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Miles 'Tails' Prower

General Info

Miles 'Tails' Prower logo
Job TitleMechanic, Sonic's sidekick
Birth Date1992-10-16
Birth PlaceSonic's world
Knows aboutSonic the Hedgehog, Machinery, Inventions
Alternate NameTails
Character NameMiles 'Tails' Prower
Member of OrganizationTeam Sonic
Miles Prower, commonly known as "Tails" due to his unique twin tails, is a popular character in the Sonic universe. Tails is very intelligent and has a great balance between strength and agility in the game. Tails matches the speed and adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog. However, what sets Tails apart is his ability to fly and swim, making him a versatile character across all landscapes. He is also known for his technical skills, being an excellent driver and mechanic. She constantly helps Sonic by using her intelligence and ingenuity to overcome various challenges. Despite being younger than Sonic, Tails consistently proves to be a reliable companion and an important asset to the Sonic universe. His friendly and loyal nature makes him a fan of the franchise.


Miles Prower, affectionately known as "Tails", is a central figure in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Tails first made his debut in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as Sonic's trusty sidekick. With his distinctive two-faced appearance that allows him to fly or spin like a helicopter, Tails is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in the franchise.
Intelligent beyond his years, Tails is a mechanical genius who is the opposite of the adventurous and impulsive Sonic, balancing the dynamic of the daring duo. His skills and technical knowledge aided Sonic on several occasions, highlighting the importance of their collaboration in the series. Although a great admirer of Sonic, Tails has proven himself to be a hero in his own right. During his various solo adventures, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to handle himself in tense and dangerous situations. Despite his youth and innate nervousness, his courage always endures hardships.
His innocent charm, combined with his sincere loyalty and bravery, make Tails an important and compelling character in the Sonic universe. In addition to adding a unique twist to the game's story, Tails anchors the series with a sense of heart and consistency that is integral to its success and longevity.


Nicknamed "Tails" for his trademark twin tails, Miles Prower is a vibrant and integral part of the Sonic universe. Born with the unusual but beneficial genetic trait of two tails and high intelligence, he was often the target of ridicule and ostracism in his early years. Despite these challenges, he has grown into a self-reliant and mentally agile individual, constantly tackling adversity with incredible optimism.
Tails, a supporter of Sonic, worships him not only as a hero, but as a brotherly figure in his life. Their shared bond is deep and unwavering, protecting each other in various situations. Tails' admiration for Sonic was the main catalyst behind his quest to become a super hero, leading him to follow in Sonic's footsteps as he forged his own unique path.
Perhaps the greatest symbol of Miles "Tails" Prower's individual strength is his aviation and mechanical prowess. His intellectual superiority helped him create the Tornado biplane, which was instrumental in their collective fight against the evil Dr. Robotnico. Tails' ingenuity and technical knowledge were often the key to successful missions.
Despite his success, Tails maintains a gentle and childlike innocence that embodies trust, loyalty, and selfless devotion. He may not have the physical strength that his companions have, but Tails makes up for it with his honesty and ruthless tenacity. This young vixen, with extraordinary courage and intelligence, truly captures the essence of heroism despite her tender age.
Tails' progression through the Sonic universe features constant personal growth, emphasizing the power of determination, friendship, and intelligence. Encourage others to embrace their own unique qualities by showing them that their quirks can be their greatest strengths. Miles "Tails" Prower is a symbol of true courage, relentless tenacity and a brilliant intellect determined to make its mark on the world.

Creation and Development

The creation and development of Miles "Tails" Prower, the main character of the Sonic universe, includes an interesting story. Born out of Sega's internal rivalry to create a sidekick for Sonic, Tails has become an integral part of the franchise, serving not only as a sidekick but also adding unique gameplay elements.
Yasushi Yamaguchi, the designer of the tail character, is said to have been inspired by Japanese folklore about a fox that can change into human form and have multiple tails, each displaying its own wisdom and power of vision. Yamaguchi chose the concept of multiple tails, which eventually became Tails' trademark and earned him the nickname "Tails".
Tails was originally called Pocky during development, but Yamaguchi was particularly fond of Miles Prower, a play on words about the "miles per hour" speed aspect of Sonic games. Although the name was not well-received at first, Yamaguchi was able to introduce it as the character's real name and assign him the nickname "Tails" instead.
In terms of game mechanics, Tails is designed to appeal to beginners. The unique ability to fly short distances facilitated navigation in difficult sections of the platform. The feature also added a cooperative aspect to the game, with a second player able to control Tails and help the first player control Sonic, making the game more accessible and enjoyable.
Later games expanded Tails' role with new abilities and mechanics. For example, Sonic 3 allowed Tails to swim for the first time. Additionally, Tails' character has grown along with his abilities, from a shy follower to a confident and tech-savvy character, reflecting his role as an inventor in the Sonic universe.
Ultimately, Tails' creation showcases an intuitive blend of inspired design choices and smart gameplay mechanics that allow him to effortlessly transition from simple sidekick to beloved character in the Sonic universe.

