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Monster High: 13 Wishes

General Info

Monster High: 13 Wishes logo
Game NameMonster High: 13 Wishes
DevelopersGame Machine Studios
Release Date2013-10-29
Game PlatformsNintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U
Publisher NameLittle Orbit
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.littleorbit.com/
Monster High: 13 Wishes is a challenging adventure game where players can immerse themselves in the complex world of Monster High. This game focuses on famous characters like Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura as they take on terrifying challenges to find magical lanterns, grant their wishes and ultimately uncover the secret of a cunning genius. Featuring solid graphics and interactive gameplay, this video game provides players with an engaging storyline that mirrors the 13 Wishes movie. The game's puzzles, secrets, and unlockables ensure there's something for everyone. Encourage creativity by customizing the game's characters while still tapping into the essence of Monster High, where uniqueness is not only embraced, but celebrated. This game is suitable for people of all ages and guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience.


'Monster High: 13 Wishes' game screenshots
'Monster High: 13 Wishes' game screenshots
'Monster High: 13 Wishes' game screenshots
'Monster High: 13 Wishes' game screenshots
'Monster High: 13 Wishes' game screenshots


Monster High: 13 Wishes is an immersive video game where players assume the role of their favorite Monster High characters and embark on an exciting journey through an exotic world. In this mystical dimension, players will encounter an engaging story filled with exciting missions that will challenge your skills.
Your goal is to rescue the other students trapped in a dream world created by a sinister spirit. Unleash your inner hero, solve intriguing puzzles and prioritize teamwork to overcome challenging obstacles. This game encourages players to explore an enchanting new realm filled with secret passages, hidden chests, and vibrant landscapes. Things get scary when you encounter an evil spirit and face difficulties, with only 13 wishes to help you on your journey. True to the spirit of Monster High, the game seamlessly combines elements of fear and fashion. Choose your favorite creeper with their own special abilities and dress up in elegant outfits as you enter the spooky world.
Innovative game mechanics, charismatic characters and an engaging storyline make Monster High: 13 Wishes a must-play game. It's an immersive gaming experience that transcends age and gender, making it a hit with both fans and newcomers to the Monster High franchise.



In Monster High: 13 Wishes, players will experience an exciting journey through the landscapes of the Monster High universe. The game begins with players choosing one of six playable characters, each with unique abilities that unlock different parts of the levels.
The gameplay is all about solving challenging puzzles and fighting terrifying enemies in this adventure platformer. The goal is to collect various items, including coins and gems, which will help you explore hidden secret areas and unlock special bonuses. Players can also find and collect lantern icons that direct them to another location or level. These lanterns add an element of strategy to the game as players must find the most efficient way to reach these glowing beacons.
Different character abilities play an important role in how players approach each level. Some characters can jump higher, while others can slide across platforms or crawl through tight spaces, making each level feel fresh and challenging.
Additionally, at the end of each stage, players face various bosses, culminating in a final confrontation with the evil Gigi. These boss battles test players' skill and strategy and are the highlights of the game. The game exudes the spirit of Monster High, its bright design and immersive gameplay make it a very enjoyable journey for all fans. Excellent and varied level design combined with unique character abilities and challenging puzzles make Monster High: 13 Wishes an exciting and fun experience. So get ready to uncover secrets, overcome obstacles and save the day in the whimsical world of Monster High!

Gameplay video


In Monster High: 13 Wishes, players belong to a fascinating mystical world where they meet Howleen Wolf, the younger brother of Clawdeen Wolf, who encounters a mystical lamp that leads to a series of catastrophic events. Genie Gigi grants Howleen not one, but thirteen wishes.
Blinded by her desire to be popular, Howleen makes a series of wishes, not realizing the consequences each wish can bring. Suddenly, the peaceful Monster High becomes a dark maze. The once welcoming and friendly corridors are now teeming with dark shadows and sinister laughter, and terrifying enemies lurk around every corner. Players can take on their favorite characters: Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura, each with unique abilities that are critical to solving the challenges ahead. They must navigate gloomy corridors, face monstrous creatures, break curses and discover hidden treasures. They have to collect coins to unlock additional content, accessories and new stylish clothes for their avatars.
They must race through cavernous mazes, explore mysterious catacombs, and decipher baffling puzzles in an effort to guide the elusive lamp to her crypt before it's too late. Will Monster High fall into shadowy darkness, or will you be able to restore it to its former glory? Therefore, the game is a journey into the secrets of the wishing well and the irreversible and dangerous decisions that can be made.


