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Mission Statement

General Info

Mission Statement logo
GenresSuperhero, Action, Adventure
PublisherMarvel Comics
Issue Number1
Release Date2001-01-01
Number of Pages32
Original TitleMission Statement
Comics Issue NameMission Statement
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.marvel.com/
Mission Statement is an eye-catching piece from the Overwatch comic series. It depicts the bravery of an uncompromisingly dedicated and optimistic Farah. He fights both the physical battle against his enemies and the emotional battle within, never wavering from his commitment to justice and duty. Seen through his unflinching eyes, the comic explores the intense conflict and explosive action that makes up the world of Overwatch. You'll see Pharah defy the odds as she makes tough moral decisions all in the name of a safer world. This comic is a must read for anyone who wants to see Farah's unwavering belief in her mission.


The Mission Statement comic offers Overwatch fanatics an interesting journey through Winston's past and present. From the pivotal moment of the cancellation, we've followed our beloved scientist and super-intelligent genetically engineered gorilla Winston as he struggles with the decision to revive the Overwatch organization. His flashbacks conjure up flashes of his younger self, where we dive into raw experiences and snippets of his journey, connecting the reader to this character on a level never before explored in the game. The illustrations are full of energy and convey a flow of action and emotion that engages the reader, while the overall story plays with feelings of longing, hope, and moral striving. The comic ends with a moment that becomes an expression of hope for the future, not only for the Overwatch team, but for the safety of the common world around the world. Finally, this comic brings more depth to the story, using its storytelling prowess and top-notch art to transcend the Overwatch universe into the realm of gaming.


In "Mission Statement," the comic opens with Pharah reflecting on her work as the team leader at Helix Security International. Remembering her mother's lessons, Ana Amari, former Overwatch member and sinister sniper, springs into action when a rogue omnium is discovered attacking a populated city. With her team in chaos and dissension, Pharah takes charge and fully embodies the lessons of unity and precision that Ana Amari taught her. The climax reveals that Farah defeated the rogue omnium, saving the lives of her team and innocent locals. Returning to her base, Pharah reaffirms her commitment to her mission: to protect those who cannot protect themselves no matter what, marking the very essence of the Overwatch hero.


In the Production section of the Mission Statement, a team of dedicated and passionate artists, writers and designers have created a compelling story in the Overwatch universe. The comic production process is a synthesis of incredibly detailed character design and dynamic storytelling. The creators of the comic work closely with the game developers, carefully ensuring that the stories preserve the traditions of the Overwatch world. The detailed story and stunning graphics have been crafted with precision and care to deliver a deep experience that will captivate fans. The illustrations are created using advanced technology, bringing vivid and diverse characters to life. Each panel is a labor of love to ensure fans receive the highest quality content.


In the "Release" segment of the Mission Statement comic, we dive into the dizzying journey of Overwatch's rebirth. After the dissolution, the world was in turmoil. Without the Overwatch shield, thieves were encouraged. But even in these dark times, the spirit of heroism remained indomitable. Out of a sense of duty, former Overwatch members jumped at the chance. They've opened old wounds, faced their deepest fears, and embarked on a mission that could either save the world or damn it forever. With their unparalleled courage and indomitable spirit, they proved that the light of hope can overcome the darkest nights. In addition to exploring the nuances of these beloved characters, this comic sets the tone for an epic battlefield where the fate of the world hangs in the balance.


In the Release section, we see how the Overwatch team is responding to the global call to action. Heroes such as Winston, Tracer, Mei, and Genji remember their oath to maintain global balance and muster their courage as they prepare to re-enter a disturbingly chaotic world.
The premise is intense as they reminisce about their heroic days which set off a wave of nostalgia. Each person develops their own special skills, fueling their determination to leave a meaningful impact on their next adventure. Their dedication to pushing their limits is evident, and it drives an interesting story forward. As they brace for a flood of global crises, their collective resolve is inspiring. Whether it's Tracer's unmatched speed, Winston's groundbreaking inventions, Mei's culminating experience, or Genji's unparalleled swordsmanship, each hero actively contributes to the mission's success.
Against the backdrop of a world struggling with uncertainty, the "Release" chapter promises an echo of hope, proving that when heroes unite in a common cause, the tide can indeed be turned. This chapter is a compelling testament to the power of unity and resilience, confirming that the world of Overwatch is ready to rise. Prepare for a gruesome showdown and leave participants in awe of the action-packed journey ahead.


Overwatch fan group Mission Statement's comics have received positive reviews, mostly due to their sharp storyline and eye-catching visuals. Fans loved the in-depth exploration of the characters' stories, adding depth to the game. The storylines, while far from dominant, reinforced the competitive nature of the game and allowed players to interact more with the characters. Fans were especially impressed by the realistic dialogues of Overwatch agents, which gave the whole story authenticity. Some critics also highlighted the smooth mix of humor and action, which provided a refreshing twist to an otherwise intense plot. Despite universal praise, there was mild criticism of the underrepresentation of some characters. But those concerns have been more than offset by overwhelmingly positive feedback. Fans of Halo and superhero comics have found the Overwatch Mission Statement concept to be an interesting fusion of both genres. The comic book series played a huge role in the franchise's popularity, and it wasn't just a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game. All in all, Mission Statement was an exemplary example of synchronizing story with gameplay to enhance the user experience.

Cultural impact

The Mission Statement comic not only captivated Overwatch fans, but also had a profound impact on the broader cultural narrative. This has led to a wide-ranging debate about the representation of diversity in the media, particularly in terms of national, ethnic and neurological diversity.
The comic's diverse characters, each representing a different nationality and background, have been praised for their deep portrayal. Characters like Symmetra, who are on the autism spectrum, are not defined by these traits, but are complex and multifaceted.
Additionally, the themes of justice, heroism, and teamwork reflected in comics resonate deeply with contemporary culture, inspiring many to engage in conversations about ethics, social justice, and personal responsibility. The Mission Statement comic is much more than a video game story; it is a work of literature that reflects and contributes to the awareness of the social and cultural world.