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Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao

General Info

Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao logo
AuthorShawn Kittelsen
GenresFighting, Fantasy
PublisherDC Comics
IllustratorDexter Soy
Issue Number4
Release Date2015-04-11
Number of Pages12
Original TitleMortal Kombat X: Blood Ties
Comics Issue NameMortal Kombat: Kung Lao
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.dccomics.com/
First introduced in Mortal Kombat II, Kung Lao takes center stage in this immersive comic series. The character belongs to an earlier generation of Mortal Kombat fighters and dates back to the events before Liu Kang's triumphant victory. Known for his razor hat and exceptional martial arts skills, Kung Lao is a revered Shaolin monk and powerful warrior. The comic series delves into the details, revealing the intriguing story of Kung Lao and how he becomes a formidable warrior in the Mortal Kombat universe. In addition to great fight scenes, you can also expect a rollercoaster of emotions: intense drama, unwavering determination and lasting friendships. This series is a must-read for fans eager to delve into the legacy of Mortal Kombat, and for those looking for an adventurous and immersive story.


A direct descendant of the legendary warrior Kung Lao the Great, Kung Lao emerges as a prominent figure in the Mortal Kombat universe with an intriguing storyline and complex character development. Covering a wide range of emotional and philosophical themes, Kung Lao comics delve into the character's past and reveal his journey from a simple Shaolin monk to the determined warrior made famous by the Mortal Kombat series.
The comic series depicts Kung Lao's relentless training, battles and victories, his occasional defeats, and most importantly, his tenacious adherence to his principles and the warrior's code of honor. This series explores his inner struggles with the dark aspects of the Mortal Kombat tournament. Kung Lao's courage, along with his unwavering dedication to his cause, is the cornerstone of his character and inevitably inspires readers. Additionally, through his interactions with other iconic Mortal Kombat characters, the comics explore the many dimensions of Kung Lao's character, revealing his strengths and weaknesses. His unwavering determination and powerful martial arts skills come to life through vivid artwork and compelling storytelling. Kung Lao comics are a must for any Mortal Kombat fan looking to delve into the rich history of this legendary universe.


In the Mortal Kombat universe, Kung Lao is a former Shaolin monk and member of the White Lotus Society. He stands as a resilient warrior, strengthened by his convictions and the memory of his ancestors' hard-earned triumphs. In this comic series, Kung Lao strives to honor his legacy by facing different kingdoms, enemies and confrontations. His journey takes him on a winding path, from terrifying battles against formidable foes like Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to proving his worth in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Readers explore Kung Lao's innate purity, uncompromising devotion, and sacrifices that strengthen his character beyond blood. Through flashbacks and immersive battle sequences, the comic series highlights Kung Lao's early years and training, making him the ubiquitous Mortal Kombat fighter we fully recognize. The internal and external conflicts he faces encourage him and leave an indelible mark on his honorable journey, cementing his destiny as the protector of Earthworld.


A team of creative minds participated in the creation of the comics "Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao". Choosing to focus on Kung Lao gives readers a literary exploration of an often underrated character that is overshadowed by characters like Liu Kang and Raiden. It also allows for an elaborate story about his origin and the struggle between choosing a peaceful life or becoming the champion that Earthrealm needs.
The stunning artwork perfectly complements the gritty nature of the story and perfectly reflects the high-octane action and fluid martial arts that the franchise is known for. The artwork highlighted each character, portraying not only their unique physical attributes, but also their personalities, something Mortal Kombat fans have always loved. The work was just as intense behind the scenes, with endless brainstorming, script revisions, illustration and editing sessions. But the hard work has clearly paid off, delivering a beloved installment in the Mortal Kombat universe that stays true to its cinematic and gaming roots while offering readers something new and exciting.


The comic series Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao offers a deep dive into the life and trials of Kung Lao, one of the most beloved characters in the Mortal Kombat universe. Laos' journey from a humble Shaolin monk to a ruthless and skilled fighter with stunning visuals and powerful storytelling.

Readers embark on an exciting journey as they witness Kung Lao's transformation and growth with each issue. We see him overcome intense trials and violent opponents as he struggles with his moral compass and sense of duty.

Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao series honors the rich history of the Mortal Kombat universe and opens the way for unexpected and exciting twists. It's a must-read for any Mortal Kombat fan, and the new journey in the universe is an exciting journey.

  • Involved character development
  • Graphics that bring the Mortal Kombat experience to life
  • A strong and compelling story



As the clock strikes 2021 January 5 midnight, Mortal Kombat fans around the world flocked to both physical and digital comic shops to get their hands on the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao comic series. Created in a strong collaboration between NetherRealm Studios and DC Comics, this exclusive series delves into the moments and untold stories of Kung Lao's life.
Raised in the Order of Light by Shaolin monks, Kung Lao lived in the shadow of his ancestor, the Great Kung Lao. This historical series explores his personal quest to become his own legend, pushing the limits of his family's expectations. Each issue tells of his relentless teachings, the battles he fought, the friendships he formed, and the heavy mantle of his legacy. Steeped in the rich history of the Mortal Kombat universe, this edition is a must-have collectible for any fan. Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao embodies the franchise's perfect fusion of immersive storytelling and non-stop action. The Kung Lao saga opens a whole new portal to the Mortal Kombat universe and promises some damn good entertainment for all readers.


After its release, Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao comics created a lot of excitement among Mortal Kombat fans. Fans were particularly impressed with the detailed backstory of Kung Lao, a character often overshadowed by more prominent figures such as Liu Kang and Scorpion. The comic series delves into Kung Lao's journey and provides a compelling context for his character in the main story of the video game series.
Critics were generally receptive to the comics' strong narrative and faithful depiction of the Mortal Kombat universe. The artwork was critically acclaimed for its impressive and vivid depiction of the characters and setting. The way the pulse of life in Mortal Kombat's infamously gruesome battle scenes was captured in a static comic frame especially impressed readers.
However, some readers felt that the pacing of the story could have been improved. Some pointed out scenes that felt rushed or not as complex as they could have been, especially compared to the richly detailed backgrounds and cutscenes.
Regardless, the series breathed new life into the character of Kung Lao, giving fans much-needed depth and a compelling addition to the Mortal Kombat universe. The comics eventually became a worthwhile read for any Mortal Kombat fan, offering a unique and compelling take on one of the franchise's most intriguing characters.

Cultural impact

The Mortal Kombat Kung Lao comic book series has greatly influenced popular culture since its inception. Above all, it revived interest in martial arts and inspired a new generation of enthusiasts. Beyond the realm of physical combat, the series explores the intriguing, if not perplexing, Eastern philosophies that form the backbone of its characters and plot, leading to a growing interest in Eastern culture and spirituality. Kung Lao, one of the series' main characters, is a testament to the power of resilience, discipline, and honor, influencing readers to imbibe these principles. The comic book series also contributed to the normalization of ethnically diverse characters in lead roles, paving the way for future representation of diversity in comic book culture. The portrayal of Kung Lao as an Asian hero heralded a major step toward inclusion and diversity in comics and popular culture, showing that heroes come in all shapes and colors.