In the "creation" of Monster High: 13 Wishes, the design team worked hard to bring the beloved Monster High characters to life. The highlight of the design is the story of Monster High: 13 Wishes, where each character is granted a wish that can have dramatic, hilarious and often dangerous consequences.
The development team focused on integrating story elements and themes from the series to maintain authenticity. This includes Monster High's unique visual style, featuring a distinct combination of spookiness and chic fashion sense. It's all designed to evoke the stylized teenage chic of the show's characters.
Each character is programmed with a different set of traits and abilities, as well as obvious weaknesses to enhance gameplay. Additional mechanics such as jumping and flying blend seamlessly into the game's environment, allowing players to replicate some of the characteristics of their favorite characters.
Equally important is the diverse and interactive game environment. The team is creating a terrifying world that expands the Monster High experience beyond the television series. Each location is tactically designed to encourage discovery, challenge players' decision-making skills, and provide a variety of game scenarios.
The music and sound effects are carefully chosen to maintain an eerie atmosphere, engage players, and the artistic efforts stay true to the original character designs and personalities, making players feel part of the Monster High world. Game development Monster High: 13 Wishes truly brings the enchanting magic of the series to life and promises players an unforgettable gaming experience.


The release of Monster High: 13 Wishes was a momentous occasion for fans of the Monster High franchise. The game offers an exciting adventure and takes players to the Monster High universe where they meet their favorite characters. Originally debuting on Nintendo platforms, 13 Wishes quickly became a beloved part of the franchise.
As players navigate the unique school environment, they embark on an exciting journey full of twists, turns and many surprises. Players also have the ability to cloak their characters, allowing them to hide and add extra excitement to the game. Like the popular doll line and web series, the game emphasizes the importance of friendship, acceptance, and celebrating your uniqueness.
Perhaps the most appealing feature of 13 Wishes is the distinctive Monster High style that is reflected throughout the game. From the goth-inspired fashion of the characters to the outrageously chic school decor, the game immerses players in the quirky and charismatic world of Monster High like never before.
The game's rapid adoption by fans and critical acclaim led the developers to expand it to other platforms to make it universally available to all Monster High fans. The release cemented Monster High's place in the gaming universe forever, capturing the heart and spirit of the franchise in an engaging and accessible format.


The game "Monster High: 13 Wishes" was generally well received by young people. Players enjoy the exploration aspect of the game, allowing them to navigate through different levels inspired by the Monster High universe. Despite the relatively simple gameplay mechanics, the game manages to keep players engaged with various challenges and puzzles.
Character design that matches the unique aesthetic of Monster High is one of the standout features of the game. Players praised the creative and fun character graphics, noting that the design added to the overall appeal of the game. The soundtrack, featuring popular songs from the Monster High series, was also popular among gamers.
However, the game was criticized for its lack of replay value. Once you've completed all the levels and solved the puzzles, there isn't much reason to revisit the game. Some players also complained about the control scheme, with some commenting that it was a bit clunky and could be improved.
Despite these criticisms, Monster High: 13 Wishes proved to be an enjoyable diversion for its target audience. Monster High fans in particular seem to be excited to interact with their favorite characters in a new setting.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Monster High: 13 Wishes is not limited to its core young adult audience and has proven to influence a variety of demographics. Based on the popular pop franchise Monster High, the game features an engaging story that reflects the consequences of desire, emphasizing the importance of personal growth over materialistic desires.
Inspired by the horror genres of monsters, zombies, and sci-fi, Monster High's characters offer a creative mix of horror and fashion elements that have helped create a unique subculture. As a result, the game helped normalize the "monster" aesthetic, allowing fans to embrace their own individuality and differences, in keeping with Monster High's motto: "Be yourself. Be unique. Be a monster."
First of all, the game is steeped in a culturally rich story, drawn from various folklore and legends, manifested in various quests. This led to a greater interest in these contexts, increasing the cultural awareness of the players.
Feminism is another component of its cultural impact. Most of the characters are strong and independent monster girls, setting a valuable precedent for young players. A departure from traditional princess tales, the concept encourages and empowers players to take responsibility, make decisions and save the day, a major counter to the gender stereotypes prevalent in gaming.
In addition to the entertainment value of the game, it teaches important life lessons such as understanding the consequences of one's actions and the importance of teamwork. Thus, the game's cultural impact is demonstrated through its commitment to promoting inclusion, empathy, diversity, and self-expression.