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Palmer Technologies, formerly known as Queen Consolidated, is an international industrial and weapons manufacturer headquartered in Star City. Named after revolutionary leader Raymond Palmer, the company is committed to creating technologically advanced solutions to create a better world. Palmer Technologies' innovations range from an advanced biostimulator that regenerates tissue damage to a high-tech atomic suit that redefines personal safety standards. With a diverse portfolio, Palmer Technologies aims to transform every industry it enters to ensure a bright future for humanity. He firmly believes that through technology we can fearlessly shape a world where everyone can live fearlessly and fully.


At Palmer Technologies, we are proud to be pioneers in the aerospace technology industry. We are committed to paving the way for the future of space exploration using our advanced engineering capabilities and innovative approach to problem solving.

Our team of brilliant scientists, engineers and dreamers work tirelessly to make the impossible possible. Our passion is to explore the vast unknown regions of space and use that knowledge for the benefit of all mankind.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge spacecraft and revolutionary propulsion systems. All of our efforts are aimed at understanding the deepest mysteries of space and increasing our ability to travel further into space.

Our value lies in our ability to look up at the stars and see not only a will in the distance, but a home, a laboratory, and limitless possibilities. For us, dreams of setting foot in another galaxy and colonizing other planets are not only inventions, but also a promising reality.

Palmer Technologies - building a bridge between humanity and space. Join us in shaping the future of space exploration.


Palmer Technologies: A Brief History

The world-renowned technology company

Palmer Technologies was born from the brilliant mind of Raymond Palmer. From a small start-up, Star City quickly grew under Palmer's leadership into a leading industry titan.

After the tragic death of his father in 2000. Inspired by his father's entrepreneurial spirit and indomitable spirit, Ray built the company from the ground up. Initially working out of his apartment in Star City, Ray focused on developing advanced technology. The first consumer product, the nanochip, was a revolutionary creation that changed the technology landscape.

  • 2000: Founding of Palmer Technologies

  • 2003: Presentation of the nanochip

  • 2009: becomes a leader in technological innovation

This amazing journey from a simple idea to a technology conglomerate is a testament to the power of innovation and unwavering belief in one's vision.

Geography and Natural Features

At Palmer Technologies, we stand out in the world of technology inspired by our geographic location and the unique natural features that surround us.

We are strategically located in the heart of Silicon Valley, an area renowned for technological innovation and home to many of the world's largest technology companies. This position gives us access to a large talent pool, state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

In addition, we are surrounded by natural features that continue to inspire us. Mount Hamilton, known for the Lick Observatory, rises gracefully to the east, reminding us of the importance of exploration and discovery. The Pacific coast stretching to the west forces us to remain fluid and adaptable, just like the ocean currents.

  • TheSanta Cruz Mountains in the south symbolize the pinnacles of excellence to which we strive to climb.

  • The soft view of San Francisco's cityscape to the north represents the technological revolution we seek to lead.

In short, our geography and natural features not only give us significant operational advantages, but also foster the sense of ambition and innovation that is at the heart of Palmer Technologies.

Influence and Legacy Features

Palmer Technologies: Influence and Legacy

Known as a leading technology-focused company, Palmer Technologies not only influenced the wave of technological innovation, but embodied it. Founded by the brilliant Ray Palmer, the company is a paradigm shift in how we perceive and interact with technology.

  • Industry Impact: With innovative products like the ATOM suit, Palmer Technologies has set the precedent for technological advancements in a variety of fields. Their innovative designs have pushed the boundaries of what is considered possible in technology, influencing competitor strategies and driving industry trends.

  • Environmental Impact: Palmer Technologies focused on environmentally friendly technology even before it became a trend. Their work in renewable energy and sustainability demonstrates their commitment to the planet and has a significant impact on the company's wider approach to the environment.

  • Social Legacy: Palmer Technologies' philanthropic efforts are as remarkable as its technological achievements. Through their efforts to improve education, healthcare and social security, they have left an indelible mark on society and show that technology and humanity can go hand in hand.

In conclusion, the legacy of Palmer Technologies is seen not only in innovative inventions, but also in the side effects felt in every corner of society. Move forward and create the world innovation after innovation.


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