses is a remote island off the coast of Alaska and the main location in the Metal Gear universe. Surrounded by sub-arctic conditions, several nuclear bipedal tanks, known as Metal Gears, were being revolutionized. The top-secret military base was believed to be abandoned until it became the site of a nuclear accident known as the Shadow Moses Incident by the special forces unit FOXHOUND. This event led to the return of the legendary soldier Solid Snake. The island's harsh climate and isolated nature make it an important location for complex covert missions where strategy and skill make the difference between life and death. Barely untouched by the rest of the world, Shadow Moses brings with him a rich history of mysteries, revelations and thrilling battles that have etched his iconic status in the rich tradition of the Metal Gear series.


Shadow Moses Island is a remote Alaskan land and the iconic scene of the groundbreaking Metal Gear Solid. This remote industrial facility, located on the ice of the Fox Archipelago, was instrumental in the disposal and development of nuclear weapons in the late 20th century. High-tech walls and fortifications give way to a maze of corridors, control rooms and warehouses, often overshadowed by the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness.
A unique blend of man and nature, Shadow Moses reflects the philosophical conflicts inherent in the Metal Gear series. It is a place where the cold, mechanized reality of war collides with the harsh, wintry landscape. Each snowy field and underground tunnel is not only a battlefield, but also a strategic puzzle that requires the mastery of stealth tactics.
But in the shadows, it's not just the cold that sends shivers down Moses' spine. He is also haunted by the events of the twin serpent. Its desert echoes with the ghosts of FOXHOUND's elite and the timeless confrontation between Solid Snake and his brother Liquid. Even years after his death, Shadow Moses has a curious yet compelling appeal, a testament to the deep storytelling and immersive gameplay that made Metal Gear Solid a cornerstone of modern video games. Any fan of the franchise will remember the moments of sneaking across a platform or navigating a frozen wasteland as an integral part of the game's story.
But while it may be a battlefield, Shadow Moses Island isn't just a symbol of war. Between the seriousness and the grief, the island is also a testament to resilience, the willpower of one man against an army, a powerful monument in the Metal Gear universe.


A remote Alaskan archipelago is home to the epicenter of intrigue and covert operations: Shadow Moses Island. This place has a long history, deeply rooted in the fabric of the Metal Gear universe.
Originally established as a defense depot by the ArmsTech Corporation, Shadow Moses has been transformed into a nuclear weapons depot, primarily engaged in the dismantling of nuclear warheads. The monumental change was accompanied by the construction of a colossal underground basement - a labyrinth of complexes that performed various secret functions.
1995 was a crucial turning point. The bipedal nuclear tank Metal Gear Rex was created illegally under armed supervision. The following years were filled with internal strife, evidence tampering and assassination attempts. Finally, terrorist threats from the former special ops unit FOXHOUND catapulted Shadow Moses in front of the world's eyes.
In the iconic 2005 In "The Shadow Moses Incident", Solid Snake, a legendary soldier, was deployed to negate a nuclear threat and eliminate rogue members of FOXHOUND. This high-voltage conflict transformed the island from a secret base into an international espionage center. In recent years, crumbling infrastructure has succumbed to Alaska's harsh and unforgiving climate, saving only remnants of its controversial past. Now a derelict and derelict echo of itself, the Isle of Shadow Moses is a testament to the ephemeral nature of power and the devastating effects of unchecked ambition. Once a vibrant center, today it stands as a stark reminder of the never-ending struggle between freedom and control.


Shadow Moses is a remote island in the Fox Archipelago in the Gulf of Alaska. He is known for his tactical training in top secret operations. It's an unparalleled location that made its name in the Metal Gear universe thanks to its role as an iconic setting in Metal Gear Solid.
In the early 1990s, the island became the center of international covert activity when the US government decided to set up a nuclear weapons depot here. The isolated nature of the Shadow Moses makes it perfect for keeping risky weapons away from prying eyes and potential threats. Little did the government know that Shadow Moses would hold much more than obsolete nuclear weapons. It developed and produced the bipedal tanks known as Metal Gears under the leadership of respected scientist and engineer Dr. To Hal Emmerich.
Shadow Moses is surrounded by a constant blizzard, making it a place of extreme weather, isolated from the outside world. This hostile environment is perfect for covert missions and scientific research. It was here that the incident on Shadow Moses Island took place. This marks a major turning point in the saga and raises international tensions.
The island has a huge underground base with several units including; warhead storage building, warhead warehouse, and Metal Gear's underground maintenance base. After the rogue FOXHOUND unit was defeated, the facility was abandoned. It's a chilling reminder of the horrors of runaway technology, the instability of world politics, and the sheer courage of the heroes who endured it all. With icy gusts and cavernous halls echoing the ghosts of the past, Shadow Moses Island is much more than just an outpost in the snow. Shadow Moses is an integral part of the Metal Gear series, a stark monument to the darkness of war and the icy determination of those brave enough to face it. It is a reminder of the struggle between political intrigue, personal ambition, and the relentless pursuit of peace by a team of dedicated and unique heroes.