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General Info

D.Va logo
Job TitleMech Pilot, Professional Gamer
Birth PlaceBusan, South Korea
Knows aboutMechanics, Gaming, Combat
Alternate NameHana Song
Character NameD.Va
Member of OrganizationMEKA (Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army), Overwatch
D.Va, real name Hana Song, is a professional gamer turned mechanized warrior from the Overwatch universe. At just 19 years old, he has an intense focus and competitive spirit to protect his native South Korea. His fighting skills are second to none as he was the supreme champion of the most popular game in the world. D.Va is known for her iconic Korean Army Mechanized Mobile Exo Force (MEKA) unit that maneuvers with agility and precision on the battlefield. With her unique blend of gameplay and combat, D.Va serves as a formidable force, charging fearlessly into battle and blocking attacks with her defensive matrix. It shows the strength and determination of youth in the face of daunting challenges.


D.Va, a former professional gamer known as Hana Song, is now a machine pilot and world champion fighting to protect her home. This iconic character of the Overwatch universe represents the ideal balance of strength and agility, combining competitive ferocity with patriotic duty. Recognizing the need for unconventional solutions to defeat a formidable omnipresent threat, the Korean government turned to the strategic and problem-solving skills of its world-class players. The best of them all was D.Va, who not only excelled in training, but also instantly adapted to the complex controls of her mech suit, displaying remarkable agility and fighting spirit. With his small size, he surprised many, with such extraordinary skill in controlling his powerful mechanism. Now, as the defender of her homeland, D.Va is guided by her love for her homeland and remains strong and determined in her defense. He remains a seminal figure in Overwatch history, representing courage and bravery and proving that real-world skill can translate into extraordinary feats on the battlefield.


Hana Song, better known by her in-game name D.Va, is a world-renowned professional gamer and the main protagonist of Omnic's Global Crisis Defense. Highly skilled and highly competitive, D.Va took the world by storm as a 16-year-old professional player in South Korea, which she effortlessly transformed into one of the country's top machine pilots. Her achievements and brand "Love, D.Va!" the slogan turned him into a face of hope for a beleaguered nation, a symbol of resistance to ruthless almighty forces.
As South Korea ramps up its mechanized defense program, the government has reached out to the country's top players and hired them as pilots. D.Va was the youngest recruit and quickly became a national icon. Having perfected her hand-eye coordination through long high-stakes games, she easily adapted to the advanced systems of her mechs and proved to be a formidable real-world fighter.
D.Va's competitive spirit keeps her going. She is always pushing the boundaries and is willing to try new technologies that can improve her performance. He spends his free time broadcasting his combat operations to his adoring fans, never missing an opportunity to remind them, "I play to win!" In and out of her gear, D.Va remains a force to be reckoned with: sharp, confident, and completely unapologetic. Her courage and indomitable spirit make her an invaluable asset to Overwatch and an enduring symbol of resilience in the world of war. D.Va brings not only skill, but also youthful exuberance and charisma and is always ready for action. She takes every mission with determination, determined not only to win, but to dominate, and she won't stop until the world is safe again.

Creation and Development

The creation of D.Va, one of the most iconic figures in the Overwatch universe, embodies the genius of creativity and development that Blizzard Entertainment is known for. From an initial sketch to a fully-fledged dynamic character, D.Va's work is a testament to the amount of production that goes into creating each Overwatch character.
Initially, the developers wanted to create a character that could resonate with the spirit of eSports, referring to the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping scene of professional gaming. To bring this vision to life in a gaming environment, they came up with a character who was essentially a professional eSports player.
Enter Hana Song, known in the gaming world as D.Va, a former professional StarCraft player turned mecha pilot. The use of the MEKA (Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army) not only made use of the unique gameplay style, including flying mechanics and high-speed shooting, but also symbolically represented his competitive spirit, ready to scramble and return to the fight even after his MEKA was destroyed.
One of the development challenges the developers faced was balancing his duality. On the one hand, she is a playful and cheeky player, on the other hand, she is a disciplined and focused full-back. The writers and developers worked diligently to craft the game's dialogue, story, and interactions to authentically portray both sides of her character.
Its design was heavily influenced by the popularity of the K-Pop music genre. Vibrant colors, stunning aesthetics, and dynamism inspired her distinctive look, making her easily recognizable among the game's diverse roster of characters.
D.Va's character has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the global gaming community. This was a testament not only to its design and gameplay mechanics, but also to its conceptual depth and compatibility. Today, D.Va is a symbol of creativity and innovation that permeates the Overwatch universe, a true testament to the heart and commitment that went into her creation and development.

