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Going Legit

General Info

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Original TitleGoing Legit
Comics Issue NameGoing Legit
The Going Legit comics present a world where Junkrat and Roadhog, two notorious criminals, have taken up legitimate jobs. Their employer is the influential and powerful CEO of Hyde Global, whose intentions are far from benevolent. Caught in a world of corporate conspiracies and high stakes, the reluctant heroes must navigate a dangerous maze of murder and deception while trying to stay true to their chaotic nature. This unexpected twist allows them to reveal another side of their usually unpredictable and destructive personalities. The comic perfectly portrays their struggle between innate wildness and society's expectations, adding a sense of humor amidst the explosive action.


The Going Legit comic offers a fascinating look at the intriguing dynamic between two of Overwatch's most infamous characters, Junkrat and Roadhog. The story takes place in the capital city of Junkertown, where the duo's escapades mostly revolve around chaos, mayhem and the relentless pursuit of wealth. But in a comical twist of fate, they are mistaken for real-life heroes and hired for a "legitimate" job. This contract involves the rescue of a hostage from a city office building; however, things don't go as planned. Between failed attempts at subtlety, wanton destruction, and failed negotiations, the unlikely "heroes" make for a comical spectacle that is hilarious and entertaining. But humor aside, the comic also subtly shows the couple's compatibility, with Roadhog's stoic pragmatism perfectly complementing Junkrat's wild impulsiveness. The story combines action and comedy into a compelling mix, cementing the duo's reputation and pushing the boundaries between crime and heroism. Going Legit offers the perfect mix of humor, action, and unexpected heroism, making it a must-read for any Overwatch fan.


In this Overwatch comic, the infamous duo of Junkrat and Roadhog are offered a legitimate job protecting the CEO of Hyde Global. During the employer's presentation, they must prevent an imminent attack. Although at first it seems inappropriate for the villains to undertake such an activity, they get to work, leaving chaos in their wake. However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that Junkrat and Roadhog had an evil plan of their own all along. They knew about the attack, as they planned it. Their apparent negligence was part of their fraudulent scheme to get paid for their work while robbing the company. At the end of the comic, they successfully leave the city with the stolen gift, showing their continued loyalty to Chaos. The comic makes readers wonder about the true nature of these characters: are they villains, anti-heroes, or just opportunists who have found a loophole to exploit?


The Production section of Going Legit comics follows the exciting yet comical journey of Junkrat and Roadhog on their first official, albeit disastrous, adventure in the pursuit of going Legit. As freelancers hired by the international mega-company HYDRA, they are tasked with escorting precious cargo through dangerous zones.
However, Junkrat's unpredictability and Roadhog's random violence cause chaos that leads to fights with a rival gang. Their real task turns into an explosive, adrenaline-fueled encounter that brings out the essence of the pair's unrestrained personalities. Amidst the shattered buildings, battered vehicles, and fiery souls, Junkrat and Roadhog stand comically immovable as they attempt to complete the contract with their own inimitable outrage. Despite the chaos, the comic subtly emphasizes the virtues of loyalty and partnership. HYDROS' true intentions are kept a secret until the very end, which leads to a surprising twist and proves that Junkrat and Roadhog keep their word despite their psychotic tendencies and brave whatever they encounter. The Going Legit comic perfectly captures the fast-paced mayhem that is synonymous with these two characters as fans crave their next disaster.


In Going Legit, Junkrat and Roadhog, two of the most famous villains in the Overwatch universe, take us on a fun-filled journey full of chaos, mayhem, and surprising humor. Tasked with shutting down omnic, the twist comes with the revelation that their employer is none other than omnic himself. Drawn to the smallest detail, the comic showcases the duo's quirky personalities, their unlikely friendship and the combination of action and humor that defines their adventures. It's a must-read not just for fans of these two characters, but for any Overwatch fan who likes to add some variety to the story of their favorite game. The comic explores the anti-heroes Junkrat and Roadhog perfectly while staying true to the core of Overwatch's narrative.


In the "Release" section of the Going Legit comics, Junkrat and Roadhog unexpectedly cross paths with the scheming and scheming Maximilian. The unique dynamic between Junkrat's reckless enthusiasm and Roadhog's calculated brutality sets the stage for an action-packed adventure. Maximilien hopes to use his criminal skills under his ominous moniker Operation: Sepias. He gives them enough wealth and freedom to satisfy their greedy hearts and makes them a seemingly irresistible offer. But loyalty and quick thinking become integral to their survival when Maximilian's true intentions are revealed. Full of explosive conflict and extravagant betrayal, Going Legit offers a chaotic journey through the crime-ridden landscape of Overwatch. It offers a thrilling exploration of the interesting but often misunderstood friendship between Junkrat and Roadhog. A masterful blend of colorful humor, stunning artistry, and adrenaline-pumping action, this comic is a must-read for all Overwatch fans.


The Going Legit comic has received massive support and praise from Overwatch fans. Gamers and comic book fans loved delving into the backstory of fan-favorite characters Junkrat and Roadhog. Set in Junkertown, the story provided more insight into the duo's motivations, aspirations, and their endearing, if chaotic, camaraderie. The humor woven into the story was appreciated and did not overshadow the action elements, but perfectly complemented them.
The pacing of the tape was also praised for being well done. It kept readers on their toes and held their interest from start to finish. The art style was praised and appreciated for capturing the gritty environment of Junkertown and the character designs, which went well with Overwatch's unique art direction.
Going Legit proved that the Overwatch universe, while primarily focused on team-based multiplayer, is rich in storytelling. The comic was able to make players more involved and engaged with the characters, seeding the possible story modes in the game.
Since then, fans have been looking forward to more in-depth exploration of other characters and locations in the Overwatch universe. Going Legit's massive reception not only added a new dimension to Overwatch's gameplay, but also set a high standard for future Blizzard comics.

Cultural impact

Going Legit, a comic from the Overwatch universe, has had a significant cultural impact by exposing the complex relationship between the authorities and vigilantes. The cartoon was a statement about the perception of good and evil in society, illustrating how official institutions can sometimes behave unethically, while so-called criminals can administer justice. This comic sparked debates about morality and justice in society, encouraging readers to question traditional stories of heroes and villains. Additionally, fans were able to delve into Junkrat and Roadhog's backstory, further exploring the characters' motivations and personalities. Overall, Going Legit helped shape the ethical aspects of Overwatch's story, enriching the universe with nuanced characterizations and complex themes.