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Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef

General Info

Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef logo
GenresAnimation, Adventure, Comedy
Music BySteven Argila
TaglineJoin your favorite ghoulfriends in an all-new aquatic adventure!
Film NameMonster High: Great Scarrier Reef
StarringLarissa Galagher, Kate Higgins, Debi Derryberry
Directed ByWilliam Lau
Produced ByMargaret M. Dean, Stephen Davis, Tiffany J. Shuttleworth
Release Date2016-03-12
Running Time1h 12m
Screenplay ByNina G. Bargiel
Content RatingTV-Y7
Distributed ByUniversal Pictures
Original TitleMonster High: Great Scarrier Reef
Country of OriginUnited States
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qmykRzLgoM
World Premiere Date2016-02-12
Production Company NameMattel Playground Productions
Production Company Website URLhttps://play.mattel.com/
Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef immerses viewers in an underwater adventure full of surprises and mysteries. When the ghosts of Monster High trade their scary fashion for swimsuits, things get terrifyingly interesting. In this movie, Monster High students are transported under the sea to the Great Scarrier Reef. Here they meet new aquatic friends and face their worst fears. At the heart of the story is Laguna's willingness to face her past and come to terms with her aquatic origins, showing the importance of facing and overcoming our deepest fears. A stunning mix of horror, comedy and uplifting moral lessons, the film captures the essence of teamwork, friendship and acceptance. It's a sea voyage by the Monster High crew that will appeal to young and old alike!


The Great Scarrier Reef is a Monster High TV movie that explores themes of friendship, courage and acceptance with an aquatic fantasy. The story revolves around Lagoona Blue, a popular student at Monster High, as she is drawn into an underwater world known as the Great Horror Reef through an ocean maelstrom.
Trapped in this new environment with her ghostly friends, Lagoon must face her childhood nemesis and her deepest fears when she enters a scary dance competition. As the competition heats up, the film deftly mixes humor, adventure and heartfelt moments, highlighting the power of friendship and the strength that comes from their differences.
As Lagoon and her friends navigate the depths of the Great Scary Reef, they learn essential values ​​such as realizing their uniqueness and facing their fear. Encountering a variety of exotic aquatic creatures, harrowing adventures and thrilling dance sequences, this underwater journey transports the viewer into a visually stunning world filled with vibrant colors, vivid character designs and an incredible depth of detail.
At its core, Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef presents a fun mix of friendship, fun vibes, and valuable lessons wrapped up in an invigorating and enchanting adventure. And wet, and deep, and scary time!



'Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef' "film" screenshots
'Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef' "film" screenshots
'Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef' "film" screenshots
'Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef' "film" screenshots
'Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef' "film" screenshots
'Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef' "film" screenshots


Monster School: Big Scarrier Reef skillfully portrays the twists and turns of teenage anxiety through the monster world's unique lens. The story begins with Laguna Blue in the spotlight and having recurring nightmares about her home, the Great Reef. This serves as a trigger for an exciting adventure as the Monster High ghouls decide to unravel the mystery of Laguna's dreams. They travel underwater to the Great Scarrier Reef, where they undergo a terrifyingly comical transformation, transforming themselves into sea creatures.
Claudine, Cleo and Frankie have always been on Laguna's side, but now they team up as mermaids to help their friend face her worst fears. Their camaraderie will be tested as they navigate dangerous waters and encounter unfamiliar sea monsters. Among all of this, Laguna's story of acceptance and growth stands out: Long away from the Great Scarrier Reef, she forgot how awful it once was.
The film sheds light on Laguna's troubled relationship with Kala Mer'ri, her childhood bully. As the story progresses, Laguna not only confronts her fears, but also connects her bitter past with Kala, interpreting her bullying as a cry for help.
The film's climax is a testament to the power of friendship and courage. Accepting their unique monster essence, the ghouls invite Kala for the final epic showdown. The duel isn't without its problems, but culminates in Laguna's moment of triumph as she overcomes her fear and helps Kale deal with her insecurities. Once a somber symbol of the fear of the lagoon, today the Great Scarrier Reef is a beacon of hope and courage, a testament to the strength to face your fears and draw strength from them.