Character Profile

D.Va, whose real name is Hana Song, is a professional gamer turned mechanized fighter. A proud South Korean, she applies her agility and quick reflexes directly to the battlefield, defending her homeland by blowing up her state-of-the-art mech. D.Va was the undisputed number one in the World StarCraft League before being drafted into the Korean Army's Mobile Exo Force.
Recognizing her potential, the government hired her at a young age to pilot a nuclear mech designed to defend South Korea against the powerful Omnik monster that regularly emerges from the sea to wreak havoc on coastal cities. D.Va bravely met the terrifying mission, each time successfully pushing the monstrous machine into the sea. With a strong, charismatic personality and indomitable spirit, D.Va streams her combat operations live to her legion of fans, allowing them to be a part of her journey as she battles the chaos that threatens her home. With her dexterity, unparalleled gaming skills, and warrior's heart, D.Va continues to fight for peace, ensuring the safety of her country and society.

Story Arc

Hana Song, better known as D.Va, originally led two lives in South Korea's vibrant tech scene. Before joining the world of Overwatch, D.Va was a famous pro gamer known for her elite skills. But when an omnic threatened her homeland, she got off her gaming chair and fought to protect her homeland.
D.Va was selected for the Korean government's Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA) due to her incredible reflexes and strategic acumen. Driven by her desire to protect herself, she maneuvered her state-of-the-art MEKA unit with the same fearlessness she displayed in her eSports competition. Her transition from celebrity player to national defender made her an international icon.
While she can be fun-loving and playful, her commitment to protecting her city and country is deadly serious. Every fight is just a new game for her, but the stakes are much more nuanced and real.
In the fight for Overwatch, D.Va faces tension and crisis with a fully charged gaming mind. He takes every fight as a game he wants to win. All of his skills, determination and courage come through in every mission and push him beyond his limits. Her agility combined with her fast and furious fighting style make her a formidable force on the battlefield.
With each victory, D.Va's limits grow, and her reputation grows with each challenge she overcomes. But despite her growing fame and prowess, D.Va remains grounded. His loyalty to his country never wavers and he enters every battle eager to protect his country no matter what. Over time, as Overwatch's story unfolds, D.Va becomes a beacon of hope and a symbol of strength. Although her life has changed dramatically since the beginning, the player-turned-soldier continues to bring her game face, dynamism and electric wit to each new challenge. Always ready, always fearless, Overwatch's D.Va continues to forge ahead in the exciting and ever-evolving Overwatch universe.

Cultural Impact

As a character in the Overwatch universe, D.Va has made a huge impact on global pop culture. She represents a strong and empowered woman in an industry that often lacks diverse female representation. A former pro gamer, D.Va has also become enamored with esports culture, becoming an influential and recognizable figure in the gaming community.
MEKA's unique costume design has inspired many cosplayers and artists to create their own interpretations of the character. It's not uncommon for fans to proudly display their D.Va-inspired artwork or cosplay at popular gaming conventions and fan events around the world. In addition, D.Va has made a significant impact on the growing industry of gaming products. Its iconic bunny logo and slogan "Nerf this!" they have found their way into many apparel, accessories and collectibles and have become a favorite among fans and gaming enthusiasts.
Finally, D.Va's Korean heritage has increased interest in and appreciation of Korean pop culture around the world. In many ways, the character has become a cultural ambassador for promoting inclusion and diversity in the gaming world and beyond. Through her cultural impact, D.Va reveals the power of game characters to transcend the digital realm and leave a lasting impression on real-world culture.


As the omni crisis ravages her country, Hana Song, better known as D.Va, has pledged to defend South Korea. A former professional gamer, she applied her sharp mind and excellent reflexes to effectively control his mechanical suit. He displayed immense skill against his country's enemies, especially the Gwishin Omnics. D.Va's globally recognized status extends beyond her enthusiastic broadcast of combat missions to her dedication to inspiring and protecting her followers. A symbol of resilience and courage, he demonstrates time and again his commitment to maintaining peace even in the midst of the greatest challenges. Despite the scars of war, D.Va carries on, sparking hope in the hearts of many, a testament to her lasting legacy.