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General Info

Bastion logo
Job TitleSiege Automaton
Knows aboutWarfare
Alternate NameSST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54
Character NameBastion
Bastion is a unique character in the fascinating Overwatch universe, embodying the harmony of nature and technology. Originally created for peacekeeping purposes, bastion units became deadly weapons during the Omni Crisis. This curious robot can transform from a mobile robot into a stationary and harmful turret. The last bastion of its kind stands out for its charm of nature and its creatures. His constant companion, the bird Ganymede, often perches on his shoulder, adding to Bastion's terrifying appearance. A love of nature and fierce performance on the battlefield make this character a fascinating combination of contrasts. Bastion allows you to explore the emotional depth and thrilling action of the Overwatch universe.


Bastion is an integral character in the Overwatch universe, a fighting machine known for his defensive toughness. Originally created for the sole purpose of carrying out peacekeeping missions, the Bastion's function was distorted during the brutal Omnic Crisis, when these robots turned against their creators. Bastion is one of the surviving units of this once formidable robotic force.
Ironically, Bastion's rugged design, originally intended for long-term stability, now makes it a formidable opponent in the field. With its deadly transformation capability, Bastion can switch between a fixed configuration optimized for defense and a mobile configuration for quick attacks. Whether raining down projectiles in Sentinel mode or deploying his powerful tank build, Bastion is a formidable foe to be reckoned with.
However, years of inactivity and isolation in the desert have created a sense of curiosity in this vending machine. Fascinated by the simple yet complex beauty of nature. This unusual feature sets Bastion apart from his mechanical counterparts, revealing a gentle soul behind his metallic toughness, proving that not all fighters in the Overwatch universe have softer emotions. Benefiting from a past marked by violence, combined with an unrepentant love of life, Bastion is actually a huge paradox in the world of Overwatch.


A true representation of the horrific effects of war, Bastion is a character that evokes empathy and fear. By the end of the Omni Crisis, almost all of Bastion's units had been destroyed or dismantled. However, one unit managed to survive, but not without scars.
Officially known as the SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54, this unit was heavily affected by battlefield atrocities. Set up in the desert, the unit awoke and began exploring the area with childlike curiosity. We see that during his time of rest, nature played an important role in giving Bastion a love of life that is completely at odds with his original programming.
Although considered omnipotent, Bastion stands out for his post-war transformation. Shows clear discomfort with conflict and violence and takes an unconventional approach to dealing with it. When threatened, Bastion goes into defensive battle mode, a separate effect from the original design. It often poses a threat to those around it, so others view it as a danger. However, one cannot ignore the bastion formed with the bird Ganymede. It is through these relationships that we get to see Bastion beyond his war-torn past. We see a character capable of showing genuine emotions, which is further reflected in his actions, which prioritize the preservation of life and nature.
Bastion is truly a symbol of hope. An illustration of how something created to destroy can turn into a being that nourishes life. His unique demeanor and personality make him a truly compelling character in the Overwatch universe.

Creation and Development

An influential character in the Overwatch universe, Bastion was born from the ideas of Blizzard's creative team, who wanted to create a character that embodied themes of nature and exploration, rather than the high-octane energy of the game's combat environment.
Bastion's character is a fascinating fusion of the innocence of a wandering wilderness explorer and the formidable abilities of a war machine. The diversity of personalities and approaches to combat has given Overwatch's character roster a unique flavor. The creation started with a simple sketch that turned into a bird-loving robot. Ganymede, the bird that often accompanies Bastion, was added later, giving this seemingly emotionless robot emotional depth. Balancing Bastion's capabilities required intense iterative design. In the first draft, Bastion had the ability to completely reset. However, this made Bastion too strong in the hands of experienced players. Therefore, the design team added the self-repair feature as a reload skill instead of a standard feature. In this way, they kept the unique character of Bastion without unbalancing the game. In terms of visual design, the language was created by two main artists: Arnold Tsang and Michael Chu. They decided that color would play an important role in portraying the dual nature of Bastion. Soft pastels were used to emphasize a peaceful personality, while bold, contrasting metallic colors represented the main weapons.
Building the bastion was a journey that required creative courage and iterative design. It was a successful attempt to form a character that could express innocence and love of nature while being a formidable force on the battlefield. Today, Bastion enjoys the adoration of many fans, a testament to the exceptional creativity and work that went into its development and development.

