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Peaky Blinders

General Info

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GenresDrama, Crime
TaglineLondon's for the taking
StarringCillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Sophie Rundle, Natasha O'Keeffe
Release Date2013-09-12
Running Time58
TV Series NamePeaky Blinders
Content Rating8.544
Distributed ByBBC One, BBC Two
Original TitlePeaky Blinders
Country of OriginGB
Number of Seasons6
Number of Episodes36
World Premiere Date2013-09-12
Production Company NameTiger Aspect Productions, BBC Studios, Caryn Mandabach Productions, Screen Yorkshire
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b045fz8r
Peaky Blinders is a gripping British crime drama set in Birmingham, England after the First World War. Created by Steven Knight, the fictional series follows the exploits of the Shelby crime family, led by the evil and cunning Tommy Shelby. Known for their ruthlessness and ambition, the Peaky Blinders gang transforms from a local street gang into a sinister criminal empire intertwined with high society and international intrigue. The series beautifully explores the social and economic hardships of post-war England and paints a compelling portrait of a society in transition. The nuanced storytelling and character-driven storylines, combined with great acting and atmospheric cinematography, make Peaky Blinders a must-see for fans of period drama.



The Peaky Blinders is a gripping, gritty and brutally honest portrait of post-war Britain. Set in the lawless streets of Birmingham in the early 1900s, the series revolves around the Shelby crime family. The criminal gang, famous for sewing razor blades into their hats, is led by their ambitious and ruthless leader, Thomas Shelby.
Interwoven with elements of love, betrayal, brutality and dark humor, Peaky Blinders captivates viewers with its complex plot and compelling character development. Each member of the Shelby family, from the steely Aunt Polly to the fiery Arthur, plays a vital role in their glory, driven by ambition, survival instincts and absolute loyalty to family. A beautiful soundtrack, great cinematography and unforgettable performances add to the series' intense and dark atmosphere. This intense yet elegant portrayal of gangster life has managed to create an unforgettable and exciting universe that will stay with you long after the screen goes dark. Rooted in historical reality but transformed by dramatic art, Peaky Blinders is steeped in the bloody legacy of life on the frontier.


Set in the seedy streets of post-war Birmingham, Peiko Blinders follows the turbulent rise of the Shelby crime family. The series revolves around Tommy Shelby, a war veteran and the shrewd boss of the Shelby family, who along with his cronies rule the streets with an iron fist, mostly in the absence of law and order. The infamous Peaky Blinders gang get their name from the razor blades they hide in their hoods, which are used to intimidate and assert their power over rival gangs and law enforcement.
On the home front, the Shelbys grapple with family drama and moral dilemmas that often lead to betrayal, sacrifice, and heartbreak. The family threatens and monopolizes the beer, gambling, and bootlegging industries while battling existential threats from other crime families, the mafia, law enforcement, and sometimes their own ambitions. Amidst the chaos, Tommy's cold, sharp intellect and vision collide to legitimize his illicit operations with his traumatic wartime past and the ever-looming fear of being swallowed up by the abyss of his dark deeds. Each season introduces new factions and threats that continue the cycle of violence, duty and revenge.
Peaky Blinders is a story of survival, redemption and the relentless pursuit of power. It shows the brutal and brutal side of crime mixed with moments of love, loyalty and humanity – a compelling portrayal of the clash between personal ambition and collective responsibility. The characters and their struggles are clear reminders of the cost of human power and the reality of living in a world built on cruelty and betrayal.


Created by Steven Knight, the British crime drama Peaky Blinders has been captivating audiences since 2013 with its stunning visual aesthetics and compelling narrative. The creation of this critically acclaimed television series is an art worthy of recognition and praise.
The series is produced by Caryn Mandabach Productions and Tiger Aspect Productions. These production companies have been awarded multiple industry awards for their meticulous attention to detail, from the hauntingly realistic sets to the elegant, character-defining costumes.
Led by director Anthony Byrne, the crew spent six seasons bringing the disturbing, dark world of post-war Birmingham to life with a sense of authenticity and style. Elaborate sets, specially designed for filming, capture the feel of the 1920s industrial landscape in a way that is appealing and tangible to the audience.
Costumes, overseen by designer Alison McCosh, also play an essential role in the production. From tailored three-piece suits to the titular hats, each outfit has been carefully chosen to reflect not only the era, but also the personalities and status of the characters.
Composer Martin Phipps' music and British rock help set the mood and tension of each scene. His contribution to the work, especially the signature theme "The Red Right Hand", is extremely significant. Another feature of the production of Peaky Blinders is the unique grit and grime of the plot: the mob family comes to the fore. Perfectly balanced with the glamor of the period, it offers a raw and unflinching look at the power struggle.
Making Peaky Blinders is definitely a huge labor of love. Although the series is set in Birmingham, most of the filming takes place in and around Liverpool. The choice of location adds another layer of authenticity to the incredibly detailed world the team is creating, creating a cinematic experience unlike any other on television.


