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SPY x FAMILY Universe

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SPY x FAMILY Manga series

General Info

SPY x FAMILY Manga series logo
AuthorTatsuya Endo
AwardsNot specified
GenresAdventure, Comedy, Action
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
PublisherShueisha, Viz Media
TranslatorNot specified
IllustratorTatsuya Endo
Issue Numbermultiple
Number of PagesNot specified
Original TitleSPY x FAMILY
Comics Issue NameSPY x FAMILY
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.viz.com

SPY x FAMILY is an immersive, fun and immersive universe created by Tatsuya Endo. It maintains a unique mix of genres like action, comedy, drama, romance and supernatural. Focusing on advanced spy Twilight, he is given a near-impossible mission codenamed Operation Strix. His mission involves getting married, starting a family, and using that family as a front for information about a high-ranking political figure.

Twilight quickly becomes entangled with a telepathic child named Anya and a female assassin named Yor, who becomes his wife. What she doesn't know is that both Anya and Jora have secrets of their own. This creates fascinating stories of intrigue, espionage and comical misunderstandings. Each character brings a unique flavor to the story, and their fictional universe is filled with challenging quests, exciting encounters, and heartwarming family moments.

The SPY x FAMILY universe is full of intricate plots, character development, and the murky interplay of their professional lives and fictional family dynamics. It perfectly blends the thrill of espionage with humor and family love, creating a fascinating universe that fans love.


SPY x FAMILY, Vol. 1
2020-06-02 | 220 | 9781974715467
SPY x FAMILY, Vol. 2
2020-09-01 | 210 | 9781974715474
SPY x FAMILY, Vol. 3
2020-12-01 | 205 | 9781974715481
SPY x FAMILY, Vol. 4
2021-03-02 | 205 | 9781974717201
SPY x FAMILY, Vol. 5
2021-06-08 | 210 | 9781974720065
SPY x FAMILY, Vol. 6
2021-09-07 | 216 | 9781974720072


SPY Universe x FAMILY

SPY x FAMILY is a charming and light-hearted fictional universe written by Tatsuya Endo. The universe revolves around an unusual trio: Twilight, a master spy, Jora, an assassin, and Anya, a telepath. This trio forms a "pseudo family" as they carry out an important mission.

The main storyline is based on Twilight, who plays the lead role as a spy for a secret organization. His mission is to infiltrate an enemy organization that calls for a fake family. When circumstances coincide, he meets Yoru, a skilled assassin, and Anya, a telepath. The humor and excitement in this universe comes from the characters' attempts to hide their true colors while living together and pretending to be a normal family. This universe is a wonderful mix of espionage, action and comedy, making it a favorite among manga fans.