Character Profile

Known in the Overwatch universe as SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54, Bastion is a fascinating and unique character. Unlike other heroes in the Overwatch world, Bastion is actually a battle robot, one of the last of its kind, found in the wild years after the end of the Great Omnic Crisis. Heavily armed with a scout mode that allows you to quickly switch between two main modes, a rifle for long-range combat in Recon mode and a Gatling gun for close-range destruction in Sentry mode.
But don't let its intimidating arsenal fool you. Charmingly innocent, Bastion displays a keen curiosity about the natural world and its creatures, especially birds. After he was reactivated, he developed a fascination with nature and wildlife that reached out to his abandoned companions, and his current "guide" is the bird Ganymede.
Bastion presents a strange dichotomy. On the one hand, it's one of the deadliest weapons in the world, capable of unleashing unprecedented destruction, but on the other, it's almost childlike in its curiosity and kindness. Players will see this complexity reflected in gameplay where they will need to balance the Bastion's firepower and vulnerability in the heat of battle.
Bastion is definitely a character of opposites: a war machine with a soul, an assassin with a curiosity for life, a symbol of destruction who can truly proclaim the hope of a better and more peaceful world.

Story Arc

Once frontline fighters in the devastating Omni Crisis, Bastion's unit now roams the world, admiring nature but fearing the monstrous humanity. Originally designed for peacekeeping purposes, Bastion's robotic units had the unique ability to quickly transform into assault weapon mode. During the Omnic Crisis, they turned against their human creators and formed the bulk of the Omnic Rebel Army.
After the crisis was resolved, almost all were destroyed or dismantled. Even today, Bastion units symbolize the horrors of the conflict. The unique Bastion unit, heavily damaged in the last battles of the war, lay in limbo for more than a decade. It lay dormant, cooled and rusted, as nature slowly reclaimed it.
Overgrown with vines and roots and inhabited by small animals, the robot sat motionless, seemingly oblivious to the passage of time. That was until one fateful day, when it suddenly became active again. Due to his combat programming, he was very curious about the natural world and its inhabitants. This inquisitive Bastion unit set out to explore the environment and discover their target on a war-torn planet.
While the Bastion appears to be mild-mannered - sometimes even harmless - the core combat programming takes over when the unit senses danger, using its entire arsenal to eliminate anything it perceives as a threat. This led to conflicts with the people he met. The developers' dream of changing the perception of Bastions as symbols of fear is still a long way off, but there are those who see potential in the unit's customization and apparent evolution.

Cultural Impact

Bastion is an important cultural icon of the Overwatch universe, symbolizing the ongoing struggle between technology and nature, past and present, war and peace. Despite being a combat robot, Bastion is portrayed as having a deep connection to the natural elements, showing a significant shift towards an empathetic interpretation of artificial intelligence. Bastion's story has inspired fans and media alike to explore deeper themes of understanding, adaptation, and coexistence. This has often been expressed through a variety of fan art, cosplay, and storytelling, supporting a collective thought process on these different topics among gaming communities around the world.


Once a military combat unit during the Omni Crisis, the Bastion has become a symbol of peace and harmony. It was found in the desert, unused and bewildered, by the chirping of its bird companion Ganymede. Ganymede led Bastion's disbanded unit away from the war-torn cities and into the wild. This closeness to nature sparked Bastion's curiosity, leading him to adopt a new behavior: to explore and discover. He began to show mild fascination with his surroundings and even described his adventures through beeping and body movements. Bastione, who now spends most of his time in nature, represents reform and peace, proving that even machines built for war can learn to love and live surrounded by the vitality of nature. Despite his quiet and gentle demeanor, Bastion maintains a highly effective ranged arsenal and provides a strong line of defense when his partners are threatened. Don't be fooled by his seemingly submissive demeanor, as there is an unmatched readiness for battle.