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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles

General Info

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles logo
GenresAction, Adventure
Game NameNaruto: Uzumaki Chronicles
ComposersChikayo Fukuda
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
PlaymodesSingle player, Multiplayer
Release Date2006-11-14
Game PlatformsPlayStation 2
Publisher NameNamco Bandai Games
Country of OriginJapan
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles is an exciting action-adventure video game based on the acclaimed manga series Naruto. This 3D rendering brings your favorite characters to life against the fascinating backdrop of the Naruto universe. The game focuses on Naruto Uzumaki and his daily struggles. Embark on exciting missions as you master his abilities, each contributing their fervent will to the Hokage. With each completed mission you gain valuable experience and improve Naruto's battle tactics, strength, agility and other specific abilities. Players also get a diverse roster of characters and the privilege of unlocking awesome secret abilities as they progress through the game. Immerse yourself in Naruto's immersive storyline and experience the essence of Leaf Village like never before. Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles is an exciting mix of strategy, skill, action and anime-inspired visuals for an unparalleled gaming experience.


'Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles' game screenshots
'Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles' game screenshots
'Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles' game screenshots
'Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles' game screenshots
'Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles' game screenshots
'Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles' game screenshots


Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles is a challenging and engaging action-adventure video game that opens up the exciting realm of Naruto, the famous anime series that has captivated millions of people. In this game, players immerse themselves in the mysterious world of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja from the village of Konoha who dreams of becoming Hokage, the leader of his village. This game perfectly combines action, strategy and RPG elements to offer a complete gaming experience.
Players embark on an exciting journey together with Naruto and his fellow ninjas. The game is full of various tasks and mini-games that test the player's quick thinking and dexterity. The atmosphere is enhanced by a cinematic setting, extensive character dialogues, and an original storyline designed to complement the Naruto universe. This game also showcases the spectacular and fast-paced combat that Naruto is famous for, providing a sensational and immersive gaming experience.
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles offers a compact summary of what the world of Naruto has to offer. Combining the right mix of action, story and fun, it offers a rich story that respects the source material and creates an immersive gaming experience. For fans of the series and newcomers alike, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles offers an exciting dive into the mysterious and fascinating world of ninjas.



Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles immerses you in an energetic action-adventure game full of intriguing features that immerse you in the life of Naruto Uzumaki. As Naruto himself, you will participate in epic battles, perform special ninjutsu techniques and complete various tasks.
One of the unique features of this game is the open world environment. Players are free to roam the various areas of the Hidden Leaf Village, explore the area, interact with other characters, and unlock various side quests.
Combat is mostly real-time, allowing players to show off their quick thinking and agility. In battle, players can use combinations of basic attacks in addition to series-specific special attacks. You can choose from a variety of ninjutsu techniques such as the powerful Rasengan or substitution jutsu to trick your enemy.
One of the most rewarding aspects of Uzumaki Chronicles is the character development system. Completing missions and defeating enemies will earn you experience points. These points can be used to increase Naruto's stamina, strength and chakra and enhance his individual jutsu, creating a balanced and dynamic game. Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles' quest system offers great replay value. Through primary and secondary missions, the game constantly challenges players, from protection or rescue missions to defeating a certain number of enemies.
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles creates an immersive and immersive world where players can experience the life of a shinobi. A combination of real-time combat, strategic use of jutsu, and meticulous character development, all set in the vibrant world of Naruto, contribute to a rich and dynamic gaming experience.

Gameplay video


In the action-adventure game Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles, players assume the role of ninja Naruto Uzumaki, a fierce and determined young shinobi from the village of Konoha. The game's story deviates from the anime and manga series and offers an original storyline deeply steeped in the rich history of the Naruto universe.
The game opens with the five major nations of the ninja world facing a terrifying new threat as hordes of rogue ninjas launch deadly attacks. The main character, Naruto, is responsible for tracking down the whereabouts of these villains and stopping them from going on a brutal rampage. Naruto's quest isn't just about restoring peace. But it is a journey of self-discovery, accountability and learning the essence of teamwork and leadership.
As Naruto digs deeper into the mission, he faces formidable enemies, deciphers cryptic clues, and uncovers the shocking truths behind an unexpected rogue ninja uprising. The game follows the heroic efforts of Naruto and his companions as they complete challenging missions and engage in intense combat, experiencing the universal themes of friendship, loyalty and the enduring true ninja spirit.
The game Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles offers an exciting plot full of twists and surprises that will definitely keep players in suspense. Naruto must use his courage, determination, and hidden potential to risk more than ever before to achieve justice and restore harmony to the ninja world he loves. Embark on an unforgettable journey of danger, discovery and self-realization in Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles.


Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles' "Development" section reflects the complex development process of this acclaimed game. Renowned Japanese game development company Cavia Inc. led the production alongside Bandai Namco, ensuring that the final product stayed true to the essence of the acclaimed Naruto anime series.
One of the most challenging aspects of the development process was adapting the original anime content into a compelling storyline. The writers set out to create a story that would not only seamlessly blend into the vast roster of characters in the Naruto universe, but would also provide players with a unique and immersive experience. They spent countless hours brainstorming and collaborating to create an original storyline that transcends the boundaries of the Naruto universe. Another essential part of development was the 3D character and environment design. Designers have worked tirelessly to recreate the iconic look and feel of the Naruto universe with meticulous attention to detail, from the characters' outfits to the scenery. They aimed to create visually stunning and immersive environments and character models that reflected the dynamic and energetic essence of the series.
The game mechanics of Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles were also given attention during the development phase. The goal was to create a gameplay experience that was not only fun and engaging, but also faithful to the original series. So the game combines action-adventure elements with RPG-style customization and progression aspects. This unique combination creates an authoritative and entertaining game that keeps players on the edge of their seats.
Ultimately, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles is a testament to the dedication and passion of the development team. The game's fascinating storyline, immersive 3D environment and captivating gameplay are the result of many months of hard work and dedication to recreate the Naruto universe for fans and players from around the world.


"Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles, published by Bandai, is a highly immersive action-adventure game that debuted in Japan in 2005 and has since expanded to international markets. Exclusively available on the PlayStation 2, this video game launched players into a complete universe. with challenging missions and epic battles.
Notably, instead of sticking to a traditional fighting theme, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles opted for an exciting RPG format, introducing fans to a story-rich, mission-based game. This new adventure setting has players traveling across the vast maps of Naruto's world, honoring the spirit of the popular anime and manga series.
Deviating from a linear storyline allowed players to assume the role of Naruto Uzumaki and other favorite characters at various points, adding depth to the game. Bandai cleverly weaves together a series of stories, side quests, and wilderness exploration, emphasizing problem-solving and strategy over combat alone.
In addition to its immersive gameplay, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles perfectly captures the aesthetic of the iconic series thanks to its detailed graphics. Overall, this game gave Naruto an enriching experience, brought the animated world to life, and put players right in the middle of the action.


Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles received mixed and positive reviews from gaming publications and fans upon its release. Featuring a 3D fighting environment and immersive storyline, the game has been praised for staying true to the Naruto universe and pleasing die-hard anime fans.
The clever voice acting was another highlight that added to the overall appeal of the game. It featured the same voice actors from the anime, creating an authentic gaming experience.
However, the game was not without its critics. Some players have found the gameplay to be repetitive, with many similar-style missions that can lack depth and excitement over time. This was particularly evident in the exploration mode, which, while having some interesting elements, often failed to deliver the appeal expected.
Also, the lack of online multiplayer was seen as a missed opportunity to increase the replayability of the game. Indeed, the inclusion of such a feature could have increased the interaction and competition among Naruto fans around the world.
However, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles holds a unique place in the gaming world as it offers an enjoyable insight into the Naruto universe, and despite its minor flaws, it is still fondly remembered by many dedicated Naruto followers. While it may not appeal to all gaming tastes, it certainly offers a solid experience for those looking for a journey into the protagonist's world.

Cultural impact

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles' cultural impact is large and far-reaching, despite being designed primarily as a single-player action game. Since its release in 2005, developed by Cavia and published by Bandai Namco Games, it has shaped anime gaming culture in many ways.
The engaging characters, well-developed storylines, and intense combat offered by Uzumaki Chronicles have greatly influenced fans' perception of anime games. It set a strong precedent by proving that anime games can maintain the emotional depth and drama of their TV counterparts while still providing an immersive and interactive gaming experience.
An important aspect of the Uzumaki Chronicles' cultural influence is its contribution to Naruto's popularity outside of Japan. The successful translation of the Naruto universe into a video game facilitated the transition to Western markets, promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of anime among global audiences. As a result, it expanded anime's fanbase and cemented Naruto's place among global pop culture phenomena.
In addition, Uzumaki Chronicles has taken player immersion to new heights in the anime gaming world. The freedom to explore the Hidden Leaf Village and interact with different characters helped players develop a personal connection to the world of Naruto and its inhabitants. This level of immersion definitely set a new benchmark for getting involved in anime video games. In addition to its influence on anime culture, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles also sparked debate about storytelling in video games. With a complex storyline that seamlessly blends combat missions and character development, gamers have come to recognize video games as a legitimate storytelling medium.
In conclusion, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles has had a profound and lasting impact on the cultural landscape. His influence spans pop culture, gaming practice, and cross-cultural discourse, perpetuating his legacy in both anime and gaming.