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Star Wars Universe

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Star Wars: Legacy

General Info

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AuthorJohn Ostrander
GenresScience fiction
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorJan Duursema
Issue Number50
Release Date2006-06-01
Number of Pages32
Original TitleStar Wars: Legacy
Comics Issue NameStar Wars: Legacy
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.darkhorse.com/

Star Wars Universe

The Star Wars universe is a vast and far-reaching saga well known in global pop culture. Born from the mind of George Lucas, the Star Wars universe is a fascinating blend of science fiction, fantasy and old-fashioned adventure.

Star Wars is a story of good and evil set in epic space. It takes place in a galaxy far, far away, where noble Jedi Knights use their mystical powers to fight against the evil Sith Lords and the oppressive rule of the Galactic Empire.

From unforgettable characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, to mind-boggling species, droids and worlds, Star Wars has a dizzying variety of elements, making it a fascinating universe to explore.

Infused with themes of hope, friendship, love and redemption, the Star Wars universe continues to inspire generations to come. Its iconic status changed the face of science fiction and cinema forever, and it's a universe that everyone, regardless of age, is completely enthralled by.


Star Wars: Legacy Volume 1-Broken
2007-06-27 | 192 | 1593077165
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2-Shards
2008-01-30 | 136 | 1593078293
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 3-Claws of the Dragon
2008-06-04 | 144 | 1593078943
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 4-Alliance
2008-11-26 | 144 | 1595822237
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 5-The Hidden Temple
2009-06-10 | 144 | 1595823187
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 6-Tatooine
2009-11-04 | 144 | 1595823799
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 7-Storms
2010-04-27 | 104 | 1595824175
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 8-Tatooine
2010-11-02 | 104 | 1595824884
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 9-Monster
2011-03-29 | 120 | 1595826127
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 10-Extremes
2011-07-12 | 104 | 1595827085
Star Wars: Legacy Volume 11-War
2012-04-03 | 128 | 1595828022


Star Wars is an epic multimedia franchise set in the Star Wars universe created by award-winning director George Lucas and first made into a motion picture in 1977. The universe is based on a galaxy far, far away. for countless species, planets and cultures. It is known for its dual struggle between the forces of good, represented by the Jedi, and the forces of evil, represented by the Sith.

The core elements of the world-building are the Galactic Republic, the tyrannical Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, and numerous alien species and worlds. One of the most important properties of this universe is "The Force", the energy that gives a Jedi or Sith power. Also the term lightsabers, a traditional weapon consisting of pure plasma blades.

Over the years, Star Wars has spawned movies, television series, books, comics, video games and more, creating a deep and rich mythology that is loved by millions around the world.