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Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01

General Info

Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01 logo
AuthorJohn Tobias
GenresAction, Adventure, Fantasy
PublisherMidway Games
TranslatorNot Applicable
IllustratorJohn Tobias
Issue Number01
Release Date1995-01-01
Number of Pages32
Original TitleMortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01
Comics Issue NameMortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.midway.com
"Indianapolis Comic Books is proud to present Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01, the latest addition to our legendary graphic novel collection. This innovative version of the classic Mortal Kombat mythos reveals the deep story of the thrilling thunder god Rayden and the infamous mercenary Kano. Witness the intertwining of these two the destinies of diametrically opposed characters as their worlds collide in a spectacle of action, magic and vivid emotional turmoil. This comic delves into the ancient battles between good and evil, the villains, as Rayden and Kano grapple with the consequences of their choices. This masterfully illustrated and evocatively written series shows our a commitment to creating a powerful narrative. Enter the Mortal Kombat arena and explore its complex story from a perspective never seen before!


The Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01 comic explores the dynamic between Raiden, the god of thunder, and Kano, the intriguing leader of the Black Dragon Clan. One is the moral compass of the rich, and the other is an example of deceptive lawlessness. The story beautifully depicts how these contrasting characters navigate the complex realities of the Mortal Kombat universe.
As the protector of Earthrealm, Raiden is faced with the dilemma of whether to take an active role in the coming conflict or rely on elite warriors to fend for himself. His character raises philosophical dilemmas about divinity, duty, and intervention, allowing readers to glimpse the fragility and authority of his divinity. Kano, on the other hand, is the face of cunning, opportunism and greed, shrewdly walking the razor's edge of alliances and betrayals. He does not shy away from moral gray areas and often operates on the border between good and evil. This comic explores Kano's machinations and unorthodox strategies that often throw more conventional characters off balance.
Both driven by different motives, Raiden and Kano's paths converge and diverge in surprising ways, making the story more layered. This comic perfectly captures their ideological clashes and essential similarities, expanding the depth of both characters in unexpected ways. Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01 is not just a collection of epic battles; it's a character exploration that speaks to the complexity of the Mortal Kombat universe outside of the tournament. It's a must-read for fans who want to delve into the psyche of these iconic characters.


In the first issue of Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano, Raiden, the god of thunder, convinces Kano, a ruthless criminal mastermind, to fight for Earthrealm. Their unlikely partnership is born to uncover the enemy's secret plans. Through inhospitable terrain and deadly combat against Outworld's most fearsome warriors, the unlikely pair fight their way to victory. Explore secrets, betrayals and unexpected alliances. Meanwhile, Raiden grapples with the reality and responsibility of his god, providing never-before-seen insight into his complex nature. This issue promises to look at the trials of the soldiers, their trials, motivations, and the surprising intersections of their paths. As Raiden and Kan's alliance is tested on all fronts, they are left to wonder how far they would go to defend the world of Earth. Conspiracy, power struggles, and the struggle for survival line every frame of this tightly woven story, promising readers a thrilling ride of action and suspense.


The Mortal Kombat: Rayden comic series and Kano 01 are exemplary shows of a well-coordinated effort by the production team. The production process remained true to the essence of the video game franchise, ensuring an authentic representation of the characters and their characteristic movements. At the center of it all were talented artists and illustrators who brought the story to life with vivid illustrations.
The comic series is designed not only to please, but also to surprise Mortal Kombat fans. Writers and illustrators spent long hours in the Mortal Kombat universe, understanding the depths of the characters, grappling with their complex histories and relationships with each other. This painstaking effort is at the heart of creating comics.
The final product was a comic book series with an engaging plot, enriched with the finest artistic subtleties. Meticulously detailed characters inhabiting richly illustrated locations make every page enjoyable, and action-packed sequences make readers' hearts beat faster. Every shot and caption has been checked for consistency and full compliance with Mortal Kombat's health bars and energy level systems.
The comic offers new perspectives on the history of Mortal Kombat, strictly adhering to previously created canonical material. It takes readers on an intriguing journey through Rayden and Kano's story in the world of Mortal Kombat, making it a must-read for any fan. Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01 is an example of a successful combination of art, storytelling and production.


