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Train Hopper

General Info

Train Hopper logo
AuthorJohn Doe
GenresAdventure, Mystery
PublisherMarvel Comics
IllustratorJane Doe
Issue Number5
Release Date2019-07-30
Number of Pages32
Original TitleTrain Hopper
Comics Issue NameTrain Hopper
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.marvel.com/comics/issue/83936/train_hopper_2019_1
Bunker Train is a charming comic saga that explores the life of the enigmatic outlaw McCree. Every page brings excitement as McCree hitchhikes on the hyper train and encounters an unexpected group of wild thugs. In the chaos that ensues, McCree demonstrates his skills and character, revealing his true courage and sense of justice. Even as the reader begins to understand McCree's personality, there are twists and turns that shake up predictable expectations. Dynamic artistry complements this compelling story, making every frame an invitation to light, flight and fight. The show strikes a perfect balance between timely thriller and fast-paced action, making for an unparalleled comedy experience. Embrace Bunker Train to discover McCree's adventures as he navigates the difficult path of honesty in a world where the notions of right and wrong are often confused.


Train Bunker is an immersive comic set in the Overwatch universe. It is a story of redemption of honor and the pursuit of justice that revolves around the character of a noble American cowboy codenamed "Mackre". Praised for its storytelling flair and artistic finesse, the comic sets up a catchy beat from the get-go.
The story follows McCree, a resourceful former member of the infamous Blackwatch, who saves a train full of passengers from an impending terrorist attack. With unparalleled combat prowess and tactical acumen, he can single-handedly neutralize threats in a fierce battle on a speeding train, even when his life is at stake. The comic does a fantastic job of humanizing McCree and portraying his commendable heroism. McCree's flashbacks to his troubled past add depth to the plot and hold the reader's attention. The illustrative narrative is further complemented by a well-crafted art style that creates a refreshing visual landscape.
Bunker Train seamlessly blends action, suspense, and a bit of humor for Overwatch fans to enjoy an immersive reading experience. It takes a look at the life and principles of Overwatch's beloved hero McCree and enriches the knowledge of this iconic game. It's more than a comic book; is a burst of adrenaline, drama, and intense character development, making it a must-read for Overwatch fans. This is a train trip not to be missed!


In the Bunker Train comics, gun-toting outlaw-turned-hero Jesse McCree ventures into the tough suburbs of the American Southwest. After Overwatch disbanded, he finds himself adrift, grappling with the shadows of his past and the chaos of his present. He enters a ghost town overrun by a ruthless gang, the Deadlock Rebels, and everyone trembles before them. But McCree, harboring a personal feud, is determined to bring justice to this lawless land. Use his sharp aim, agility and futuristic peacekeeper to fight your enemies and protect the innocent. But her struggle reveals deeper threads of conspiracy and revelations about her past. McCree must face his demons and decide what truly defines him: a thug or a hero. The comic forms a story of redemption, justice, and self-discovery that few dare to step into, and even fewer survive to tell the tale.


In the Manufacturing section, we dive behind the scenes of the creation of Train Hopper. It was a labor of love that required fidelity to the existing Overwatch story while venturing into previously uncharted territory. The challenge was to connect with the audience's beloved characters in a new storyline while maintaining the charm that made them so endearing.
Our dedicated team paid close attention to detail, ensuring that each character's personality was accurately portrayed, from the spoken dialogue down to the details. We combined vivid illustrations with an engaging story, hoping to fully immerse readers in our world. What stood out during production was the collaboration she embodied. Whether it's our artists, writers, or voice actors, they've all come together with their unique talents to bring Train Hopper to life. It was hard work, but when we watched the pages come to life with our collective creations, it was all worth it. This comic was truly the result of passion, dedication, and a general love for the world of Overwatch.


In the latest issue of Train Hopper, our eponymous hero faces his biggest challenge yet. Haunted by his past and facing an uncertain future, the villain must face dangerous enemies and his inner demons. This immersive story takes readers through rugged landscapes, bustling cities, and dark underworlds of crime and corruption.
Train Hopper tests the limits of courage and endurance through a gripping story and stunning visual mastery, raising deep questions about morality and redemption. Offering a unique blend of gritty realism and bold spectacle, this comic promises readers both heart-pounding action and thought-provoking action. Join Train Hopper as he embarks on his thrilling journey, teetering on the brink of glory and disaster. Follow his exploits to learn how decisions made in the face of danger can bring down empires or save the world. With every page of Train Hopper, you are part of a journey that redefines what it means to be a hero in a harsh and unforgiving world.


The release of the Bunker Train comic took the world of games and comics by storm. Overwatch fans and comic book fans alike were treated to an exciting and fast-paced story that provided deeper insight into their favorite hero, Jesse McCree. The comic revealed his backstory and motivations and gave insight into McCree's actions in the game. It introduced us to exciting new villains, vivid locations, and tense situations that greatly expanded the Overwatch universe. A perfectly balanced mix of intrigue, action and emotion made for an exciting reading experience. What stood out was an impressive work of art. The expressions of the characters, the details of the backgrounds that bring the scenes to life complete the impressive story. The Hopper Train established McCree as a distinct character, shattering the myths surrounding him by revealing his human side, showing that he was more than just a member of Overwatch, but also had his own interests in saving the world. The release of the comic led to anticipation for more stories, tying the game's broader strokes to individual characters, satisfying players' curiosity and deepening their connection to the Overwatch universe.


Train Hopper received a lot of attention from fans and critics upon its release. A significant departure from the original Overwatch game, it was praised for its combination of engaging storytelling and engaging visuals. Rich character development was a standout aspect of the comic; Jesse McCree, the show's gun-toting outlaw, was praised for his fierce yet relatable personality.
Critics also praised the comic's ability to push boundaries and subvert expectations, particularly in its depiction of the struggle between good and evil. The comic effectively delves into moral gray areas and forces readers to reevaluate their preconceived notions of heroism. Considered a rebellion against the establishment, McCree's solo journey resonates deeply with readers looking for nuanced characters.
The artwork is very intricate and detailed. Each panel captures the essence of the story, from frantic action sequences to introspective moments. Fans have commented that this balance of story and art helps create a memorable reading experience. Art critics have particularly emphasized the use of color schemes and framing techniques to heighten the emotional impact of the story. The Train Hopper launch issue has exceeded initial expectations and continues to affect the Overwatch universe. Ultimately, the strength of this comic lies in its refusal to conform, cementing its place in the gaming world and giving fans a deeper understanding of their favorite characters. However, readers have expressed a desire for future editions to explore the untold details of the game's story to keep the intrigue alive.

Cultural impact

Since its release, the Train Hopper comic from the Overwatch universe has had a significant cultural impact. In addition to being praised for its inspiring themes of grit and determination, the storyline has also sparked conversations about the importance of heroism in times of uncertainty. Fans around the world are captivated by the comic's engaging story and multi-layered portrayals of the beloved character McCree. The comic also inspired the creation of cosplay, fan fiction, and artwork, mostly showing its influence on fans. In addition, Train Hopper effectively celebrated diversity and representation in comics, further cementing Overwatch's place in modern popular culture. It's safe to say that the cultural resonance of the Train Hopper comic goes far beyond its entertainment value, prompting reflection on broader social values ​​and inspiring creativity among fans.