Character Profile

Miles Prower, affectionately known as "Tails", is a two-tailed fox and Sonic's loyal sidekick. He is often considered to be the brains of the pair and has a high IQ similar to that of the evil Dr. Robotnik. Despite being younger and less experienced than Sonic, Tails is no less brave and has proven himself in many adventures.
Ever since Tails first met Sonic on West Side Island, he's been trying to be as calm and composed as the speedy blue hedgehog. This fascination led Tails to learn how to spin like a helicopter using his two tails, allowing him to keep up with Sonic's super speed. In addition to his intelligence and unique ability to fly, Tails is also a noted mechanic, often providing critical technical support to Sonic and his team. His most notable creations, Tornado and Sea Fox, were used in several missions to disrupt Dr. Robotnik's counter.
Despite his involvement in many dangerous missions, Tails' innocence and kind nature remain intact. He is often seen cheering others up with his boundless optimism and is always ready to help those in need, making him a kind foil you wouldn't want to meet when fighting evil.
Therefore, Miles "Tails" Prower is not only Sonic's sidekick, but also an integral part of the Sonic universe, embodying the intelligence, bravery and innocence that fans around the world admire. He is definitely a true hero.

Story Arc

Often known by his nickname 'Tails', Miles Prower is a prominent figure in the Sonic universe who has seen significant character development over time. Introduced in Sonic 2, Tails has grown from a naive and curious vixen with no real direction to a formidable force against Dr. Robotnik, who displays courage and intelligence beyond his years.
At first, Tails was just a fan of Sonic who followed him everywhere, even if it meant risking his life. His intense fascination with the blue hedgehog fueled his desire to prove himself an effective partner. This was the beginning of his journey from shadow sucker to brave hero. After his first adventure with Sonic against Dr. Robotnik, Tails began to assert himself. He used his engineering skills to help Sonic by creating useful devices and providing analytical strategies. This growth was especially evident in Sonic 3, where he played an important role in saving Angel Island.
But in Sonic Adventure, he realized that he can't always rely on Sonic. This led to a defining moment when he faced Chaos 4 and Dr. Robotnik, marking his first act of independence. Sonic Adventure 2 Tails has matured considerably. Not only did he create a fake Chaos Emerald to trick the villains, but he also showed courage in leading the group in Sonic's absence. His main agenda has changed from following Sonic to protecting the world, which illustrates the growth of his character.
Despite the transformation, Tails remains loyal to Sonic. Each adventure, each battle against Dr. Robotnik only strengthened their bond. As the story progresses, Tails continues to run from Sonic's shadow, following his own path as a hero and establishing his own unique identity in the vast Sonic universe.

Cultural Impact

Miles "Tails" Prower, the loyal companion of the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog, significantly shaped the cultural fabric of the gaming world. The friendly fox with his impressive twin tails has been a loyal member of the Sonic franchise since his debut in 1992. Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Tails embodies the qualities of friendship, teamwork, and intelligence that players around the world recognize. . His ability to fly, use gadgets, and provide support are qualities that stand out in the action-packed Sonic universe and contribute to his fame and appeal.
Tails' design has influenced many other anthropomorphic video game characters and has been a staple of franchise-related merchandise. Unlike the other sidekicks, Tails is portrayed as an intellectual prodigy with eight different powerful avatar forms. This only reinforces his importance in the Sonic universe and pushes the boundaries of how supporting characters can be more than just supporting characters. Additionally, Tails has made a significant impact outside of gaming, appearing in animated series, comics, and movies, further cementing his cultural significance. Tails' influence is long-lasting, constantly instilling the values ​​of courage, perseverance and friendship in millions of fans around the world. His character left an indelible mark on pop culture and cemented the Sonic franchise's iconic status in entertainment. Through his character's evolution and longevity, Miles 'Tails' Prower is a testament to the dynamic and influential power of video game culture. His impact transcends the screen, making Tails a beloved and unforgettable character in the Sonic universe and beyond.


In the legacy of the Sonic universe, Miles "Tails" Prower is a beacon of kindness, intelligence, and resilience. Conceived as Sonic's best friend and sidekick, Tails exhibits more than just incredible speed. The ability to use his dual tail as a prop makes him stand out from the crowd, making him a prominent character in several Sonic games and media adaptations.
His intelligence did not go unnoticed, and fans recognize "Tails" as a great inventor and mechanic. In his various adventures with Sonic, he has built and repaired numerous devices, proving more than a match for Sonic's nemesis Dr. For Eggman in the tech department. Over the years, Tails' story has continued to expand, always demonstrating his unwavering determination to help his friends, no matter what danger awaits them. The legacy of this iconic two-tailed fox is intertwined with the courage, genius, and infectious spirit of adventure that have made him a beloved character in the Sonic franchise.