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General Info

Franky logo
Job TitleShipwright
Birth PlaceSouth Blue
Knows aboutShipbuilding
Alternate NameCutty Flam
Character NameFranky
Member of OrganizationStraw Hat Pirates
Franky Forger, also known as Loid Forger, is the main protagonist of the SPY x FAMILY universe. A skilled spy working for the Vestalian government under the codename "Sunset," she is adept at disguise and quick-thinking. He leads a double life as a psychologist to infiltrate the parent association of the prestigious Eden School and collect classified information necessary for national security. For the most part, Frankie displays a stoic and collected personality, but his new roles as a husband and father often land him in hilariously chaotic circumstances that add humor and depth to his character. An example of dedication and sly intelligence, Franky Forger is a must-see if you like a mix of thrills, suspense and comedy.


Franky Forger, also known as Daddy Longlegs, is an intriguing character from the adorable manga series SPY x FAMILY. Acts as an essential part of a team disguised as a family, providing terrific mission insight and execution plans. An experienced systems analyst and strategist, Franky's genius is evident in his meticulous analysis of problems and his eye for detail that uncovers information of importance to the Forger family.
Although he is mostly accessorized, his extravagant style and eccentric fashion sense definitely add layers of uniqueness to him. But it's not just style; the versatile Franky has a scene-stealing sense of humor that brings a wonderful balance to tense situations. It helps lift the mood and often reveals the depth of his love for his unconventional family.
Despite his quirks, Franky demonstrates an unwavering dedication to his job and his teammates, proving that there is more to him than just his eccentricities. His contribution to the team cannot be understated, precisely orchestrating operations with no room for error. His behavior contributes greatly to the dangerous yet exciting adventures of the Forger family. Franky's involvement in the plot and his unique personality traits make him a memorable character in the SPY x FAMILY universe.


Franky Forger, aka Loid Forger, is a unique offering brought to us by the SPY x FAMILY universe. Born in Danzig, Westallis, he grows up in difficult circumstances that lead him to become a formidable secret agent working for a closed organization codenamed Twilight.
Franky is a staunch supporter of his country's cause and has only one goal - to ensure world peace. To complete his mission, he must infiltrate the prestigious Eden Academy, which can only be achieved by creating a fake family. He adopts a daughter who, unbeknownst to him, is a highly trained telepath from the Secret Garden, and marries an assassin posing as a lowly clerk.
Franky's charisma shines through in his alter ego, Loid. Despite being one of the deadliest spies, he respectfully maintains his civilian facade. Lloyd Forger is a loving father to Anya and a loving husband to Yor. Frankie creates this heartwarming "normal" family, even though his relatives are not normal. Franky's character is spiced with a touch of humor that is completely at odds with his extremely serious work.
We often see Frankie struggling with the daily life of a "normal" man, trying to bond with his daughter, keep his wife happy, while also being a diplomatic spy playing a dangerous, high-money game. Basically, Franky is the epitome of the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword." Showing the power of love, compassion and unity, he demonstrates that sometimes you can win without firing a single bullet. Balanced and cultured, yet warm and thoughtful, Franky's character is a wonderfully multi-layered personality that becomes an indelible part of readers' memories.

Creation and Development

Franky Forger, better known as Twilight, is the brainchild of talented manga author Tatsuya Endo. Born from the exciting and suspenseful SPY x FAMILY universe, Franky was created with a unique combination of depth, humor and intrigue that set him apart from typical spy characters.
The creation of Franky was a carefully considered process, driven primarily by the need to humanize the often cold and calculated nature of spy characters portrayed in much popular media. This is evident in his unconventional family relationships: a borrowed family that gradually became his own. His strong sense of commitment to this unlikely relationship sees him transform from callous spy to family man, giving readers a range of emotions to connect with. Endo's design and Franky's creation have always been closely linked to the development of the larger SPY x FAMILY universe. A cornerstone of the manga's popularity was the author's ability to use Franky's story to drive the rest of the family's story and vice versa. It is this rich, interconnected world-building that gives Franky the depth and variety necessary to engage readers in her journey.
Despite his hardened spy exterior, Endo also managed to weave a thread of humor through Franky's character. Given his often comically complex attempts to balance the dual lives of spy and family man, Frankie's character is often the comic relief, making his character even more appealing to a wide variety of readers. All in all, the creation and development of Franky is a testament to Endo's masterful character creation, combining tension, humor and emotional depth in one package. In his journey from spy to family man, the character of Frankie has become one of the most important elements of the SPY x FAMILY universe, enhancing the dynamics of the story and giving readers a unique and recognizable figure. This carefully crafted combination still has readers eagerly anticipating the next phase of Franky's story.

