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General Info

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Faction NameOverwatch
Overwatch, the eponymous group in the Overwatch universe, brings together an eclectic group of heroes who venture into global crises. Assembled by the United Nations during an all-encompassing crisis, the dynamic team consists of scientists, soldiers, adventurers and rarities, each adding a unique flavor to the mix. Their mission is essentially to restore peace, protect the innocent, and ensure world stability. Despite their disbandment, the team's costumes continue to keep the light alive, embodying the spirit of heroism around the world. Overwatch's legacy, a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of unity and diversity, lives on.


The Overwatch faction of the Overwatch universe is the main focus of the entire series. Overwatch was originally created as a unique international task force that emerged from the ashes of the Omni Crisis, a conflict that nearly led to the annihilation of humanity. His main mission was to restore peace in a war-torn world. It was reinforced with warriors, scientists and rarities of great skill and courage, determined to restore the balance of power and save the world from the brink of chaos.
Overwatch's influence has led to major advances in technology, space exploration, and major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. For decades, they have championed peace and inspired generations. While the golden age didn't last forever, the idea of ​​what Overwatch is has lived on. Heroes emerged when the need for them was great, and while the organization no longer officially exists, its ideals still resonate with people ready to step forward and take up the mantle.
Overwatch's ideology is a beacon of hope in an otherwise chaotic world. He embodies resilience, unity and a fighting spirit that refuses to bow to adversity. Despite setbacks and disintegration, the spirit of Overwatch continues to ignite a spark of heroism to ensure a brighter future for all. Faction is a testament to the fact that in times of chaos and conflict, hope can indeed emerge and bring about change.


Overwatch emerged as a beacon of hope during the global crisis that marked the Omnic Crisis. It was an international task force created by the United Nations that brought together the planet's best soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and curiosities, led by a diverse and dynamic leadership group consisting of Commander Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes.
A key reason for Overwatch's success was its unique approach to problem solving. Instead of using brute force, the organization integrated innovation, science, courage and belief in the potential of a unified world. His influence spread throughout the world and he undertook dangerous missions to keep the peace. The members of Overwatch were the first line of defense against the rampaging Omnics, and their efforts ultimately ended the Omnic Crisis.
Overwatch heroes have become famous all over the world. The children loved them; adults admired them. However, their fame did not last long. 20 years after the Omnic crisis, Overwatch has been accused of malfeasance, corruption, and mismanagement. The secretive unit Blackwatch, led by Gabriel Reyes, was at the center of these controversies. Public outrage against Overwatch's unchecked power led to its downfall.
One fateful night at Overwatch's Swiss HQ, a massive showdown between Morrison and Reyes led to a massive explosion. Both were presumed dead, and Overwatch soon disbanded. However, stories and rumors suggest that many former Overwatch agents who are loyal to their cause are still operating independently today. But officially, Overwatch is a thing of the past: a bright and beautiful beacon that burned out too quickly.

Notable Members

Member #
Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76)
Gabriel Reyes (Reaper)
Ana Amari
Reinhardt Wilhelm
Torbjörn Lindholm
Lena Oxton (Tracer)
Angela Ziegler (Mercy)
Genji Shimada
Mechaqueen (Fareeha Amari, Pharah)
Jesse McCree
Brigitte Lindholm
Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou
Luio Correia Dos Santos


In the vast Overwatch universe, faction actions and events take place all over the world in various locations. Starting with the high-tech and futuristic city of Numbani in Africa, known as the City of Harmony, a beacon of scientific progress. A unique blend of traditional architecture and advanced technology, Jeung Tower is a vibrant icon in a bustling metropolitan region in the heart of China's bustling streets.
In contrast, the tranquil and remote Shambhala Monastery, high in the Nepalese Himalayas, offers a peaceful retreat and symbolizes peaceful coexistence. A section of London's King's Row stands in stark contrast to the dark, gloomy streets, suggesting that not all parts of the world have embraced the change. Moving west, the iconic US Route 66 with its roadhouses and gas stations is a symbol of historic American culture. Along the way, the Overwatch faction encounters a variety of weather conditions, from the snowy landscapes of Russia's Volskaya Industries to the arid and sunny Junkertown region of Australia. Each location represents contrasting living conditions, culture and development, highlighting the geography of the Overwatch universe. These locations provide strategic advantages during battle and add uniqueness to the game's story.

Legacy and Impact

The Overwatch faction has left an indelible mark on the Overwatch universe. The prestigious team of heroes around which the entire game revolves was created during Omnic Crisis. With the world on the brink of anarchy, the United Nations formed an international task force that brought together the planet's greatest warriors, scientists, and adventurers.
Their influence peaked during the crisis and they had considerable success in protecting the world. After the crisis, they continued to work for peacekeeping purposes, promoting global stability and innovation. They have become a beacon of hope and inspiration for many, embodying the ideals of justice, courage and teamwork.
But despite their success, the faction faced internal strife and public scandal that led to its disbandment. However, the effect remained. They touched the hearts of many, and children growing up heard stories of their valiant efforts. This often inspired people to take up their mantle and preserve the group's legacy. Their impact transcended their time and shaped the world and its future heroes.