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Character NameAbberath
Abberath is the goat god in the wild and immersive Path of Exile universe. Aberath, known as the Cloven One, embodies raw strength and primal fear that resonates with the wild spirit of the beast. A fascinating and unpredictable being, Aberath had the courage to defy even the mightiest of gods. The attributes associated with this deity reveal the command of fire, destruction and chaos. This pyromaniac trait of Aberath is enhanced by his uncanny ability to heat up the ground beneath him, leaving a terrifying trail of wasteland wherever he goes. Instilling fear and awe, Aberath occupies an irreplaceable place in the diverse pantheon of the Path of Exile, making every encounter with him an earth-shattering event.


Abberath, also known as the Cloven One, is a major deity in the Path of Exile universe. A name that the bravest warriors whisper with a mixture of fear and reverence. Abberath is known for his fiery temper and innate ability to burn anything in his path.
Its legend is as old as the universe itself, born in the heart of volcanic landscapes where soaring mountains touch the gray patchwork of clouds and where the molten earth paints a tapestry of danger and fear. It is much more than a force of nature. Aberath is both a destroying flame and a catalyst for change. In the context of the game, Abberath is the boss that the player faces in Act 6, which shows the greatness of his fiery and destructive powers. Despite the fear she inspires, players strive to defeat her, drawn by the huge treasures and rewards that victory promises. The character of Abberath plays an important role in the game's story, serving as both a challenging obstacle and a profound symbol of the unbridled, destructive force that lies within the world of Path of Exile.
Essentially, Abberath embodies the unpredictable elements of nature and the world's inherent potential for catastrophic change. As a tragic hero, he testifies to the cyclical nature of destruction and rebirth.


Aberath, also known as the Cloven One, is one of the deities in the complex and dark universe of the Path of Exile. As an animal god, he embodies the raw and primal anger of nature. His presence affects wild creatures, igniting in them a fervor that transcends the laws of nature.
His story is steeped in mystery, occasionally punctuated by the whispers of a world that speaks of the grotesque in form and temperament. Aberath is first depicted as a huge boar with a menacing and disturbing set of large, curved horns strong enough to cleave mountains. Her invulnerability to pain and decay manifests in terrifying strength and unrelenting resilience even in the face of defeat.
Despite his fearsome image, Aberat is revered among believers. Her worshipers understand that his rage is the very basis of survival, the essence that is at the core of every beast. Rituals in honor of Rift usually involve blood sacrifices, and for the most pious, sometimes sacrifices of their own life force.
Still, Aberath, like nature itself, is not entirely merciless. Legends tell of a softer side of the boar god, a dichotomy between nature's wrath and peace. It is a sign of spring that loosens the grip of harsh winter; thriving life amidst raw survival. This duality of destruction and growth is an essential feature of Abberath's character.
The saga of Aberath remains the enduring fascination of the Path of Exile narrative. Her dominance over beasts, unrelenting fury, and intriguing dichotomy with the serenity of nature paint a picture of an ancient wild deity whose enigmas continue to fascinate players' minds. Its core, both feared and respected, speaks to the game's complex mythological design, cementing Path of Exile's position as an impressive exposition of fantasy storytelling.

Creation and Development

When the creators of Path of Exile envisioned the monstrous deity Abberath, the Cloven One, they sought to embody raw, raw power. Abberath embodies the chaotic and destructive forces of nature. As the god of earthquakes, his design was inspired by tectonic catastrophes, landslides and the relentless force of an approaching storm. Experiencing her presence in the game creates an overwhelming sense of dread and impending danger, just as you might feel when faced with a real natural disaster.
The initial stages of development were focused on creating a character that would leave the player in awe and inspire a mixture of awe, respect and disbelief. Early sketches have eerie earthquake-themed features. However, as it evolved, some elements loosened, causing Aberath to take the form of a huge, cloven-hoofed creature with giant horns and bloody guts covering his massive body.
The development team worked diligently to create his animations, ensuring that Abberath's movements reflected his immense power and terror. For example, his trampling shook Wraeclast to its foundations, the land where the Path of Exile takes place. Its visual design is complemented by impressive sound effects that emphasize its destructive power. Game mechanics were also very important in the development of Abberath. The developers came up with the idea of ​​turning Abberath into an exciting boss fight. This means that he is constantly moving when fighting him, giving players more of a challenge and differentiating his play style from traditional static boss fights.
Finally, Abberath was born through many design revisions and hard work. The Cloven One was not just another boss to defeat, but he became a symbol of unstoppable power and chaos in the Path of Exile universe, leaving an impression on all who dared to face him.