The Production segment of Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef took the utmost care and attention to create a high-quality animated experience that matches the vibrant, fun and scary aesthetic of the Monster High brand. This Monster High movie takes the beloved characters to a new underwater environment, the Great Scarrier Reef itself.
Creating an underwater world presented unique challenges. The animation team had to research and imagine how each character's specific characteristics would fit in the aquatic environment. Would their clothes float? How will their hair move? These nuances helped maintain the consistency fans have come to expect from the franchise while also providing a fresh perspective.
With Monster High's signature design elements, from exaggerated character traits to bursts of color, Great Scarrier Reef needed to stand out and fit into the established universe. The end result was a vibrant and intricately designed underwater city that provided a visually interesting contrast to the school corridors we usually see our heroines navigating.
The voiceover work was another big part. Each Monster High character has their own unique sound. Since the film was set in a magical underwater location, the voice talent had to imagine the adaptations their characters would make to communicate underwater. The pinnacle of their work not only maintained the unique excitement that each character brings, but also added the unexpected, keeping the audience on their toes.
Finally, the film's Dive In soundtrack raised the bar. The song, created especially for this film, perfectly reflected the fun, adventurous and slightly scary atmosphere that characterizes Monster High. Combining an eerie melody with fun pop elements, this song enhanced the overall tone of the film and encapsulated the adventure that was Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef.
This film represents a huge moment in the Monster High franchise, transporting the ghosts to a colorful underwater world full of mystery, non-stop action and, as always, a dramatic touch of teenage drama.


In the Great Scarrier Reef version, our beloved scary students from Monster High dive deep into a whole new world. The premiere of the film took place in 2016. and was warmly welcomed by fans and newcomers alike. The story takes our favorites Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue and Frankie Stein into an underwater universe. Here they face trials that are both terrifying and fascinating. Lagoon returns to her roots as a sea monster and meets friends and enemies from her past. The film is a whirlwind of excitement as it has a vibrant marine atmosphere interwoven with the inimitable spooky charm of Monster High. Old and new characters are introduced, each with their own unique style that completes the overall experience. This film surprises not only with its marine-inspired setting, but also with its fan-favorite soundtrack. The adventure combined with the characters' personal explorations once again show why Monster High is so beloved. Big Scary Reef is definitely a worthy addition to the Monster High film series. She managed to make her audience wait for the next episode. It has been widely released and is currently available on multiple platforms, waiting for you to discover.


Despite its straight-to-TV release, Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef was warmly received by mainstream audiences. The presentation of the film managed to attract the attention of young viewers with bright images and catchy songs. The story promoted acceptance and friendship despite challenges and differences, a common theme in the fan-favorite Monster High franchise.
Viewers appreciated the introduction of new marine-themed characters in addition to the usual cast. Their designs and personalities added freshness to the story and expanded the Monster High universe. The character perfectly captures the mischief and fun that punctuated their journey while exploring marine life.
The character development of the recurring main characters is especially praised. Fans loved watching their favorite characters face new situations that showed their growth and evolution. The script of these characters remained similar to the previous films, adding to the film's coherence.
Although the film received mostly positive reviews, some critics pointed out its outdated animation style. However, most viewers forgave it because of the compelling stories and lovable characters.
Overall, Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef is a fascinating addition to the popular Monster High franchise. The film maintains the values ​​of friendship and acceptance while introducing viewers to new characters and scenarios that deepen their understanding of the Monster High universe.

Cultural impact

The movie Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef has had a major impact on popular culture, especially for children and teenagers. The film highlights key themes of friendship, unity, self-acceptance and celebration of individuality that resonate deeply with young viewers.
The characters are based on certain cultural tropes or real-world monstrous figures, which has helped these figures gain cultural significance among their fans and influenced viewers' understanding of different cultures. For example, the Blue Lagoon character borrows heavily from Australian and Oceanian culture, using the theme of the Great Barrier Reef to educate viewers about environmental conservation.
Additionally, Monster High's commitment to diversity and representation is commendable and influential. The film's characters come from diverse backgrounds and have unique characteristics that defy conventional beauty standards and encourage a more holistic definition of beauty.
Another aspect of Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef's cultural impact is its merchandising. The film has spawned a range of merchandise, including everything from dolls to clothing, stationery and video games, all of which convey the brand's messages of friendship, acceptance and individuality.
All of these aspects support the cultural importance of Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef. It teaches kids valuable lessons about acceptance and diversity even while having fun.