The Release section provides a review of the Peaky Blinders TV series. The British period crime drama hit the screens in 2013. Produced by Caryn Mandabach and Steven Knight for BBC Two, the series quickly gained critical acclaim and a huge fan base. A series set in the 20th century. 20th century beginning in Birmingham, tells the story of the exploits of the Shelby crime family, led by the fierce and battle-hardened Tommy Shelby.
During its seasons, the series attracted notable actors from stage and screen, including Sam Neill, Adrien Brody and Anya Taylor-Joy. It's impossible not to fall in love with the stylishly shot sequences, dark and compelling storylines that deal not only with crime, but also with politics, family, identity and mental health. The historical drama's dark charm has been such a hit that it's spawned five seasons so far.
Season 1 of Peaky Blinders aired on BBC Two in 2013. on September 12, and subsequent seasons will continue to delight audiences around the world, with the Season 5 finale airing in 2019. August 25 Each season introduces a new enemy, a new conflict, and new allies, but that's all. remains the same is the diligence of Peaky Blinders. Fans are currently looking forward to Season 6, following the explosive finale of Season 5. Known for its gritty realism, gripping plot and unforgettable characters, Peaky Blinders remains the pinnacle of 21st century television.


Peaky Blinders' reception was mostly positive, with critics praising its curious yet stylish depiction of post-war Birmingham. The series is known for its distinctive writing style, with complex characters and compelling plots. The stunning cinematography, faithful attention to period detail and anachronistic rock music have won accolades, giving the show its own identity.
The cast's performances, including Cillian Murphy's intense portrayal of Thomas Shelby, were critically acclaimed and added an irresistible human touch to the gang's ruthless activities. It has also been praised for its nuanced and evocative treatment of PTSD, corruption and class struggle. But he was not without his critics. Some viewers compared it to dramas of a similar period, claiming that it failed to tap into the emotional depths of the characters. Others pointed out the excessive violence and graphic content, saying it detracted from the story.
Despite such differing opinions, the show's impact is undeniable. He gained a devoted following and became a cultural phenomenon around the world. Its energetic portrayal of Birmingham's gritty underbelly, coupled with intense performances and a compelling storyline, has earned it a place among the most iconic television dramas of the 21st century.

Cultural impact

Peaky Blinders has had a major impact on popular culture since its inception in 2013. The series sparked a new interest in the post-war era, inspiring fashion trends, themed parties and even art exhibitions. The unmistakable style, characterized by tweed suits, flat caps and a bold portrait of Birmingham, has been imitated in many settings.
The show's characters, especially Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, have had a huge impact on viewers, with fan theories, art and online communities debating his complex personality. This focus on character development and depth changed the way gangster shows were perceived, shifting the focus away from violence and towards more nuanced character exploration. Also, a soundtrack full of contemporary rock music from the likes of Nick Cave and the Arctic Monkeys, while anachronistic, blurred the lines between historical accuracy and creative storytelling. Mixing punchy, modern music with period drama, it offers a fresh take on a period that has been well-received.
The influence of Peaky Blinders goes beyond entertainment and affects tourism in Birmingham. The city has seen an increase in visitors who want to explore the historical context of the exhibition and thereby contribute to the local economy.
Striking a balance between historical grounding and creative freedom, Peaky Blinders has had a lasting impact on television storytelling, character development and even musical choices in period dramas. He showed that participation in the past does not necessarily require strict adherence to historical fact, as long as there is a compelling narrative. Its wider cultural impact is reflected in its worldwide popularity and the formation of an active and passionate fan base.