Character Profile

Aberath, known as the Cloven One, is a towering figure who embodies brute force and unstoppable force in the Path of Exile universe. Originally hailing from the realm of the gods, his status as the god of the underworld was unstoppable until the birth of the beast.
Abberath's massive, bull-like form is synonymous with dominance. His impressive horns symbolize his immortal spirit and almighty mastery. The weight of her militancy is equally absorbed by the flames she constantly exhales, destroying everything in her path. But her stunning looks aren't the only thing that defines Abberath. His inner nature includes all that is immaterial, not just carnage. Mysterious and mysteriously haunting allure, Aberath harbors an inescapable enigma that inspires both fear and awe.
Aberath's servants are as fearsome as their deity, bearing horns and committing horrific violence in her name. His rule to them is a testament to his supreme power, bound by blood, they wreak havoc on the battlefield, pledging their victories to the glory of Aberath. Enshrined in legend as an unparalleled titan of destruction, the myth of Aberath continues to hold a terrifying fascination for many. But its oppressive existence is a stark reminder of chaos and devastation. And so the story of Abberath, The Cloven One, continues to reverberate throughout the Path of Exile universe.

Story Arc

Abberath, also known as The Cloven One, occupies an important place in the complex history of the Path of Exile universe. His dominance of the beast kingdom made him a singular and magnificent figure. As a central figure in the pantheon of gods, Aberath is seen not only as a beast, but also as a divine embodiment that they respect and fear. In his depictions, he is often depicted as a being that can change fire, so the inhabitants call him the god of burning misery.
Abberath's story revolves around his anger. He is known for his grumpy nature, which causes his anger to set the world on fire and cause drastic transformations. Like a god, he possesses the uncontrollable power of fire, allowing him to wreak havoc and destruction. A heated pillar of Abberath is said to be able to create a trail of fiery flames that can incinerate anything in its path, making it an example of danger.
But as the layers peel back, Abberath's story takes on a deeper meaning. His anger is a manifestation of his innate desire for freedom. Aberath, though a god, is chained to the Abyss of Darkness, plagued by endless torment. It is this desire for liberation that fuels his rage and anger. His fiery trail symbolizes his constant struggle to break free and the pain he experiences during this struggle.
Also, Aberath's influence goes beyond his anger. He is known as the bringer of nightmares, constantly disturbing the peace of mankind. But his cruelty has a purpose. He wants people to understand the dark reality of existence, which will bring them face to face with their worst fears. Through nightmares, Abberath calls people to face their demons and prepares them for the hardships of life, surprisingly adding to the noble nature of his haunting character.
Overall, Abberath's story is a complex web of destruction, despair, and profound wisdom. She is the embodiment of fiery wrath, but her fire symbolizes not only destruction, but also the quest for liberation and ultimately the harsh truth of existence. His character illustrates how even the most sinister creatures can serve a higher purpose in their own unique ways in the great tapestry of life.

Cultural Impact

In the complex and fascinating realm of Path of Exile, the character of Aberath symbolizes the cultural significance of myth and history. The Cloven One's familiar stories surrounding Abberath remind players of the all-too-real impact of fear and tradition on society. Created by the ancient tribes of Wraeclast to explain the presence of destructive forces, Aberath is masterfully woven into the cultural fabric of the Path of Exile universe.
Abberath's story is a central part of the game, connecting players to the shared history of their virtual world. His existence, though mythical, inspires fear in the characters and provides an illuminating glimpse into the consciousness of civilization. The amalgamation of the doom goat and the mischievous fire symbolizes the irreconcilable combination of humor and horror that Path of Exile players around the world love.
In addition, his iconic hooves carved into stone tablets and stories provide the basis for elaborate battles and reinforce the cultural value of bravery in the community.
Thus, through the character of Abberath, players can tap into the rich culture of the Path of Exile, learn about its history, face its fears, and continue the ethos of courage and resilience. Even within the realm of fantasy, Abberath serves as a catalyst for cultural impact, subtly reinforcing the universality of mythology and its impact on society, further enhancing the immersive gaming experience.


Abberath, the bloodthirsty god of calamity, has left his mark on the legacy of the Path of Exile. Aberath was originally just a beast that roamed the winding forests of Wraeclast, but the war tribes recognized his terrible power and elevated him to god status. His reign of terror began when he gained the ability to breathe fire, destroying everything it came in contact with and engulfed. the whole forest is on fire. This destructiveness earned him the ominous title of "The God of Misfortune." Players attempt to defeat this powerful deity using the Pantheon system, where they can harness the power of various gods for tactical advantage. Abberath's influence on Wraeclast remains as fiery as ever, offering a compelling in-game boss encounter or a useful power-up when defeated and used through the Pantheon system.