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Thomas Shelby

General Info

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Job TitleGang leader, business owner
Birth Date1890-01-01
Birth PlaceBirmingham, England
Knows aboutIllegal activities, bookmaking, gambling
Alternate NameTommy
Character NameThomas Shelby
Member of OrganizationPeaky Blinders
Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, is the charismatic but ruthlessly powerful figure at the center of Peaky Blinders. The head of the eponymous Shelby family rules the streets of post-war Birmingham with an iron fist. A decorated war hero, Tom brings with him the darkness of his past that has instilled in him a certain resilience and emotional depth. Not to mention his infamous intelligence, which he exploits in his unbridled ambitions for power and control over his family. His empire, made up of a humble working class, is a testament to his dogged pursuit of supremacy and respect. His complex portrayal of the character captivates audiences with an intriguing balance of brutal brutality and fragile humanity. Despite his ruthless demeanor, his loyalty to his family reveals a warmer side to his otherwise hardened personality. Overall, Thomas Shelby admirably embodies the struggles and triumphs that his troubled world offers.


Thomas Shelby, a name that inspires fear and awe in the gritty universe of Peaky Blinders, is the epitome of street-smart survival, haunted by past war experiences and crushed by noble ambitions. As the hardened patriarch of the Shelby clan and tactical leader of the Peaky Blinders gang, his life is a tangled web of business, politics, love, violence, and consistently chess-like strategy.
Born into gang-driven chaos but shaped by the atrocities of World War I, Tom's sharp intellectual acumen is often underscored by his eerily calm demeanor in the face of deadly foes and life-threatening situations. But between his steely exterior, he carries a tortured soul longing for love, stability, and an escape from the terrifying nightmares of trench warfare. His complex personality oscillates between a cold-hearted mobster, a shrewd businessman and a sensitive family man with conflicting loyalties. Despite his ruthless tactics and the morally gray universe he inhabits, Tom's charisma is undeniably magnetic, a testament to his complex and multi-layered character. His relentless determination to elevate his family's status and his tactful use of the power structures around him offer a compelling exploration of ambition, morality and survival in grim early 20th century Birmingham.
As such, Thomas Shelby is an enchanting blend of villain, hero and tragic figure that captures the imagination of the audience and captures the fascinating history of the Peaky Blinders universe.


Thomas Shelby is a compelling and nuanced character at the epicenter of the Peaky Blinders universe. Born in the ruthless streets of Birmingham in the 1890s, he plays a central role in the Shelby family and their gang, the Peaky Blinders. An extremely cunning and ambitious man, Tom is a decorated veteran of the First World War, where he held the rank of sergeant major and received awards for bravery. But the burden of the war left him with not only physical wounds, but also a complex and tormenting PTSD, which strongly affects decision-making in his post-war life.
Post-war Birmingham is a center of criminal activity and Tom takes advantage of this environment to raise the profile of Peaky Blinders. His leadership is unquestioned, and he uses it to turn the gang into a legitimate business empire. Despite his criminal roots, his charisma and intelligence make him attractive to the upper echelons of society, increasing the gang's influence and reach.
His philosophy of life revolves around the protection and prosperity of his family. A long-running romance with Grace Burgess, an undercover agent originally sent to infiltrate the gang, brings out his paternal side and humanizes this seemingly cold-hearted character. Despite his merciless demeanor, his unwavering love for her is a testament to the multifaceted nature of his character, which shows his propensity for kindness in dealing with those he cares deeply about. Resilience is one of Thomas Shelby's most endearing qualities. Throughout the series, he survives numerous attempts on his life, a testament to his unique survival instincts and strength of character. This experience, though harrowing, sharpens his strategy in dealing with his enemies and strengthens his resolve to protect his family at all costs. The complexity of Thomas Shleby's character comes from his unwavering strength, willingness to do whatever it takes for those he loves, and relentless pursuit of power, all of which make him one of the most interesting characters in the Peaky Blinders universe. .

Creation and Development

Thomas Shelby, a compelling character in the Peaky Blinders universe, was brought to life by creator Steven Knight. Knight created the character to paint a vivid picture of post-war Britain, giving him an intriguing mix of ruthlessness and vulnerability. His character is not a simple depiction of a gangster, but a complex and multi-layered individual characterized by war experiences and fierce family protection.
The character of Tom, drawn from the director's family stories and historical accounts, anchors the story with his savvy entrepreneurship and emotional depth. The writer deftly balances Tom's tough exterior, a byproduct of his brutal upbringing and experience as a veteran, with an underlying tenderness that is evident in his interactions with the children and fleeting moments of solitude. Thomas Shelby's progression shows not only an upward trajectory of power, but also his development as a character. It depicts a man dealing with PTSD, the ghosts of his past and personal loss as he relentlessly navigates the criminal underworld. This enriches his character, gives him psychological depth and a certain tragic nobility.
Former creative director Colm McCarthy contributed to the creation of Thomas from page to screen. McCarthy loved the show's dark and stylized aesthetic, which is reflected in the character of Tom. It forced the audience to look beyond the flat cap and piercing eyes to the calculated mind and tortured soul beneath.
The role was painstakingly portrayed by actor Cillian Murphy, whose groundbreaking performance brought Knight's vision to life. Murphy's talent for nuance allowed him to present an authentic and multifaceted portrayal of Tom. The actor revealed his empathy for Tom's infallibility, his devotion to his family and his desire for more than just the hand he was given.
Despite his creepy exterior, Thomas Shelby emerged as a beloved character, carefully crafted with depth, complexity, and brilliantly brought to life by a stellar performance.