Mortal Kombat: Raiden and Kano 01 explores the untold story of the god of thunder, Raiden, and the infamous cunning Kano in an intense exploration. This comic number delves into the complex web of their relationship, which alternates between close alliance and bitter rivalry. This story features Raiden, the guardian of Earth's reality, and Kano, the leader of the Black Dragon Clan, in highly engaging scenes that combine high-octane action with fascinating character development. Each page captivates the reader with dynamic illustrations as they unfold a story steeped in mystery, suspense, and the eternal conflict between good and evil. The comic is full of energy with many twists and turns, bringing new perspectives to the Mortal Kombat universe. Readers are immersed in complex power dynamics and intricate world-building, offering fans new and old a complex exploration of these characters beyond video game pretense. Mortal Kombat: Raiden and Kano 01 is not just any comic, but a portal to a realm where gods and warriors clash on a cosmic battlefield.


In this exciting edition, Rayden and Kano are at the epicenter of the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat saga. In Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01, our beloved God of Thunder Rayden is forced to face Kano, the criminal masterminds and leader of the infamous Black Dragon organization. No ordinary conflict, their encounter leads them through a maze of secrets, betrayals and power struggles that will shake the kingdoms to their core.
Filled with complex storylines and amazing battle sequences, this comic combines the fantastic mythology of Mortal Kombat with new twists. Explore never-before-seen aspects of Rayden and Kahn's characters, despite their opposing values. Rayden's divine justice meets Kan's amoral cunning, creating a volatile dynamic that will captivate readers.
In addition to the amazing artwork, the comic features brutal confrontations and unexpected alliances that give fans a thrilling experience. The story unfolds and culminates in an intense showdown that fans won't want to miss. Also, tantalizing hints about the aftermath of their duel hint at huge implications for the Mortal Kombat universe.
Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01 promises an intense and action-packed journey full of mayhem, spirit and uncompromising strength that is the hallmark of the Mortal Kombat series. Get ready as power meets injustice in the final chapter of this epic showdown!


Upon its release, Mortal Kombat: Rayden & Kano 01 received mixed and positive reviews from comic book enthusiasts and Mortal Kombat fans. Critics praised the exceptional artistic detail that brought the battle scenes and character sketches to life. The dynamic portrayal of Rayden and Kahn, two of the franchise's most iconic characters, was especially appreciated.
However, the story received a rather lukewarm response. Some readers felt that the plot relied too heavily on the existing Mortal Kombat mythology, attracting interest only among die-hard fans rather than the general audience. Additionally, some argued that the story lacked depth and originality, and that the characters' personalities were not explored beyond what was already known from the games.
Despite these minor criticisms, the comic series was considered an overall success. The developers' obvious respect for the source material was praised, and even critics agreed that Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01 faithfully captured the intensity and brutality of the franchise.
It was aimed at a niche audience, but it served its purpose almost perfectly, making it a coveted collector's item for Mortal Kombat fans.

Cultural impact

The Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano 01 comic had a drastic impact on pop culture, reviving interest in the Mortal Kombat franchise and introducing new character arcs. Reiden, the god of thunder, and Kano, the ruthless mercenary, have been redefined, making their personalities more complex and proving their morals. Rayden's struggle with godly duty and Kahn's twisted sense of loyalty added depth to the characters, making them more relatable to the audience. The comic influenced the visual and narrative aspects of later Mortal Kombat games and spin-offs. It also led to renewed interest in comics as a means to expand video game storytelling, inspiring other franchises to explore this form of storytelling. Rayden and Kano 01's unique art style became iconic and set the benchmark for future Mortal Kombat art. Its rich storytelling and compelling character development set it apart in the world of video game adaptations, cementing its cultural significance in video game history.