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General Info

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Faction NameOstania
At the center of the SPY x FAMILY universe, Ostania is a nation caught in the political crossfire. Surrounded by secrets and intrigue, it is home to sophisticated spies, elusive killers and skilled operatives. At the helm is a leadership that guides the nation with a firm and strategic hand in the complex world of espionage. Filled with covert operations and covert missions, Ostania is filled with a variety of dynamic personalities, from harmless civilians to cunning intelligence operatives. Tales of thrilling adventures echo through the streets as undercover spies strike a delicate balance between their personal lives and big game missions. Exciting intrigue is not limited to the realm of politics. Ostania is a vibrant tapestry of culture, heritage and tradition, providing a rich backdrop against which SPY x FAMILY's exciting stories unfold. It's an immersive world that will keep you on your toes as you explore a tangled maze of secrets and manipulation.


The Ostania faction in the SPY x FAMILY universe is a tangled web of political intrigue, espionage, and tension at every turn. This nation, defined by its rigidly hierarchical society and constant surveillance, is the tension and conflict between our main characters. Between the glittering skyscrapers and the frantic pace of the city, it sets the stage for a thrilling story of deception and unexpected family ties.
Ostania is a world of secrecy, where secret agents are the norm, covert operations are commonplace, and the transmission of classified information is as common as a cup of coffee in the morning. This is the world in which our protagonist Twilight operates, stalking the shadows as a seasoned spy no different as she is tasked with saving Ostania from impending doom. But Ostania is not all about covert operations and spy networks. Among the stormy deeds, Ostania is characterized by an ardent joie de vivre. It's a place where fate, and perhaps a twisted sense of humor, brings together a make-believe family. They carefully counter the tumultuous political climate by solving typical family puzzles: fighting school bullies and attending parent-teacher conferences.
Despite its reinforced exterior, Ostania's charm lies in its imperfect adornment. The twists and turns are fascinating and the characters are nuanced and full of depth, each stuck in their own facades but forming a real family bond. Ostania in the SPY x FAMILY universe is more than just a world governed by power and politics; here, amidst the chaos, the most likely connections are made.


The Ostania faction is an important part of the SPY x FAMILY universe, full of suspense, espionage, and fervent patriotism. Ostania is one of the two main nations, the other being Westalis, constantly on the brink of war. The very word "Ostanija" evokes images of grandeur and strong passion for nationalism.
Ostania's history goes back centuries and arose out of a long-standing territorial dispute with the Westalis. The non-aligned border issue, along with ideological disputes, led to a permanent state of cold war. For generations, the two groups have been engaged in a deadly dance of deception and counterintelligence, living in constant fear of impending war.
In addition to political tensions, the history of Ostania is full of cultural moments. Ostania is known for its wealth, aristocracy and aristocratic lifestyle. The social structure is steeped in hierarchy, where the aristocracy wields power while the common people struggle for a better life.
Ostania's history is largely determined by the secret services, a crucial part of the defense strategy. Known for their ruthless efficiency, the spy network plays a vital role in the nation's survival against Westal ambitions. The spy network has planted deep roots in the fabric of society, shaping history in many secret ways: uncovering whispers and secrets, quietly influencing political campaigns, and constantly monitoring Westal's movements.
Although Ostania is viewed with trepidation due to the Cold War with the Westalis, the nation remains a beacon of greatness, resilience, and unwavering spirit. Her story, marked by decades of covert operations, espionage and a complex culture, paints a fascinating picture that complements the intense and exciting story of the SPY x FAMILY universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Twilight/Loid Forger
Yor Forger
Franky Franklin
Anya Forger
Bill Watkins
Keith Kepler
Damian Desmond


Ostania, in the world of SPY x FAMILY, is an extraordinary scenario of cultural and geographical diversity. This thrilling story takes place in a land full of wonder and mystery. Ostania is characterized by impressive, large cities with amazing architecture and advanced infrastructure. The city's skyscrapers are tall and elegant, reflecting the strength and prosperity of Ostani technology and industry.
On the more natural side of geography, Ostania is well endowed with lush landscapes and panoramic views. The landscape unfolds in a myriad of rural scenes, from blooming meadows to rolling hills. Many dense forests of old trees cover the land and become a haven for a wide variety of wildlife. The country is criss-crossed by a complex network of large rivers that serve as strategic trade and transport waterways.
Ostania's coastline is no different, with breathtaking cliffs, sandy beaches and hidden coves. The juxtaposition of sophisticated city life against the backdrop of pristine natural beauty complements Ostania's unique geographical combination. This stark contrast paints a stark picture of a country caught between the advances of modernization and the preservation of its rich natural heritage.

Legacy and Impact

In the complex dynamics of the SPY x FAMILY universe, Ostania carries a deep legacy that weaves together an important story of intrigue and power. As a major player in the geopolitical landscape, Ostania's influence extends far beyond its borders. Its rich history is manifested in the cunning and courage of its spies, the resilience of its citizens and the sophistication of its aristocracy. Not only does Ostania play a central role in shaping the direction of the plot, but its social structure creates a compelling backdrop for the characters' identities and motivations. Ostania's fascinating fusion of espionage, politics and family drama makes for a compelling story that deeply engages readers. Ostania's Legacy is not just about setting, but a testament to the complex interactions between individuals, power structures, and secret strategies that shape a world on the brink of war. Its influence is both a dramatic tool and social and political commentary, making the SPY x FAMILY universe a fascinating mix of suspense, humor and heart.