Character Profile

Franky is an indispensable member of the SPY x FAMILY universe. Quiet and aloof, he is the main liaison between Agent Twilight and the secret intelligence agency known as WISE. His role is dual: point of contact and informant, but his real value lies in his quiet commitment to the mission.
At first glance, Frankie seems unremarkable, his mediocrity designed to divert attention. He works as a clerk in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but beneath this everyday illusion lies his extraordinary talent for covert operations. An average and unobtrusive appearance is its strength, which allows you to fit in perfectly in any situation.
But beneath the facade, Franky has an unparalleled knowledge of global secrets and political dynamics. It is a secret repository of information and secretly aids Twilight in her missions by giving her access to critical data before she begins her missions. He is a source of useful information and often Twilight's savior.
Despite his aloof demeanor, Franky shows unwavering loyalty and devotion to Twilight and the mission and their service. Behind the walls of secrecy, his relationship with Twilight transcends professional associations, suggesting an unspoken bond of mutual trust.
Franky's appeal lies in his understated exterior, which hides extraordinary experience and deep layers of complexity. His role, though understated, is pivotal to the SPY x FAMILY story. He is a silent but essential process accelerator, ensuring smooth missions and proving that the humble can be the most powerful.

Story Arc

Franky Forger, aka The Archive, plays a central role in the SPY x FAMILY universe. She is Twilight's main source of intelligence and information to ensure the successful completion of missions.
Franky remains calm and composed, which is crucial given the high stakes of Twilight's quests. Her ability to gather and succinctly present vast amounts of information is unparalleled, worthy of a character who is the very backbone of Twilight's missions.
In the exciting Find the Candy arc, we explore Franky's ingenuity. When Twilight's target has a rare candy, Franky's vast network and knowledge are put to the test. He dives headfirst into less-visited underground candy markets in pursuit of leads, and his unwavering dedication adds a depth that might have been overlooked at first.
In the middle of the arc, we get to see a rarely seen side of Franky. His normally calm and reserved demeanor gives way to a sense of despair when his beloved chess pigeon, Check Mate, is kidnapped. The impossible situation brings out the emotional side of Franky, making him even more human. The Franky we see in the Capture The Flag arc is a bit of a character development. His earlier grief and despair made him more resilient and determined. Her detective skills are enhanced, allowing Twilight to complete missions in half the time and further prove her worth on the team.
Franky doesn't just support missions; he supports the whole family and gradually becomes a major part of their lives outside of espionage. Amidst all the tension and uncertainty that constantly surrounds the Forger family, the character of Franky remains a constant factor that provides a sense of stability and normality. Franky's "Story Arc" brings authenticity to the SPY x FAMILY universe. He is not only an intelligence specialist; is an integral part of the story, proving that every role is important in the delicate balance of the Forger family.

Cultural Impact

The character of Franky in the SPY x FAMILY universe was a major influence on the portrayal of "normal" characters in spy-themed manga. It's not uncommon for the regular characters in these stories to be overshadowed by larger-than-life spies. But Frankie, who has a steady job at a sandwich shop and a kind of charm, proves to be an important and beloved part of the story.
His character defies the stereotype of unimportant everyday characters in plot development. Instead, he shows depth and complexity, showing his importance to the plot and the other main characters. At the same time, he maintains an amiable normality that keeps him composed and human in the middle of an extraordinary story.
The influence of Franky's character lies in his unexpected but significant contribution to the plot, his popularity with fans and in pop culture, his role as a symbol of everyday heroism. His character adds an element of realism and humor to the hidden theme story.
In the context of larger manga culture, Franky's inclusive portrayal has sparked debate about the importance of different manga character designs. This reflects a changing tendency to recognize and value conventional character roles in fantasy settings.


Frankie is a fascinating character, more than meets the eye. In the world of SPY x FAMILY, he is known as a professional informant, but his true importance is revealed as the story progresses. Her sophisticated network of connections and investigative skills help Twilight gather the insights she needs to carry out her covert missions. But Franky isn't just an informer; his personality oscillates between a simple man with a modest personality and a brilliant mind with an uncanny ability to gather classified information. His legacy revolves around his dedication to his craft, but more importantly, his contribution to world peace and stability in his own unique way. Basically, Franky is a beacon of light in this secret universe, subtly contributing behind the scenes. As such, his impact on vital missions is an integral part of his legacy, a prominent cog in the grand scheme of the SPY x FAMILY universe.