Character Profile

Thomas Shelby is the compelling protagonist and mastermind behind the infamous Shelby family operations in the crime drama Peaky Blinders. He is a war hero returning home to Birmingham from the horrific trenches of World War I, deeply haunted by PTSD. The war gave him a sense of calm cruelty and cunning. He uses these traits to effectively control his illegal business and elevate his family's status from petty criminals to dominant players in the underworld.
Tom is very complex and not easily influenced. He values ​​loyalty above all else and will do anything to protect his family. Despite his dark side, he has a soft and sincere side, especially seen around his family or romantic interests. His steely-eyed determination and good decision-making skills lead the Peaky Blinders through many obstacles, often citing "The whole world's gone mad, and we're right in the middle of it" as fuel to the fire.
At times his moral compass is questionable, but his primary goal has always been the safety and prosperity of his family. Thomas Shelby is not just a character; it's a compelling portrait of a man who will stop at nothing to make his dreams come true. He's flawed, fierce, and most importantly, undeniably cute.

Story Arc

After World War I, Thomas Shelby returns to his home in Birmingham, England, forever changed by the horrors he witnessed on the battlefield. He finds his family's gypsy clan, the Peaky Blinders, navigating the treacherous waters of the city's organized crime ring. Charismatic but deeply obsessed, Tom takes the helm of the gang and takes it to new heights, fueled by his ambition and cunning intelligence.
His tactical acumen, honed on the battlefield, guides the Blinders as they expand their control over Birmingham Metro. But he also attracts the attention of Major Chester Campbell, a detective sent by Winston Churchill to clean up the city. This leads to a game of cat and mouse that paves the way for Thomas to improve.
Master of manipulation, Tom deftly walks the tightrope between respectable businessman and ruthless gangster. But his hunger for power comes at a high cost. Haunted by the trauma of war and the enemies he meets along the way, Tom's personal life becomes a battlefield. His relationships, especially with his strong-willed lover Grace, bear his greatest conflicting loyalties. As the series progresses, we see Tom struggle with his aspirations, the well-being of his family, and the consequences of his choices. He experiences a rollercoaster of wins and losses as he tries to balance his dominance with sanity. With each challenge, Tom reveals new layers of his complex personality: a wounded warrior, a courageous leader, a shrewd businessman, and above all, a man fighting his own ghosts. Despite her hardened exterior, glimmers of vulnerability bubble beneath the surface.
At its core, Thomas Shelby's storyline is resilient and ambitious, a man driven by dreams bigger than his reality. A study in opposites, it oscillates between hero and anti-hero, showing that each is a product of their circumstances but also the architect of their own destiny. His journey, like the tailored suits he wears, is a well-tailored embodiment of the ancient adage: the head that wears the crown rests uneasily.

Cultural Impact

As a cultural icon, Thomas Shelby has had a profound impact on audiences around the world. Starring Cillian Murphy in the critically acclaimed series Peaky Blinders, his character became synonymous with resilience, cunning and ambition, set against the grim backdrop of post-war Birmingham.
His unique style of tweed suits, sweaters and iconic flat caps sparked a renaissance in menswear, reflecting an early 20th century glamor that is both timeless and fashionable. Beyond fashion, Thomas Shelby's influence permeates the world of music, where a soundtrack of show rock and indie tunes provides a stark but fitting contrast to the historical setting.
Shelby's character also reflects on mental health issues, a way to raise awareness of conditions like PTSD by portraying the struggles of war veterans. He also represents a patriarchal figure who tries to balance family responsibilities and illegal practices, showing the audience the complexity of human nature.
In addition, Thomas Shelby has entered the lexicon as a symbol of unflinching courage and strategic thinking, inspiring quotes and references in popular culture. His rise from troubled war veteran to powerful empire builder underscores themes of social mobility and ambition, making him an enduring figure in the cultural landscape.


Portrayed as a fearless and cunning leader, Thomas Shelby left a lasting legacy in the Peaky Blinders universe. From humble beginnings on the streets of Birmingham, he quickly rose to a power that commanded respect and fear. His influence extended far beyond the city and reached the highest echelons of society, politics and the underworld. Despite his ruthless personality, Tommy showed great loyalty and devotion to his family, which supported his character and influenced his decisions. His complex personality, which oscillated between a cold-blooded gangster and a caring family man, left an indelible mark on the audience. Thus, Thomas Shelby's legacy is a testament to his strong leadership, business acumen and unwavering loyalty, all of which cement his character in the annals of memorable television personalities.